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Exposing "Chris Hansen"'s LiesCategory: (general)
Monday, 6 July 2009
05:59:20 AM (GMT)
He tries to "expose" those who like to cyber. But, has anyone noticed, it is only the GIRLS he exposes? What about the pervy sick-minded guys? If you haven't seen him, take a look. http://kupika.com/ChrisHansen Now, that you have seen him, take a look at these "screenshots" he does on girls he "catches". First of all, I'd like to add that the idiot behind this is Sandvich. If you don't know him, he's a total pervo who tried to get me to take a naked picture of myself and leave him a dirty message on his snapvine. http://kupika.com/Sandvich Furthermore, he says this to me in a message: usually girls get turned on when they read this when I paste it to them =O does it for ye =3? And proceeded to give me this: Uhhhhm ^////^; but yeah =3 I just imagined opening up your legs andd yeah =3 I nuzzled my nose against your little hairs there and up your closed part thing, and then used my fingers to spread it and licked it then kissed it and nuzzled nose up your right lip thing down there and licked up your right lip 3 times then your left lip down there 3 times n suckled it into my mouth randomly ^^ n lightly playfully pulled on your pink warm lightly damped in a warm way vaginal lip with my mouth lips as my finger then wiggled up n down against your vagina above your hole ^_^ and anyways my lips let go of your cute pink private part lip, and I started blushing more looking at your warm pink ^^ private down there as if it were a flower except with cute lil hairs all around it and junk, and yeah ^^. I slid my hands like against the sides of your bum to hold you moreso as I licked your vagina in a few different strokes, starting to blush and look up to see your stomach start to rise up and down as you seemed to be breathing/panting a little more ^^ and it felt good to see you feeling so good ^^ so I slid you forward to me moreso from my hands bein under your bum, and with my face and your pink warm thing being closer, I licked it more right above the hole, and then circled around your hole in circles with my tongue carefully, and I then made sure to slide my finger inside your hole for you ^^ and I tried wiggling my finger inside it a little to feel your pink inner vagina cute walls ^///^;; tryin to feel for your g spot thing (that I'll explain what it is sometime) and rubbing against the top of your vagina walls inside you to try pleasuring that for awhile as I nuzzled my nose and lips against the outside of your vagina and lightly licked it for you as my finger was in you slidin in and out of you and trying to rub against your g spot, but then I slid my finger out ^^ and your breathing seemed like you wanted it to be in again or something, but instead I circled around your little hole down there with my tongue, and I tried grasping hold onto your hips moreso and finally got the tip of my tongue to lick the very start of inside your pink love hole or whatever eventually, and I licked across your ^^ hole and tried to do you with my tongue >///< and uhh I slid a finger up n down your bumcrack as in forward/backward through between your bumcheecks, cuz I heard it can be sensitive when someone touches there (the path along your bumcrack ^^) as I slid my tongue in and out of your warm pink vagina more ^^ well it barely fit at first and only licked the edge, but I started pushing it against your hole until it started sliding inside you and I dunno if it's possible or realistic at all because I don't know much, but my tongue was sliding in and out of your vagina, and then your breaths started to become louder, you were starting to breathe out loud, and I placed both of your hands around the back of my head or wherever moreso and slid my pink tongue in and out of your vagina hole, doing your vagina with my tongue for you, feeling really good mentally from hearing you breathing outloud in pleasure as I did it that to you for awhile ^/////^, but then I slid my tongue out of your hole and then nuzzled against your kinda hairy or whatever crotch and kissed your pink vagina part there ^^ I really loved your part there because it made you able to feel so good ^^ and I loved you and your cute body then, as always, too ^^ so yeah =3 but anyways ^^.... the whole time I've been typin this I've been wonderin when it led to this, but eventually I nuzzled my nose against the tip of your sensitive clitoris/clitorial hood, which kinda shocked ya very very cutely ^^, so then I suckled your clitoral hood into my mouthie ^^! and then I started sucking your clitorial hood/clitoris in and out of my mouth, holdin onto your hips/bum to push your cute crotch against my mouth to help your clitoris and clitorial hood to be sucked in and out of my mouth, and finally I flicked the tip of my tongue right across the tip of your clitoris ^^ then you made a weird squeel and held onto me moreso with your legs too, and I suckled on your clitoris more because you seemed to be getting all worked up and feeling good, so I knew I had to please it more ^^ so I made sure to suck and suck on your clitoral hood/clitoris more for your pleasure, and slid my finger into your vagina and kissed your clitoris with my lips, then sliding my tongue against it again and you squeeled and had a uh ./////. orgasm I guess ^///^;;;;; so I went down and licked your wetness a little, and quickly slid my finger in and out of your body's cute warm vaginaie, and kissed your clitoris as the orgasm was happening quickly, and then licked your clitoris one more time durin it (the orgasm of yours^^) to try makin your orgasm thingy be really good and pleasurable to you ^^ though I dunno if it'd last that long ^^ then I looked up at you, and my face was all red and yours seemed all flushed out and red too, and I crawled up you a little and kissed your forehead and hugged you with your head against my chest and I swore my love to you ^^ but yeah. Errr. Then I noticed your wetness down there getting on my legs or whatever a little, then I got all blushy and super happy knowing that you just felt really, really good, and it was all from me ^^ I got all really happy that I pleasured you that much, especially when you deserve it and stuff, and I wrapped my arms and body around you more and hugged you moreso^^. but yeah. There ^////^;;; but yeah ^^. And he's trying to pin poor girls for being pervy? Let's check out the "evidence" he has presented. The first suspect, Kayla,,TorturedEaglePenis♥:] http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=x4a51c0c265c938wbwbw So she likes a little fun. So what? The next suspect, RandomLulu. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=d4a51baf5df88dhxf55i Don't we all have a little feline in us? The next suspect, soldiergurl4eva. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=l4a51be050f68e45no8v Bit detailed, but if that's how she likes it... The next suspect, ToKillOneHeartIsToKillTheWorld. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=o4a51ba267d111y96zxz Simple stuff. The next suspect, kiki1266. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=s4a51c5a598cf6k89eqk How is that a bad thing? How is she doing anything bad? All she is saying, clearly, is that she has never cybered before and it freaks her out. The next suspect, Luvvy♥. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=p4a51c49006fbezuydow She was pressured into it. The next suspect, mayuki. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=e4a51c39f8b4abucyd9v How is that a bad thing? The next suspect, DropitDeadGorgeous. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=y4a51c2d99c08bpgqlna And she's bad because she turned you down? The next suspect, music_emo_girl. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=v4a51c1fe43044y9bnuw So she likes it rough. Or something...so what? Like guys don't? The next suspect, Rena9000, is a close role playing buddy of mine. And, quite honestly, I was disappointed when I saw this. But...I guess it is her choice. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=y4a51c173846d9i0umqe The next suspect, kitty _glomper!kyaa. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=r4a51c5f109f6avvujdz I'm running out of things to say. The next suspect, KatieLynnIsHighOnPixieStix. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=z4a51c61f227c2ujv319 So, wait, she's bad because she likes to pleasure herself? Her privacy is none of ANYONE'S business. The next suspect, kairi_angels. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=x4a51c65f8df99bqw9sq She took control at the end. Good for her. >=] The next suspect, ♥magikal☺melanie♥. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=t4a51c6beecb43vjvitc I can't read that. Sorry. The next suspect, Heartbroken:Depressin Amber(the_truth_hurts_bad). http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=v4a51c709996d7tklukj She's bad because she's admitted to having done so before? The next suspect, FANGwoof, has been labeled, "Secretly cybers when they have a "gf"". I'm going to say this... Online dating isn't even real. So this isn't cheating. Sorry. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=o4a51c765051c2ruqlqv The next suspect, UNICORN.SEXX. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=j4a51c84373aafmp8zfm She gets right to the point. The next suspect, Eva Loves Caleb. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=n4a51c89a300e3prac63 Again, on here for having admitted to cybering. The next suspect, emmapupster. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=c4a51c9233b4ddy6tg45 Passes out? Uhm.....right then. Next! The next suspect, EmoFluffyBunnies. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=c4a51c94bd7cce5lp4zl Not guilty of anything. The next suspect, dog_lover_forever. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=n4a51c979f108386h8aq She was pressured into doing that. The next suspect, deaths_angel. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=c4a51c9b3c028etxs5oa The next suspect, chrissy600, who did NOTHING WRONG may I add. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=t4a51ca52d584bxnpzua The next suspect, animerox. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=l4a51ca9ab967bmrqobh Nice to know she stops when "mum" is in the room. And the last suspect, ShinyJirachi. http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=p4a51bf993a52czm30y6 Completely innocent. So what, she's done it a few times. But from the looks of things, she's done nothing with YOU. And now we return to the culprit of all of this, Sandvich. If you didn't believe me before about him being bad, perhaps this will convince you... Sandvich belongs to the following clubs: The Sexy Cyber Club (http://kupika.com/club/82329) Pictures from Sandvich's picstream: http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=u4a45a78156abaymrdmk http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=o4a45a7975f5d68ytz0t http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=d4a45a7ae8bff7hazco6 http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=o4a45a7bc62f8cy3dgzq http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=w4a45a7d2d80584v6m4b http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=j4a45a7de0a4d0pxs6wn http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=s4a45a80a1366dgrr9p6 http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=n4a45a81677b92rv0on1 http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=k4a45a84d9ed5bfvdhv0 If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. Folks, that is all I have for now. But I will be updating as the perv continues his search for innocent girls who like to have fun.

