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Stop ruining my life!!!Category: (general)
Monday, 29 June 2009
12:28:43 PM (GMT)
I don't care what people call me anymore... I'm going to sparkle in
the sunlight, have golden-brown eyes, and be pale white and ice cold
I'm going to ignore everyone, freak out whenever someone bleeds, not
eat anything at school, unless someone is reallhy paying attention,
and read the series over and over again, and watch the movie more than
my current 17 times.
I am going to flip my hair like Alice, and always wear a Cullen crest.

I don't care what you call me. 
Twilight is my life.
Everytime you people do this, I end up like Bella...
A new whole punches itself out in my chest.
Everytime you do this, another fangirl dies.
I'm already dead.

Stop ruining my life, and I'll stop ruining yours.
Oh wait...
I've done nothng to you!!!
Stop killing me!
Maybe if you could see what these kinds of things do to me, then you would stop.
Oh wait, you won't.
You don't care about anyone else.
You're all so self-centered, that you don't even realize what you do to us.
Any fangirl would agree.

And also, this could be considered racism.
This is all about your prejudices aainst our beliefs.
So what if we believe in vampires that sparkle?
That's our choice.
We don't do the same because you have your precious God, or Buddha, or whatever you
believe in.
Think abut it this way...
Twilight is somewhat of a religion to us.
Is this really so different from the concept of the Crusades?
Or what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jewish people?
Why don't you just put us in concentration camps, while you're at it?!?!

I am TIRED of this.
Just stop.
It my save a life.


And this is what I have to say to all the Twilight haters.
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

copyrighted The_Newest_Cullen 2009
Last edited: 22 July 2009

BooRadley says:   29 June 2009   359151  
>w< dead twitard is dead
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   751787  
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   349587  
XD Twilight Fangirl. So fun making fun of them
‹EcoAßßy› says:   29 June 2009   285174  
I like Twilight too! I'm looking forwade to seeing New Moon. Oh and
do any of you know who wrote the twighlight series?
‹EcoAßßy› says:   29 June 2009   943135  
Oh no I spelt Twilight wrong!
‹innocentasarose♥› says:   29 June 2009   412664  
Listen, I don't think anyone really has a problem that you
like Twilight. I have a lot of friends that enjoy the series as much
as anyone. But when you let the series take over your life COMPLETELY,
that's when people start acting mean. Because they instantly know your
weak point.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   399966  
Yeah, Stephanie Meyer wrote it.
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   956621  
Twilight Fangirls are taking over the world!!!!!!!
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   564441  
And what if we are?
A world full of Twilight is the only world I want to live in...
BooRadley says:   29 June 2009   664943  
When I get cold at night, I burn copies of twilight to keep warm :3
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   538594  
Lol to the comment above! ^^^ LOL
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   354613  
I actually thought you cuddled up with Jacob Black.
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   264962  
You know My friend Hates twilight so much she bought ten copies and
Ripped them apart? Also she bought the movie watched it, Then made fun
of it then put it in the microwave for 7 seconds!
‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says:   29 June 2009   736336  
i agree with you if ppl don't like twilight or think were stupid for
liking it they should keep it to them damn selvesb.c its our lives not
theres and we should be able to live it the way WE want to live 

we live by our own rules
not theres
so there
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   29 June 2009   686447  
It's just a book series. -_-" 

I see nothing wrong with you being in love with Twilight, infact, the
books aren't that bad, but do we all really need to know of your love
for it?

I don't mean to be rude, but these kind of diary entrys are just
getting annoying. You do seem to be overreacting a bit. I have lots of
friends who are christians and I don't see them posting diarys saying

And I'm in love with Neji Hyuuga >:D but you don't see me posting
diarys like that. I just let people think what they think about him,
and when they dis him to my face I attack them. ;D (My friends have
already felt the terror of the fangirl >:] )
‹IisWurmple;;HearMeRAWR♥› says:   29 June 2009   696578  
You can spaz out about Twilight, it doesn't really bother me.
It's just when you make it something you can't live without, then it
starts to irritate me.
Some of the comments above are harsh, and unnessicary.
Overreacting isn't something that will help make us lighten up on

