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Sunday, 26 July 2009
03:47:52 AM (GMT)
01. is it cool having the same name as the famous miley cyrus?
why not ask miley if it's cool having the same name as me? after all, i
am older then miley, and I have had the name 'miley cyrus' a lot longer
then her... so why not ask her if it's cool having the same name as the infamous
miley cyrus? hmm? 

no but really, its not that fasinating to me. however my best friend cheta who youll
probably see in a lot of my pictures loves it. shes not fasinated by it but
she loves saying 'i know miley cyrus! shes my best friend!' lol, (:

02. do alot people call you fake?
not really... i always explain myself before coming onto a site. no body
really calls me fake unless they havent read my profile. so far only one person
has called me fake. then they read my profile and it was all good.

03. do you think its wierd that your name was suppose to be destiny?
no, why is that wierd? thats what my name was suppose to be, but it wasnt. big
deal that that was mileys name before she changed it. why is it so wierd that my name
was gonna be destiny when we already have the same name anyway?

04. seriously, what kind of name is cheta?
my best friends name, bitch.

05. have you ever met miley cyrus?
youre seriously asking me if ive ever met myself? duh. now, have i ever met
miley ray cyrus? no i havent.

06. do you like miley cyrus's music?
im not a very good singer. however miley ray cyrus is very talented. i admire
her a lot, (: she seems really nice and i dont hate her at all. her music is okay. i
admit she has a really great voice. i think the only reason people hate her is
because of her 'slutty' pictures. hey, have you seen that one of me and cheta? now
thats slutty. lol.

07. why are you trying to look like miley cyrus, i mean the famous one?
no! no no no no no!! im not trying to look like her!! just because we both
have dark brown hair means im trying to look like her? i dont think so!! im just
going with what looks nice on me. if you don't like it deal with it. go watch hannah
montana and see the miley you do like.

08. youre really mean... why?
im a bitch when people judge me for being named miley cyrus. other times than
that im the sweetest person youll ever meet.

09. what is your real name? / why were you named miley cyrus?
miley lynn cyrus. i was named after my father whose middle name is

10. want to be friends? you seem cool! =)
sure! send me a message! (:
Last edited: 26 July 2009

brightenupyourday says:   26 July 2009   885162  

Hahaha I laughed at some of that x3
but its good :D
KageReject says:   26 July 2009   691334  
I don't get it?

If you respond to this, please message me because I probably won't
check back here Haha
‹EvaEcstasy♥› says :   26 July 2009   155154  
Wow, I was confused at first. xD
But honestly, you're a lot prettier than the famous Miley.


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