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the most ANOYING 60 questions EVER!Category: xD/lol moments...
Saturday, 18 July 2009
07:47:15 PM (GMT)
Where are you right now?  
The computer room
Are you bored? 
umm... yeah 
What day is today?  
Are you happy?
Do you have a lot of friends?  
Yes I do
Are you close with them?  
Who do you tell everything to  
um...Claire and Emi
Is that person your best friend?  
Very much so
Does your best friend call you their best friend  
yeah... I hope
Does your best friend have other best friends?  
Yes sir-e
Do you ever fight with your best friend?  
not, really
Does your best friend know everything about you?  
Do you know everything about your best friend?  
I think so
Are your friends jealous of your best friend?  
Why do you care so much about my best friend?!
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  
Do you have sex with that person?  
I don't believe in sex before marriage
Are you close with your boyfriend/girlfriend?  
Do you want kids?  
Yeah, eventually
Do you miss being a kid?  
I still am 
Who was the last person to call you?  
Who was the last person to text you?  
Who was the last person to comment on your myspace page?  
Myspace? I don't have one
Do you have facebook?  
Who was the last person to write on your facebook wall?  
Which do you like better facebook or myspace?  
Have you ever cheated?  
Have you ever been cheated on?  
Would you ever cheat?  
Do you have any tattoos?  
Do you have any piercings?  
Do you have any regrets?  
I try to live without regrets(... but Im about to break a sweat Im freakin out...
What are you wearing?  
Jb t-shirt and blue jeans
Do you have plans for the weekend?  
um..the weekends almost over..
will you be with your friends this weekend?  
I dont really hang out with friends... mainly just at school
When was the last time you were drunk  
I have not (nor will I) ever Drink
Do you ever lie?  
Do you enjoy sex?  
I don't know
How often do you have sex?  
What was the last movie you watched?  
either Camp Rock or PPP
Who was the last person to email you?  
Is that person a close friend?  
yeah NOONE is a very close friend
Would that person do anything to hurt you?  
Yeah... he is soo abusive!
Does that person know a lot about you?  
omg. STFU
Who was the last person you talked to?  
didnt we already have this freakin question!?!? Rachel
What did you say  
I wanted to know if she would be angry if i didnt come over!
Do you wish you were somewhere else?  
Yeah..somewhere WARM!It is freakin 65 degrees here!
Are you a nice person?  
I think so
Do people like you?  
I think so
Do you have friends from out of state?  
Where do they live?  
Do you have friends from out of the country?  
Have you ever been out of the country? and if yes where?  
Where would you like to go?  
IDK!!! Wait.. I just answered THIS! 
What song are you listening to?  
"Mandy" by the JOnas Brothers
Are you getting bored of this survey?  
No... this is ANNOYING
Are you close with your parents?  
Not with Dad
What's your favorite thing to eat  
Edible, tasty things
Whats the thing that you hate the most to eat?  
basty stuff... I DONT KNOW!!!!
Do you think anyone will do this survey?  
If they want to be annoyed
Do you think 60 questions is too many to answer? 
Yes. well if they were diffrent if would be diffrent


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