And saying 'our precious religion' makes me want to spit.
Some people aren't all obsessed with their religion. Don't go throwing
that around.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   788797  
I'm not though. Several of my friends aren't as open about their love
for Twilight, but it still pains them when you do that kind of thing.
think about itthis way...
All Twilight fangirls are freaks 
is basically the same as
All Christians are God-lovers

(Not to pick on Christians)

See my point?
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   469762  
PEOPLE NEED TO KILL TWILIGHT!!! >:D   *gets the book Twilight and
Sets it on Fire* A ha ha ha! Who laughing Now?
papillon says:   29 June 2009   878379  
I'm not a huge fan of twilight, but i agree with you.
People should stop bashing twilight just because they don't like it.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   29 June 2009   788153  
Thank you for saying that, papillon!
And as for you, Seadog98... *Growl*
‹Let You Fall For Every Empty Word I Say› says:   29 June 2009   873356  
wow. maybe you will force us to love it with your constant growling.
I am pretty terrified. Someone is totally obsessed in a bad way.

It may save a life?
How about you get a life?
‹Let You Fall For Every Empty Word I Say› says:   29 June 2009   431759  
EcoAbby :
Its pretty sad when you dont even know who wrote it.....
‹I'M_HORNY› says:   29 June 2009   613236  
I never disliked or liked the twilight series.
but as soon as people got addicted/ i got sick of it.
edward cullen is pale and ugly.
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   29 June 2009   893768  
O Mah Gawd. YOu growled at me. Im going to do it back *imitates Your
growl* There. )
‹GirlTheHero› says:   29 June 2009   515522  
Wow your insane....

Lolz my mom says you have issues. XD

papillon says:   29 June 2009   477254  
Who cares if She's obsessed with twilight, who cares if anyone is
obsessed with twilight. It's her life and she can do anything she
wants with it, and if you don't like it ignore it. 

And  The_Newest_Cullen you need to stop taking all of this so
personally and just ignore it as well.

No offence everyone, this stuff just really bothers me.
callie11 says:   29 June 2009   397893  
Okay. Breathe. Twilight isn't real.It's fiction. I like the book just
as much as the average fan, but you're taking it a bit way too
seriously. The only reason all those people are making fun of you is
because you're obsessing over it. Stop ranting about how it's your
lifestyle (no matter how true that may be) and they'll stop bugging
you about it.
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   30 June 2009   985885  
....You are really taking this too far. And it's actually starting to
freak me out.
I don't like Twilight. That's my view, and hey, you like Twilight,
okay whatever.

But seriously, this is too much.

So, if all copies of Twilight were burned and outlawed, what would you
do? Kill yourself? Over a fictional series? You say Twilight is your
life, but it shouldn't be. You shouldn't live for a book series. So,
GET A LIFE is what I'm trying to say to you.

So Twilight haters are bashing the series, how is that ruining your
life? It's for our enjoyment, and if you don't like it, DON'T READ IT!
It's that simple! Seriously.

We're not self-centered. Whatever made you think we are? We still have
the feelings of a normal human being, we just don't happen to like the
series. That's all. How does that make us self-centered? Okay, so
maybe some of us are overreacting, but do what any person would do,

You're also overreacting. Twilight is your religion? So you worship
vampires, werewolves, and basically Stephanie Meyer. I'm sorry, but
that's just sad. 

So, if we stop bashing Twilight, it's going to save your life? Are you
going to kill yourself just because someone is making fun of a

That's pathetic.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   30 June 2009   439847  
..ya!! u pple out tere mind ur own buissness!!! twilight means
everything to me...... 
            and i actually feel sorri for u pple out ther hu havnt
read the books or seen the film ....because i no the way i feel wen i
read the books or watch the film....and......................... i
really do feel sorri for pple hu cant feel the same feeling that i

        because somtimes u gotta believe in love storys, edward
cullens , and vampires ......................because how can u love
anything if u dont believe in any dosent matter weather u
believe in cinderella....or twilight ...........or even harry
potter....because just as long as u hav
keep u hoping and believeing that there is a prince charming....or a
vampire or even..........a wizard out ther somwhere for u

keep believing..............always..... and thank u 2 the pple hu dont
and neva had been mean to me because of wat i believe

‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   30 June 2009   292916  
I agree with TwilightGal. It's good to have something to believe in.
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   30 June 2009   117729  
I agree with the above comment.

