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Middle school advice?Category: Advice please?!
Friday, 17 July 2009
12:21:30 PM (GMT)
I'm going into Middle School this year and I need some advice.

Rumours [[Because I KNOW there are going to be ones]]
Popular Girls [[Grrr.]]

If you can help me with that I will give you a hug or an item or something because I
REALLY want some help. 

It's really easy for me to make friends but...I think Middle School is harder.
Because they already have been in Elemantary school together and they already have
there own groups. But...I AM good at making friends. This year I made 4 friends on my
first day.

ANYWAYS, please please help me!!!! I will give you a cookie...! Or a muffin? No
seriosuly I will in the items so HELP ME!

iluvdemilovato says:   17 July 2009   174747  
I just finished the sixth grade, and my best friend wasnt in any of
my classes. But i realized that i knew at least 1 person in each of my
classes. Middle school may seem scary, but if ur good at making
friends like u said, it will soon start to be fun. as for the boys,
dont worry about them. I realized that no relationships r very serious
whe ur this young, and i got my heart broken more than once. and dont
try to become popular if ur not. i lost a couple friends doing that.
dont worry about wats cool or not, just be urself
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   17 July 2009   283168  
Thanks that helps a lot.
amethyst21 says:   17 July 2009   837976  
Gossip: There's no way to avoid it, but just stay calm. Gossip is
everywhere. Not all gossip is bad, either. Just don't start any drama,
and you'll be okay. (:
Rumours [[Because I KNOW there are going to be ones]]: God. Those
things spread around like forest fires in middle school. Not all of
them are bad, but most aren't very good. If you don't start any rumors
about your friends, then you should be okay there. Rumors will be
around, no matter what you do to avoid them, but try to not start any,
because rumors lead to drama. And drama leads to fights. and ew.
fights are gross, no matter what school you're in. 
Boys: Guys will be guys. Ugh. Just try to make friends with them.
There will always be a guy that likes you. I know that for a fact.
Friends: This is going to be the year you lose, and gain friends.
You'll find out who your real friends are in MS. 
Popular Girls [[Grrr.]]: Don't care what's 'cool' and what's not. Just
be yourself, and don't let anyone tell you how to act, because if
they're going to try and treat you that way, then they aren't really
your friends. Just stay true to yourself, and don't let anything or
anyone get in your way.
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   17 July 2009   914615  
Thanks! :D
‹goodfornothing› says:   17 July 2009   663377  
the truth?
the "drama", the "rumors", the "boy problems"... it seems huge in 7th
grade, but it's not. In high school, drama happens. in middle
school, drama is created by kids that are bored and want to seem
so really, just keep yourself above it and you'll be the one who's
really mature, more so than the "popular girls".
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   17 July 2009   132399  
Umm ok.
Horseloverforever says:   17 July 2009   728664  
i can only help you with popular girls and rumors

pop. girls: just ignore them! everyone can be popular. you are only
popular when you have friends.popular people aren't mean, they can
actually be pretty nice.

rumors:again, ignore them! they are just some silly thing people make
up to be mean to someone else.
iluvdemilovato says:   17 July 2009   837974  
gossip, rumors, and popular girls all fit together. i mean, girls
think that they're popular r mean and gossip and spread rumors,so just
leave them alone and they'll leave u alone
‹Yuushi› says:   17 July 2009   184265  
I just finished 7th c:
Well the first time in 6th grade I was scared
of the popular girls but I got to know them more and they are really
nice c:
So we got to be friends.
UGH. Rumors can start drama and start some really bad shit I tell you
so watch out, my friend has been one and oh boy was it bad. Gossip
ehh...I don't know XD Guys will be guys you know o; Nothing really
about them but try to be friends with them. If you want to make
friends then talk to people c: Start saying hi and start a nice
conversation. don't worry it's not that hard to make friends in middle
school c: I was scared the first time also
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   17 July 2009   825853  
Thanks guysQ!
‹- KAt33 B00;;)› says:   18 July 2009   982263  
All I can Say about boys problems is that Make friends with them.
Boys are very disgusting but there boys. You may like alot of boys in
middle school but don't be in a relationship. Make a relationship
after middle school. I'm going to Middle School This year and Mii Best
friend has been helping me alot!  
Insaniity says:   18 July 2009   135795  
Advice? Lol. I'll try my very best not to spit out the cliched
answers above. 
I just graduated. High school next year BBY! ;D

So. Gossip? No one knows if they are true or not. Theres about a 23%
chance they have a grain of truth, and a 0.3% of actual truth. Same
with roumours. I say, just LOL at them, and then forget aboutit. 

