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Saturday, 5 September 2009
02:10:31 PM (GMT)
axel and roxas by DustyRoxas

Axel song verison 1

Axels my name
fires my game
I have charkrams
my claim to fame
I go around the castle grounds
and teleport to other towns
I am number eight
in an orgy known as 13
and if you piss me off watch out or i'll emmit steam
but worry not cause im ok
i know im hot
no other way
oh sorry but i gotta go
i see roxas
were buds you know

Roxas song

I am roxas
check out my hair
when there are nobodys
im always there
i met a girl
named namine
she told me things
i cannot say
the memories im searching for
are all behind a closing door
axel my friend
he claims to be
he tells me that
i havve a key
im number 13
in a group of 13 nobodies
but i left because they were nto very good buddies
that axel guy
i told you about
well quiet frankly
he creeps me out
but i'll still fight with
that xemnas guy
i beat'cha i
can make him cry (mansex ;D)

Sora song [by Rebmakash]
I am sora
Here's my keyblade
when they'res heartless
im not afraid
and i can drive
a gummi ship
or else i'd have
a quiv'ering lip
and all the friends
im searching for
will lead me on
a big world tour
as i search for
the door to light
i know i'll find a bunch of sprites
Im the key bearer
of a disney square based rpg
please dont think im a reject from a final fantasy
and all our fans
like to draw us
but some can cause
a shipping fuss
but i'll still fight with xenanort
my gosh thst rymes with voldemort

Cloud song

My name is cloud
i have a sword
i fight cactuars
because im bored
i like to ride on chocobos
its better than having afros
and when i go into an inn
15 seconds its day again
and i will use
a phoenix down
so when i die
i will not frown
because i am cloud
my hair defies all gravity
and i cant have too many poitions
or i might get cavities
if i cant slice you
then thats ok
i'll use my magic anyway
and i will defeat that sephorioth
because hes not david lee roth

Gir song [by misunderstoodshadow]

my name is gir
heres my cupcake
its always here
when im awake
i like to sing
a doomy song
its better than
wearing a thong
i like to dance
to ddr
i go too raves
i am a star
i must obey
the taco man
but not destroy
zims master plan
because i am gir
what the g stands for i dunno
and i got chocolate buble gum
and watch the angry monkey show
if i could asplode
that would be great
with bacon soap
or moosey fate
it is the irkins
i represent
but i am tight
with 50 cent

‹✁HaruDesü™› says :   5 September 2009   647532  
"I like too sing a doomy song it's better than wearing a thong" LMAO.

I wanna cupcake ;-;


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