Yes, Twilight is very lovable. I can't say I'm not looking forward to
New Moon coming out, but rants on Twilight? Twi-hards? Edward Cullen
barbies? Edward Cullen body glitter??? Too far.
‹charlatancures› says:   30 June 2009   363761  
Why don't we all just stop commenting and continue with our own
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   30 June 2009   541349  
Well MY point is, I have a life.
 It's Twilight.
 That's all. 
Twilight is like air to me. 
Or as Edward would put it, "'s like a drug to me [it's] like my
own personal brand of heroin."
If you don't like this, then just ignore it.
Leave us be.
I have no control over what I feel towards Twilight.
And it's not 'Edward Cullen Barbies'
It's Edward Cullen ACTION FIGURE
And the body glitter is the best. 
MY friend has it, and she loves it.
I, of course, don't.
And to everyone on here who persists on tourmenting me, because of
what I love, think about this.
Have you ever loved something?
Truly loved something?
Loved it with every breath in your body?
Did your heart sing it's name?
Felt so bound to protect it, that you'd take a bullet for it?
That you would die in its place to keep it safe?
That you would do anything for it?
Even if it meant hurting yourself?

That's how I feel. How Edward feels about Bella. How it truly feels to
So stop. Twilight is the one thing I've ever truly loved.
Sure it might be a result of what people have done to me, even my own
family, but what happened that day in January happened.
I made that bet, and I followed through.
I had no control over whether that copy of Twilight was in the library
or not.
It was the day that changed my life.
My life will always be this way.
That day, January 21st, 2009, made me see the world in a whole
different way.
And there's no turning back.
‹(the.giRl.of.YoUr.DrEAmS)› says:   30 June 2009   446719  
I agree with The_Newest_Cullen. Twilight rocks and it actually is my
life. Before I read Twilight, I didn't really understand what it was
like to love, but after I read the series I did. The way Edward feels
Bella is beyond how I think anyone has ever felt for any other person.
And the way Jacob feels for Nessie is also beautiful. He would do
anything to protect her and only wants to see her happy. Twilight has
made me see that love is important and it is very strong.
I can't wait for New Moon! <3
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   30 June 2009   246129  
@Footprints: I want Edward Cullen body glitter D: 
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   1 July 2009   999983  
XD So many comments About how there agreeing wit you.
Lyncheh says:   1 July 2009   338426  
Edward "LOVES" Bella because she smells. Bella "LOVES" Edward because
he's 'hot'

Epic fail infatuation is epic fail. 

I hope this is a troll, surely nobody could be so blind and sad? ><
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   1 July 2009   998244  
Twi-hards bug me.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   1 July 2009   525696  
Look, I don't mind you liking something. But when you go so far to
act like it's your life support, that's just crazy. You survived
without it till it came out just fine.

EVERYTHING has someone hating it. EVERYONE has someone hating them.
It's part of life. There will be nothing in the world that will be
100% liked by everyone. People will talk about hating and loving it. I
hate Twilight. But I only talk about hating it to other Twilight
haters. You can't stop people from hating. Just like you can't stop
someone from loving.

If it was because of a fictional book why you now know about true
love, then you don't know what love is. Sure a book can get you to
think, but you shouldn't be convinced by everything. You have to think
it out before assuming the truth.

Love isn't about making the other person happy or wanting to be with
them. It's about sacrificing yourself and your happiness for the other
person and doing what's best for that person even if the other person
not happy about it and hates you for it. Happiness isn't everything,
though it's great.
poetic_justice says:   1 July 2009   916617  
You do not know how much I hope this is a troll.
‹♪Just Daisy♪› says:   1 July 2009   233428  
Yes i dont mind either that you LOVE twilight I'm just saying people
are taking twilight TOO FAR (not trying to be mean) but i liked
twilight too but then my mom made me read the books an watch the
movies an now shes making me watch the second movie. even if i don't
wanna watch it. i liked it but yeah twilight idk people just bother
too much about it.
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   1 July 2009   356559  
And people can't judge others for not liking Twilight. People can
dislike what they want, whether Twi-hards like it or not.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   1 July 2009   891495  
The only 'Twi-tards' are those who haven't or refuse to read it.
I would have agreed with all of you a few months ago, but then I
actually took the time to read it.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   1 July 2009   599169  
I tried to read it. I couldn't finish it! It's not my type of books
at all. I was like "Sure.... what ever...." Then I learned more about
it, and didn't like it more.