Popular Girls? Oh, darling, for me, don't make the same mistake I did.
They do seem nice, don't they? Pretty and pulled togther. Don't be
fooled by their beautiful demanor. If you really want to know the
story, msg me. The content isn't appropriate for the public. 

Friends? I will say, friends are your biggest asset in Middle School.
Love them, and they will love you. Trust me though, no one makes 4 new
friends in one day, unless they are obcenely beautiful or popular, or
nice. Most likely, you will be lucky if you can make one new friend a
day. The others are most likely to just be people you know and like.

Boys? Here. Boys. Are. Pointless. Atleast in middle school. Think
about it. What are you going to do with a so called boy friend? Go to
the mall? The odd movie? Both are much better with girlfriends. Dance?
All you can do is make sure you take a picture togther.
Insaniity says:   18 July 2009   365536  
Oh, I'm sorry. My comment above was a little bitchy. (First line)
‹☮SmileyPeanut☮› says:   19 July 2009   349636  
Well, I'm gonna be in 5th grade, and I might know to much but I know
the one Rule about middle school:
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   19 July 2009   364195  
Thanks guys!
KatzRo0l says:   20 July 2009   957195  
ahaha, just don't let the mean bitches get to you. they LIKE it when
you get pissed off by them, so just ignore them. that's what I did,
and now I'm going to high school.
Jr. high isn't that hard. ;]
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   20 July 2009   949434  
Okkkk thanks.
‹♥Stevie;;Doesn'tNeedAGuyToBeHappy♥› says:   22 July 2009   978381  
(I don't need an item. Friends do this stuff for free.) :D

Gossip: It's very hard to handle when you're in ANY kind of situation
with gossip, I'm not going to lie. But, you have to NOT gossip about
ANYONE. Why? It'll just start huge problems. Eventually, it will come
back around and haunt you, so if someone tells you something gossip
related, don't pass it on, keep it to yourself. And if you're the one
being gossiped about, ignore it. Why do people start gossip? They're
either jealous of you or they're mad you gossiped about them. So it
can be preventable without your feelings getting hurt.
Rumours: Same as gossip. Some bitchy girl starting something they
think will ruin your life but it only is if you LET it. So just let it
go. DO NOT CARE ABOUT IT. Keep it out of your head and concentrate on
something else. If people see that it doesn't bother you, they'll
Boys: THE HARDEST ONE. I can't really say much about them because
they're can be many problems and horrible situations you can be in
with a guy. Just know the basics.
- Don't piss them off. Boys can be bullies. ):
- Drop the "bomb" because it can't hurt. Don't hide your feelings,
tell a guy you like him straight forward. It is hard and embarrassing
I know, but that's how I got together with someone. I just walked
right up and said, "I like you, do you like me?" and the worst he
could ever say was no. And if he does say no, you just keep living.
Move on, find another guy. Don't waste time.
- Never say I love you until you know you REALLY do. It only causes
problems if you lie.
Friends: Friends come and go, the true ones stick around. So the
friends you've had the longest, are probably the best friends you'll
ever have.
Popular Girls: What? You mean fake girls? Seriously, most popular
girls are REALLY insecure and hide there true feelings in make-up and
expensive clothes. Why would you want to be like that? So just ignore
them and don't let them get to you.

I hope this helps, middle school is tough, but I made it and so can
you. (:
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   22 July 2009   842914  
Omgg thanks soooooo much Stevie =]


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