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City of Confusion - Chapter 2 - Trouble in ParadiseCategory: City of Confusion
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
11:36:37 AM (GMT)
"Ugh! Jace! You don't get it!" the small red haired girl threw up her hands in fury
and spun on a tennis-shoed heel away from him.

"Clary, come on, be reasonable!" he said back, brushing his golden bangs out of his
eyes. He we fighting furiously to keep his temper in check, something he was not
famous for.

"No, Jace, you're the one not being reasonable," the girl he knew as Clary, Clarissa,
the girl he had thought was his sister, and the girl he thought he loved.

Loved? Love, he thought uneasily, wondering why he had used the past tense
before. He shook his head. She looked so small and fragile, mainly because she
is, he thought. Clary  was fifteen, petite, with a wild mane of bright red hair.
She usually looked younger than fifteen, and now, with her back turned to him and
hands crossed across her chest, Jace thought that she looked even younger.

"Clary, please, you're acting like a child," he sighed. She was so stubborn, one of
the things he thought he loved about her. He tensed up again at his uncertainty.

"I, am not acting like a child," she whirled to face him. Her face
angry. He thought she was beautiful. He still did, but for some reason, it seemed as
if some of the magic was lost.

"Whatever, do what you want. You always do," he stomped away. Her face fell as he
walked off. 

What's wrong with me, he thought, I never give up this easy. He
sighed. It was like he just wasn't interested in arguing with her anymore. Like, he
didn't care anymore. he punched a wall.

No. I should never have thought that, he yelled at himself, while wondering if
it was true.


Mouth agape, Clary watched Jace walk off down the long, dark, stone hallway. His
impatient steps made loud echoes in the hallway, making Clary aware of how upset he
was. Usually he had a silent, lazy stride, like that of a cat. Clary never understood
how he did it, the tall gothic church was ancient and made of large dark
blocks of stone. A cockroach couldn't help but make an echo. She watched him walk,
confused and hurt. He never gave up that easy, especially without one of his
signature smart-alec responses. She turned and walked down the hallway, in the
opposite direction, of course. She found the dark elevator and stepped inside.

She was upset and confused. She couldn't even remember what they were arguing about.
His reaction shocked her that much. She did what she always did when she was upset
and confused. She called Simon.
Last edited: 8 July 2009

Katilix says:   8 July 2009   976986  
gothprincess says:   8 July 2009   436292  
no! i love him too much!
Katilix says:   9 July 2009   496152  
But why noooooot!?

He's make a beautiful item in our statue collection...

Thank you, freezing charm! *hugs frozen Johnny Depp* didn't
really think that it was just a cardboard stand-up, right? Hee-hee...
gothprincess says:   9 July 2009   522711  
wow...jonny depp is much skinnier than i expected...cuuuurrrious...

OUR statue collection...u know me, i wouldn't share! XP
Rose_Baker says:   13 July 2009   539863  
when do we get to torcher people???
gothprincess says:   14 July 2009   285923  
later i promise
Rose_Baker cries :   14 July 2009   567752  
but why cant we do it now


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