And I don't need to read it cause people recite the books at me!
All... the time.....
BooRadley says:   1 July 2009   454147  
Oh Kayleigh sugar, you like your crappy twilight as much as you like,
don't listen to them. :D
Demi_lovato_hugest_fan says:   1 July 2009   947539  
i AGREE with comment above. i mean if you dont like twilight well how
can is say this... yeah i mean twlight has gone TOO FAR  with the toys
someone said an the edward giltter thing the "which twilight character
are you" quiz. the books an the posters the guide book NOW THATS TOO
areka123 says:   1 July 2009   886634  
-.- ok first of all vampires dont sparkle..... the cullens dont live
outside that book.... if vampires were like that u couldnt resist the
taste of human blood.... u wouldnt be in the cullen family they arnt
aloud 2 kill nor bite sumone.... ur eyes wouldnt be golden brown if
twilight was real they would be red but ther not vampires dont have
golden brown eyes u wouldnt wear the cullen crest at all they made it
up on the set..... believing in vampires that sparkle is not a religin
is how u belive the world was created.... u wouldnt sparke not at all
so dont be goin round making a fule of urself u can like twilight but
dont u dare say its a relign! or were racist about it!
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   1 July 2009   839864  
I agree with >TheeNightmareQueen<.
You don't know what true love is if you only read about it in a
fictional series.
BooRadley says:   2 July 2009   789341  
Good luck with the mountain lions & bears sugar. >w<
danii12 says:   2 July 2009   273169  
Hii, i'm from the volturi family - i've come to suck your
‹ravieve› says:   2 July 2009   811111  
[I don't know why I even bother and yet - ]

Please, people, stop - I don't know? - bashing on her? Or whatever.

Really, this argument is stupid. And yet, why am I here? I don't know
really, just browsing.

That's all :D

//I am not offending anyone really :/
Spork says:   2 July 2009   482118  
Hm...I'm not sure if this is a joke or serious, but if you are being
serious than I would agree that people should leave you alone. I do
like twilight, but I do think that letting it be your life is a tad
weird. However its your life and people should respect that and not
give you crap about it.
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   2 July 2009   127145  
I know it's important to you, but you can't force people to like it
as much as you.

It's great that you believe in something, but people are different.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   2 July 2009   315314  
This IS real.
Not a joke.
People on here are ruining my life, and I'm tired of it.
sexylispy says:   3 July 2009   134284  
I like twilight but seriously, you've let a FICTIONAL book take over
your life! You can believe what you want but you can't dictate what
everyone else thinks and believes. Ok people are taking this too far,
but honey seriously - you may have taken this too far too. (My advice
to you is to grow a thick skin and not take notice of what others
think, people take the piss out of me sometimes but I just laught it
off, they're not worth it xXx
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   3 July 2009   263839  
I love twilight sooo muchio. It will always be one of my favorite
book serioues, but seriously, it's sooo 5 minutes ago♥
Lyncheh says:   3 July 2009   586573  
Get addicted to World of Warcraft or something? It's pathetic, but
still less sad than being a Twifag. Try it? 
‹MalixDexide› says:   3 July 2009   288712  
I want to correct something...

Racism, is not liking someone for their COLOR (or colour). What you're
calling 'racism' isn't.

I'm addicted to computers and video games (A bad addiction mind you),
but do I treat it like a religion? No I don't.

I'm not bashing you for liking Twilight. I'm just pointing out to you
that treating an addiction like a religion is just stupid, and I'm
sure that many people are pointing that out to you also. (Of course
they're saying it in totally different words.)
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   3 July 2009   545446  


I have just ruined your life! ^^

Have I??

(I had to do it! Reading these comments again just made me feel like I
had to! AND IT FELT GOOD!!)

