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The path to the age of respect. ;3;Category: (general)
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
08:17:26 AM (GMT)
This relates to my previous diary entry, "Age" Because there was another fact that was pointed out to and it was true. Most 12 year olds are immature. And that also brings out a little bit of advice. To all young members of kupika. Age is a very hard topic. :l And I do think that personality matters most. But.... I think that one way to get the respect you'd want would be to earn it. I won't tell you to change yourself, but I'd just give you a few suggestions. First of all, stop the endless page-fillers. D: Whenever I go to a person's profile and see that they spent more time on than writing some real information I begin to think that they won't have much to say to me. ._. I know that the graphics are very pretty D: But wouldn't it be better to write down words that you've made youself? You even get quotes from there and you can't just say them yourself D: I know that you might be rushing but can't you just find a bit of time to make sure that whoever goes to your profile won't pay more attention to your graphics than your information? Second, Homophobia is something I'm against. And if you're homophobic than that doesn't mean you have to go like "ewwwww ur gay? ewww" And yet you don't even know the person :/ If you don't like homosexuals than keep it to yourself and stop bashing people that didn't even speak to you in the first place and expect that it'll make you seem cool. It won't. Third, If you ever get into a fight, I mean you said something and one person came in and got angry at it, You have two choices. Ignore it. Or reply to it. If you pick choice number 2 then if you're gonna reply to it at least back it up. ._. I'm not talking about calling them every bad name you've ever heard, I'm talking about real facts that are presented in a way that is mature D: Know what you're gonna say and how it's gonna back up your statement. ._. If you just keep cursing out the person then in my opinion you just look stupid D: Okay I'm not telling any of the young members here to do any of this Dx I'm just saying that these would help if they wanted to gain respect in my opinion Not just the young members, Anybody Dx Oh and potential commenters :o What would your suggestions be to earn respect?

Lyncheh says:   3 June 2009   592928  

I think that you actually have it quite easy to be respected when
you're 12/13/14 etc and mature - because people are so used to seeing
immature/stupid kids of that age, when someone is...heck, even if
they're normal, not even exceptionally's impressive and
you get quite a lot of respect for that, I think.
Exhilaration says :   3 June 2009   432379  
My suggestion to earn respect?
Don't be stupid.
Don't pick fights.
Stop being an Internet Tough Guy.
Speak to others the way you want to be spoken to.

The internet may have different ways of tolerance, but it holds the
same principles as the real world. You won't get any respect from
anyone if you don't get some manners.

tl;dr Be kind.


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