Strawberry_Lip_Gloss says:   6 July 2009   621818  
That's awful.
I feel sorry for those girls.
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   6 July 2009   872474  
wow, wat a dumbass
he doesn't belong on kupika
kattany3 says:   6 July 2009   447318  
-dies laughing- JESUS!!! if your gonna cyber do it right damnit!!!!
O.- nothing wrong with cybering it uses the imagination and could even
help in ACTUAL sexual incounters.but
serously...........................he sucks..................
kattany3 says:   6 July 2009   769133  
Ugh.And his pics?!?!?! people saying he is hot? and why isn't he in
ther bed? if they think that is good they haven't seen a real man
-mutters and growls-
‹☼Xomasth☼The Cold Steel Killer☼› says:   6 July 2009   686572  
gah some of those ppl are my close friends T-T
hes the perv not them
Danielle10 says:   6 July 2009   787111  
Okay, some really freaky but he doesn't have to show people and some
are just innocent. =.=
Oroborus21 says:   6 July 2009   542661  
i actually think it only exacerbates the problem to repost the
screenshots and wish you wouldnt do it. the less attention this guy
gets the better. no one cares about what these girls choose to do,
Jesse aka Sandvich aka ChrisHansen just gets off on these
pseudo-powertrips. He's always been trying to get me and the guys
"doing pervy things" but this time he's crossed the line hurting these
girls or trying to hurt them.
Motoko says:   6 July 2009   176976  
aw fuck. ima victim. he convinced me if he were going to be a sonic
character. unfortunatly its a weak spot. but he stopped replying so i
really didnt care
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   6 July 2009   766343  
This guy...
 I knew it was Sandvich. IT'S ALWAYS SANDVICH XDDD
misumi229 says:   6 July 2009   658467  
he suxxxxxx...
‹stevencyde› says:   6 July 2009   524732  
that dude is a fuckin faggot
i think imma cuss him out!
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   6 July 2009   565797  
Oroborus21 - I see your point, but I think Kupika should know so
nobody falls for his tricks. =]
‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says:   6 July 2009   227182  
what those girls do is their buissness not his!
hes such an asshole
Rena9000 says:   6 July 2009   587314  
-hangs head- gawd.. i feelz like such a dumbass... but.... he... i
just wanted to talk not cyber... then like, he started... i feel soooo
horrible! -crys- when I saw that he came back, i jsut wanna murder
him! -goes to kill him- Ima sorry..
darkoekaki says:   6 July 2009   872469  
I really don't want to get caught up in this mess, but you wrote
something that I honestly thought was bullshit. 