Okay.. Twilight aint that bad but it aint no religion. -_-"
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   3 July 2009   616985  
OVER IT!!!!! i mean come some people dont like twilight and that is ok
....but wen they start to dis people becuz of it then that is just
stupid.............and the same goes for us twi-hards (twilight fans) 
just because people dont like it dosent mean we can just give out to
some1 becuz of that!!!

 i mean look at it this way twi-hards ......... some people ar totally
team edward and some ar totally team jacob.... and u no wat both ways
are fine becuz people dont hav to agree on every thing!!!

soo.............. dont u all understand now...
i am twilights biggest fan and i hav no problem with people hu dont
like twilight.......but if they start dissing me becuz i like it then
its differnt then u can give out and rant about it!! 

p.s. any sane person would agree with me...............
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   3 July 2009   342676  

sorry i needed 2 let that out ...............
Insaniity says:   3 July 2009   839514  
meh. You may call your self a "twilight fan girl" but 'll call you a
delusional schizophrenic, destined for life in a straight jacket,
foaming at the mouth for something that dosent exist, so we're even :
‹Yo+Tu=Me+you<3› says:   3 July 2009   129972  
let others think what they want to think. If some people like it hey
thats great. if some don't thats their issue. i really enjoy twilight
and i can tell you do too. Besides their are probably millions and
millions of fans out there that are just obbsessed as you are. in my
opinion the people that say that twilight is the stupidest thing ever
and all that kind of stuff are just trying to start a fight, and when
you comment back its just giving them what they want.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   3 July 2009   342663  
dont u dare speak to me like that insanitty!!! how dare u, u hav no
right to speak 2 me that way!!!! *grrr* i just didnt want ever1 to
start a fight !!!!!!!! 
like wat bella said   " im switzerland"   meaning that she wasnt going
to start a fight with edward or jacob!!!!!

and u said i wasnt a twilight fan insaniity!!! ptt..... SUCK ON
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   3 July 2009   285399  
oh and i would appreciat if people on my side of thing would please
stick up for me!!!!!!!!!
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   3 July 2009   173564 dare u say that insaniity!!!!!! well i think ur name is
stupid sooooooooo    HA!
Manderlinaa says:   4 July 2009   839843  
I LOVE this whole entry . This was just ... XDD When I grow up , I'm gonna go look for vampires . :D
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   887194  
im already looking 4 vampires!!!!!lolz  if i find any i will let u
‹MalixDexide› says:   4 July 2009   976368  
Yep. This is turning into a cult. Just like D&D....

xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   794111  
wat ar u talking about???
XxXxTWILIGHTxXxX says:   4 July 2009   291753  
ya insaniity do not talk 2 my bff (twilight gal) dat way she did
notin 2 ya soooooo gotta sometin 2 say keep it inside u because u can
actually hurt some1 soo shut da hell up because she iz da biggest
twi-hard ive eva met soooooooo ur a delusional schiz
XxXxTWILIGHTxXxX says:   4 July 2009   851746  
soz i ment a delusional schizophrenic ( if dats how u spell it nd i
dont know wat dat means but im gonna write it anyway )
p.s i agree with the newest cullen sorta
nd da next person hus writen iz cherrygirl12345 shez just usin my
XxXxTWILIGHTxXxX says:   4 July 2009   913187  
ya i agree wit de above if she has a thing for twilight SO WAT!!!!!
wat does it have ta do wit u u dont even know who she is and dont dis
her like dat cuz its SO NOT NICE!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!

‹MalixDexide› says:   4 July 2009   641271  
The only thing linking to people flaming her is her treating Twilight
as if it were her necessary life source...

and what the newest cullen calls 'racism' isn't...
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   251756  
ahhhh tanx claire and miry jane 4 stickn up 4 me!!!! u guys are the
best!!!!! *Hugz* lolzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   612695  
wat r u sayn Agent777174 i dont no wat the hell u ar talkn bout!!
‹[--♪BobsBestBuddy♥--]› says:   4 July 2009   741271  

One, are you trying to be the characters?
Twilight is not a religion, therefore you can't be a racist towards
it. -.- Edward is not God, and little vampire buddies don't exist.

Harrypotterisbetterthantwilight ;D
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   4 July 2009   368797  
But Harry Potter is better than Twilight! :D

In my mind anyway..

