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Creepy sex story chapter 1Category: (general)
Thursday, 16 July 2009
04:20:28 PM (GMT)
Disney people again, sorry if you don't like them.

(Demi Lovato's POV)

I woke up in a warm room, covered in my own sweat. The air was hard to breathe, it
was thick and humid. I tried to get off the floor but there were thick cloth bands
tying my feet and hands to poles. I started to wiggle wildly, trying to break them. I
felt something cover my mouth. Probably a hand. 
"Don't move!" a harsh man's voice said.
I became very afraid and didn't move an inch. The guy took his hand off my mouth and
I heard his footsteps as he walked away. The lights in came on but I couldn't see
anything. My eyes adjusted and I turned my head to the side to see if I could see
anyone else.  The room was filled with people tied to poles. I happened to be by a
wall. I looked at the other people trying to see if I recognized them. Everything was
blurry. I finally could make out the faces of my friends Miley Cyrus, Tiffany
Thorton, Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Sterling Knight, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Brenda
Song, Debby Ryan, Chelsea Staub, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Nick, Kevin and Joe
Jonas... I couldn't believe this. I had heard there names on the news a few days ago
saying they were abducted. I didn't know how I got here though. It was so confusing.
I looked back up at the ceiling and felt my hands being untied. As they were untied I
felt my wrists being grabbed and locked back down on the floor. Then my feet were
untied and then my ankles were grabbed. I was lifted up by two men wearing ski masks.
I was shivering even though it was so hot. I was carried past Selena Gomez, my best
friend who had gone missing a few days ago. She had a horrified look on her face. I
was carried into another room that was dark. I was thrown down on a lumpy mattress.
The two men turned on a lamp and then left the room. I immediatly got up as they left
and looked for a way to get out. I tried the door first; it was locked. There was a
tiny window. There was nothing I could possibly break the glass with though. The only
thing in the room was the mattress. I heard footsteps coming close to the door and I
immediatly ran back to the mattress and laid on it like the men had left me. The door
was opened and light was let in. Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez were carried into the
room the same way I had, by men in ski masks. They were thrown onto the mattress next
to me. 
"You two ladies, lay down on your back. Spread your legs as far as you can and don't
move anymore." one of the men said.
I looked at Selena and she calmly turned over and did what they said. I was already
laying on my back so I just spread my legs. I felt so violated. 
The same man told Joe to go lay between Selena's legs. Joe smiled and went and put
his head facing Selena's pussy. The man pushed Joe's face into Selena's pussy and
told him to suck her hard. Joe started to lightly suck on Selena's pussy. I felt bad
for Selena as I laid there watching.
"Harder! Make her moan!" the deranged man said.
Joe sucked her harder. Selena didn't moan, she had an emotionless expression on her
"Fuck her with your tongue!" the man yelled.
Joe put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. He slid his tongue into
her pussy. Selena gasped in pleasure and finally let out a moan as Joe fucked her
slowly with his tongue.
"Yeahh, keep going." the man yelled as all the other men left.
Joe fucked her with his tongue faster. Selena started to wiggle.
"Uh, uh, uhhhh. Ohhhh..." Selena moaned.
Joe fucked her even faster.
"Ohhhh sweet Jesus...!" Selena gasped as she came all over Joe's face.
"LICK HER UP!" the man yelled.
Joe licked all over her pussy until she was clean. Selena didn't seem to mind.
"Now fuck the other one!" the man yelled.
I gulped as Joe got up and moved over to me. He looked weird, he seemed to be
ENJOYING doing this to us. Joe positioned himself. His dick at my pussy lips.
"Fuck her hard, don't give her mercy." The man instructed.
I panicked. He was going to take my virginity! Joe slammed into me hard, going at
least 7 inches inside of me. Breaking my hymen. I screamed in absolute terror and
pain. I started to cry. Joe pulled his dick out of me and continued to fuck me,
harder and faster. I continued to scream from the pain. I felt Selena squeeze my hand
in sympathy. Joe didn't stop. He was getting lots of pleasure from this.
"Is she really tight?" the man asked.
"Verrryyy." Joe said closing his eyes in pleasure as he grabbed my hips and pulled me
closer and continued to fuck me.
