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let's get lost in the mountains and become hermits<3linzieeILUCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
12:48:35 PM (GMT)
this quiz,
is ultimate.
In each space, write a fact about you that not many people know.
Be imaginative!!

1. i had a twin but he died before we were born ;.;

2. i am inlove with one of my best friends

3. i love pokemon ;]

4. my dog broke my camera >:[

5. my sister is on here and most of my friends that i talk to know her and don't know
she is my sister x]

6. i am inlove with converse.

7. i'm terrified of hold babies cause i think i might drop them x].

8. i have like 20 demi lovato songs on my ipod ;].

9. my obsessions consist of sharpies, music and singing in the shower. <3

10. i just sneeze and my cat jumped cause i sneeze loud. :]

11. i'm on the swim team and i'm pretty good, well i think so anyways...

12. i love .making videos with bella :]

13. i'm only 13 o.o

14. i'm 5'5".

15. my eyes change from green to brown to blue to yellow.

16. i am inlove with skinny jeans ;].

17. i hate kids, they are annoying and gross o.o

18. i'm sick today.

19. im listening to a song about a stripper.

20. my throat hurts.

21. i am hated by most of my friends parents. ;]

22. i snuck into prom last year and it was pretty amazing.

23. i have a stuffed animal wearing a pancho and sombrero i got when i was one x]

24. i'm kinda girlier than i lead on.

25. i think i have more time on my hands than anyone i know, it's kinda

26. i think fred is hotter than george, i don't care if they look the same fred is
hotter ;]

27. i have balance issuses, i'm probably less cordinated than a 2 legged dog. x]

28. my dog jake attacked my boa now my room is covered in colorful feathers.

29.i'm still in my pajamas.

30. it's 1:05 pm.

31. i think i kinda hate the world. i mean yeah it's cool cause i need it to live
it but everything in the world like all the inconsiderate people inhabiting it. i
like some people i mean they are tolerable but sometimes i wish i couold go live on
mars or something and be alone for once. ;.;
Last edited: 23 September 2009

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