But, Hell, I've always loved the weasleys! Especially the twins! >:D
(gingers with long hair look good in my oppinion)
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   928664  
i dont believe twilight is being made into a religion!!!!
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   4 July 2009   316618  
Some people already consider it one. -_-"
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   4 July 2009   218747  
It isn't, but notice how all fangirls are treated differently...
We act differently from everyone else, too.
If you even say "Twilight", we freak out.
It's true.
Once a Twilight comercial was on, and I jumperd up and down the whole
time, while everyone else in my class acted like they were dying.
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   4 July 2009   537974  

Freak out yet?

Look, others dissing Twilight is not ruining your life. End of. 

People have different oppinions and it's good that they do.

You're just making mountains out of mole hills. You wouldn't die if
Twilight was destroyed. You'd be sad but you'd get over it. Infact, no
matter what, you're love for Twilight will fade away. In a few years
time (you'll deny it now, I bet. It's only natural) you won't like
Twilight as much. You'll look back and say 'Boy, was I strange back

And, people would make a lot less fun of you if you kept your strange
loves for yourself. I was once obbsessed with a book series (My heart
still races whenever I think of the amazing tale it told) but I didn't
tell people that didn't even care it's the best series of books in the
world. No one made fun of me. No one dissed the book series. And hell,
I'm happy.

And I can't be bothered typing anymore..
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   4 July 2009   727984  
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   4 July 2009   941476  
ya true that any time i hear twilight i freak out..............or
anything to do with twilight!!! ...
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   4 July 2009   682797  
I will NEVER stop loving Twilight!
If it was destroyed, I would be gone with it.
Everyone says that I'll get over it.
I won't.
I'll never get over Twilight.
To you it's a book, but think about what it means to me.
It IS my life.
‹MalixDexide› says:   4 July 2009   585359  
You will someday
Which they are right
You will
You will get over Twilight (At least the rabid side)
Think about what real life outside of Twilight mean to you.
What was your life before you read Twilight then? :P

At some point you will get over that rabid side of your Twilight
fandom. I was a Sonic the Hedgehog maniac. But now I don't care if
someone insults Sonic. My rabid side for Sonic wore off. I learned
there are better things out there than a video game. (Of course it
doesn't show at all. XD)

Treating a material thing like a life source is what's drawing the
flamers in. Since people like you treat a material thing like a life
source they're the perfect targets for flamers.
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   4 July 2009   221126  
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   4 July 2009   411316  
I have a new policy.
Refer to my NEWEST DIARY.
twilight_lover_yah says:   10 July 2009   872783  
I LOVE TWILIGHT. And no one should be mean just because we are
obsessed with twilight. It's just like if someone liked.... something
elese really much you dont make fun of them.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   14 July 2009   357195  
ya i agree
LaLaGal says:   17 July 2009   915383  
I agree with my Bff Twilightgal. I LUV Twilight and I no some people
don't like it and dats ok. Every1 has different opinions. But wen
people start 2 make fun of u 4 luvin Twilight or anythin else dats
just mean!!!!!!!!

xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   17 July 2009   955868  
I AM SWITZERLAND !!!! but if people start calling me or my friends
that is it i am not switzerland.......................i will be
destroyed if twilight is destroyed!!! that is finall!!
lollylovex3 says:   17 July 2009   398277  
I like Twilight and I find it pretty cool. But when people start
obsessing over it, it gets kinda scary. Afterall, Edward Cullen is
only a bunch of words.
But hey, your opinion, your business, your life. Have fun fangirling
over Edward Cullen!
‹goodfornothing› says:   17 July 2009   749621  
Edward is God? x___x

this diary=embarrassing. 

in 20 years you'll *headwall* 100 times for having been this obsessed
with Twilight.
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   17 July 2009   585246  
No, I won't.
I won't be here in 20 years.
I won't even be alive in 20 years.
‹goodfornothing› says:   19 August 2009   129475  
you depress me.
‹<:.Sierra;StruckBySilence.:>› says:   19 August 2009   796294  
Why do so many people like Twilight? Its just a love story about a
vampire. 0____o
‹Northern Italy♥› says :   19 August 2009   111315  
I am not  huge fan of twilight but I hate when so called twilight
lovers say the people that don't like it suck and so on. Like that
twilight troll we had. I agree on some people here. Try not to go all
crazy over twilight and over Edward. Edward isn't real and same goes
for the other charatcters. The worse twilight lovers are those young
girls that want Edward to rape them and such. Is that wrong? I think
it really is. o.o


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