I stopped screaming as the pain started to go away and was replaced with passionate
pleasure. I didn't want to show that I was starting to enjoy this now. Joe knew me
too well and could tell though.
"You like this bitch?" Joe asked as he pounded into me.
I shook my head and lied. Joe hit my clit with the head of his dick and I felt a
weird sensation build up inside of me. I didn't know what was going on as my orgasm
pushed through me. I couldn't hold the moans in anymore.
"OHMYGOSH... oh damn it damn it damn....... ohhhhhh uh uh uh uh!" I screamed as I
released my cum all over Joe's dick. I then felt him re-enter me and his dick
exploded in pleasure. His cum dripped out of my pussy and all over the mattress. The
man yelled at Selena to lick up what had been released on the bed sheets. Joe grabbed
me and moved me to the opposite side of the sheets so Selena could lick up the cum.
Selena licked it up slowly. Joe got out of me and stood up. 
"Am I done?" Joe asked.
"Yes, Joe you're the best fucker we have here. Good thing you fucked the new girl."
the man said. "Stay here!" he said to me and Selena as he grabbed Joe and took him
back to tie him up. Me and Selena laid on the bed, tired. 
"I have been here for a few days..." Selena said "Everyone here has a huge
fifteen-some once a day for a few hours, all the girls have sex together once a day,
all the boys have sex once a day, we break up into boy-girl pairs and have sex
everyday, and we get exams from this crazy doctor here once a day. It's torture but
we try to see it as pleasure so we don't freak out..." Selena said trailing off.
The man came back in and grabbed Selena and took her back out to the big pole room.
He then grabbed me and took me to another room. All the guys who were tied up were
now sitting in chairs around a big table, naked. I blushed at the sight of all the
naked men. The man grabbed me and threw me on the table. I felt a few of the guys
spank my ass and one grabbed my boobs. I yelped and stood up so they couldn't reach
me. I didn't know if I wanted them to or not. 
"Dance, bitch." the man instructed me.
I had to POLE DANCE in front of all these guys? I looked over and there was a pole
going through the table to the floor and connected to the ceiling. I slowly walked
over to the pole as sexy music was turned on. I looked at the man who brought me in
and he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. "I SAID DANCE BITCH!" he screamed. I
had never pole danced but I was terrified so I started to swing around the pole. I
wrapped my legs around the pole, and gripped the pole with my thighs. I let go with
my hands and I was laying upside down. My boobs jiggled. I continued to do my routine
of: swing, grab pole with legs and lay upside down. The guys seemed to like it and
the man put the gun away. I continued to dance, trying to be as sexy as possible so
the man wouldn't bring the gun back out. The man came over and grabbed me off the
table as the guys applauded me. I blushed as I was dragged into a whole different
room with just girls laying on sex tables getting pleasured by a dildo that was
hooked up to the table. The dildos mechanically fucked them, going in and out. All
the girls were moaning, I could even see Selena in the corner, sweaty and her pussy
was pink. I was dropped on the floor and the man left and locked the door. The girls
all got up off the tables and ran over to me. Selena tackled me and sat on my
"Selena, why are you doing this... there's no one in here watching us to make
sure..." I said.
"There's a camera..." Selena whispered and pointed to the corner where I could see a
tiny camera. "We have to." 
All the girls crowded on top of me. Tiffany sat by me and leaned over me and made out
with me. I kissed back slowly, knowing I had to. I guess this wasn't that bad.. but I
was straight so I didn't want to have sex with girls. I became horny though as Selena
kissed the right side of my neck. She found my sweet spot and I moaned.
"Ooooh right there Selena...." I said. Miley began to caress my left boob as Brenda
began to french kiss my right boob. I moaned from the pleasures I was getting. Debby
Ryan began to kiss my naval seductivly as Chelsea Staub grabbed a vibrator of the
shelf and came over to me. Emily Osment began to lick my pussy. I groaned at all the
pleasure I was getting. It was a lot to handle but it felt incredible. Emily began to
lick my thighs as Chelsea put the vibrator on high and rammed it into my pussy. I

Misty_13 says:   7 May 2010   425509  
This is the best sex story I have ever read 
mehagurl says :   4 July 2013   698426  
It was the best

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