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The Nobody's King~ PrologueCategory: story
Sunday, 10 May 2009
02:36:38 AM (GMT)
In the world of Calsper, there had been peaceful for many years. Ruled by King Darr,
a well respected man, it was soon becoming time for his departure from the world of
Calsper, unto the after life. The King had two sons, twins. And both wanted the
thrown. The older twin of the two, was a kind man, who loved and respected most
people. The younger one, was almost the oppostite, mean and cruel, and cared little
for life. Both would almost do anything to get the crown, but for different reasons.
The younger one wanted to rule Calsper in war and distruction, and for all to fear
him, and to get any girl he wished for. The older one wanted the crown to not allow
his brother to do cruel things to his beloved land. The older one knew of the
cruelness of his brother, and it seemed to him, that his father had no clue of how
his brother truely was.

So one day, the king desided for there to be a competition for his sons, to fight for
the crown. It was to be a battle of swords. Each was given one sword, and their
choice of armor. The older one knew he was no match to his brother, and that he would
probably die in this battle. But he had to fight, he had to fight for his land, to
save them from his sinister brother. Both came into the areana from both sides. It
seemed the whole world was watching them both, as everyone cheered in the stands.
Every seat was full. Not one sit had not been filled to see this epic battle of the
two princes of Calsper. At a sound of a horn, both men charged at each other, swords
in hand. The clash of swords was heared as the battle began. The younger son in a
black suit of armor, his brother in silver. The battle took only a half of an hour.
The younger son held his sword to his brothers neck, his brothers body on the dirt
below, butally cut, his armor seeming to fall off his body. The older one breathed
deeply as he felt his death coming upon him soon.

"Brother Dear, I've won," the younger one spoke in his serpent sounding voice.

"Oh, don't bother me with your words. You shall be the ending of Calsper. And you
shall never live up to our fathers name." The older brother was ready for death, but
wished he could take his beloved Calsper with him.

The younger son sinisterly laughed. "You think I'm going to kill you, brother? I
would never kill my own brother," he lied threw his teeth. "But I would not want my
brother to die. No, living in shame is a better life for my dear brother. For him to
know his brother beat him in a simple sword fight over the crown, and living on the
street, far from the castle. And able to see me in full gory..."

"Of horror. Your a disgrace."

"Good. Though I hope soon you'll find a better word for me than a disgrace, it
doesn't seem to discribe me like your loathing me." The younger brother snickered.
"Hello, Calsper. Meet your new king." And with that, he took his brothers sword, and
lifted bother swords in the air looking at the audience. They cheered for their new

And so, after their father's death. The older son was disowned by the royal family,
to live upon the commen folk. As time went by, Calsper had become a living hell.
Killing here and there. And the king doing what ever he pleased. War was constant
among the people. And terror ruled the land. But the older son lives among them,
waiting to over power his evil brother.

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