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Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:06:12 PM (GMT)
god, why is POST always polluted with the most juvenile convos, they arent even convos, its like the verbal equivalent of slap-stick and flatulence ......... its mostly the Post-Posse that hangs out there......... this is just a random sample of the nonsense copied just now...its not even GOOD CREATIVE CHAOS or ANARCHISTIC Chatter..its just NOISE: ......... 12s 19351 ErstwhileState @52204 Share? 20s 97980 feelslikeheroine @31605 BAWWW. DONT CRY. /wipestearsyus 25s 52204 SUPERSPEED Dude my uncle makes amazing coffee. It tastes like Starbucks macchiato, no kidding. I could live off it. 39s 26623 ErstwhileState @19080 LMFA0. ISNT IT GREAT? HE'S S0 PH0T0GENIC ;D 57s 46715 EMBRACE @26289 IT WILL NOT OKAY I WILL STAY HERE. @26289 IT WILL NOT OKAY I WILL STAY HERE. EXCEPT FOR WHEN WE GO TO CALI. show full post 1m 19080 feelslikeheroine @57702 D; I don't know. @38982 BUT IT'S MAKING ME LAUGH TOO MUCH. 1m 31605 ErstwhileState @29966 MARRRRG. /cries @60950 HAIGURL. 1m 26289 feelslikeheroine @82819 IT WILL HAPPEN- OH GOD OLIVIA. OH GOD. THE NEWS. I WILL TELL HER. I LOVE APRIL AND THE WORLD. 1m 75729 Anime_Addicted @60950 hello :I 1m 57702 ADDICT @39295 Screw whut up. 1m 29966 feelslikeheroine @96487 BUT I DO CARE. IN MY VERY OWN, FIERCE, SADISTIC, MEAN, WAY. ;///; @96487 BUT I DO CARE. IN MY VERY OWN, FIERCE, SADISTIC, MEAN, WAY. ;///; /holdsclose BABY. @60950 Kala. (: show full post 1m 38982 ErstwhileState @18754 THATS MY LITTLE BR0THER D: 2m 82819 EMBRACE @39295 IT'D NEVER HAPPEN. KAY NO 2m 18754 feelslikeheroine @47208 SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP. 2m 96487 ErstwhileState @31517 I WANT Y0U T0 CARE ;///; H0LD ME? 2m 39295 feelslikeheroine @98189 >>; Not. Did I screw up? @41881 NO. BEDROOM. 2m 60950 ‹Mickala;;She'sJustLikeGod› Hello again :I 2m 47208 ErstwhileState @90148 Makes sense. @10973 @90148 Makes sense. @10973 @52708 L0LYES. show full post 2m 31517 feelslikeheroine @65766 I CAN'T HELP IT IRENE, IT'S MY NATURE. IT'S JUST THE WAY IT'S GOT TO BE. SEX TIME IS SACRED, AND YOU LIKE IT. SO SUCK IT. 3m 98189 ADDICT @10973 Suure. ....... POST is like the Graffiti wall of Kupika.... inhabited by certain roving gangs who are territorial and think they are so much better and cooler than others
I'm sorry but I have to give my opinion on this :/ Post is a place where you can express your thoughts and talk to people on kupika. You say it's a graffiti wall where it surrounded by gangs that think they're better than everyone else e_o Excuse me but That's wrong. Have you seen anon post? ALl you can ever see on there is porn spam and epically long deadness with no convo at all. I'm a complete and utter post whore and i've made and met alot of friends there (: I ahve been ignored before and another day I get a reply. Post can sometimes get fast because there would be alot of people all at once. It could get pretty hard to reply to a person D: I'm serious one time I was talking to 4 people and I didn't get the chance to reply to one of them The people on post who spend alot of time there are actually smart people that can relate to eachother and help solve eachother's problem's. The people there are actually creative people that can make a good convo and not use an "lol" when they get a response froma person with a problem >> You guys know who you are when you do that. That's all i ahve to say for now >> Goodnight~

‹.Nothing.Is.Real.♦› says:   22 April 2009   696572  
‹They'reComingToTakeMeAway› says:   22 April 2009   486963  
Lyncheh says:   23 April 2009   338427  
There are basically gangs though.
Of cookie cutter scene kids. :

Not that it bothers me, but there are.
feelslikeheroine says:   23 April 2009   267922  
 I sense everybody I know and myself up there.
I'm tempted to agree with you, but well.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says :   24 April 2009   568118  
people started bullying me last night...
i got friends tho ^_^

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