"Online dating isn't even real."
And I'll leave it at that.
‹Strider› says:   7 July 2009   496186  
Please delete this page. I hate Chris Hansen as much as the next guy.
I'd like to see him hit by a meteor. But reposting the screenshots
isn't helping our cause.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   7 July 2009   643141  
How do you post screenshots? 
I have some of my own that show proof that HE asked ME to cyber him
but I refuse and he "raped" ME!
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   7 July 2009   314923  
He kept asking me for 'buttsecks'
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   7 July 2009   266135  
Trainer May, can you send me that proof? It would help. =]

Kawaii, he did the same to me.
Mewmewkitten says:   8 July 2009   428783  
Sanvich is ChrisHansen/ whatever else, you idiot.

It's not just a little fun.
They could get into trouble for it, and even if he has other
intentions, it could make the girls stop. They need to be educated
more about.

I'm not getting more into this. :u
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   8 July 2009   885169  
I know they are the same person. I'm not stupid. I'm the one who made
the connection.

They can't get into trouble for doing that. Sorry, but no.
Mewmewkitten says:   8 July 2009   956567  
HAHA, you think you TOLD everyone that Sandvich is him? No. Hah.
burberry_girlie says:   9 July 2009   424497  
people like that

jut wow
this guy is a perv. 
Rena9000 is a good friend of mine and i know what its like to be
pressured into this shit

im so glad hes gone
if he wasnt
id send him a virus that would wipe his comp

just wow......what a sick bastard. 

Your_Worst_Nightmare, i admire you for exposing this sicko
pervs need to be run outta town ^^
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   9 July 2009   147868  
Thanks burberry. =]
Pure_Innocence says :   1 August 2009   761417  
Its all really stupid, animerox is my best friend and just cause
people cyber, doesnt meen they are bad people and deserve to be
labeled. I meen, what is with that you tube video??????   That is
going way too far, its just picking on people, who are just a few of
probably more than hundreds.          But i do agree with Strider a
bit, reposting this is going to make some people think the opposite to
most people here ^^^^^^^^^^

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