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Friday, 17 April 2009
08:09:29 AM (GMT)
So, yeah.

I'll type all about the things that happened yesterday and today.
Prepare for a long, boring story.

Um, yesterday, I had to wake up a bit early so I could pack my things all together
and not flail around and throwing random stuff into my brother's bag. Why my
brother's bag? Oh well, simple. His bags PWN. And are bigger.
When I was done packing and with my breakfast, my family went with my brother to
their meeting place where he with his friends would - erm, meet to go to CWC. And off
they went. So, when my parents and I got home, I got ready since we - well, only me -
were leaving at 9 AM, but we left after lunch.
After waiting for a long time, we were going.
My cousin, Patricia - who I - strangely enough - call Trice, and our aunt were
going to the bus terminal since we're going to use a van and stuff.

Let's skip the boring ride where a kid keeps kicking his seat who was behind us and
trice got so irritated and I was like sweat dropping since it's kind of embarrassing
if she gets annoyed and will truly shout in your face and stuff.

Then we met up with our uncle and his - uh, girlfriend. Then we found out the pool
was being cleaned so there's no water there so we have to swim in the sea.

So, let's skip another ride since it takes a long time to get there.

When we got there, Trice and I immediately checked the pool and it was -
unfortunately - empty. I scowled. Trice was taller than me; my aunt is with us; the
bloody sun was killing me; the dog kept following me in circles; what else would go
wrong? Oh yeah. The pool.

So, then, we had snacks. After that, the little Terriers were playing around, so we
played with them, but then Tiny was all hyper again and I climbed up a table so he
wouldn't reach me since I was still a bit terrified of dogs. Then I asked Trice if
she wanted to go to the beach - since what else where we supposed to do in a place
without any cellphone signal and Wifi signal? - and she said yes. So, off we went.

The sun wasn't glaring anymore so we walked down the beach without any umbrellas.
Then I started drawing on the sand, then Trice joined me - except she only wrote
stuff. Then she found some sort of star fish that was circular, while I kept writing
random words on the sand like;

Swiss Cheese
Chicken Wings

And others. Then we waded in the waters, that is - until I saw a pink jellyfish that
wasn't fat and chubby and thin armslegsthings. We scattered, since it was heading
towards us.

After a while, I decided to frolic on the shallow waters, by the time it was sunset,
Trice and I were already swimming, but not too far since the jellyfish were still
there. And for some weird reason, I started building sand hills - since sand castles
are overrated. Then Trice joined me and she built an even bigger hill - but she
kicked it after a while. Then we merged our hills until it became HUGE<3 

Then, like drucken bastards, we kicked them and destroyed them; laughing

Our aunt told us to take a bath. So we did, we already wore our pajamas. Then we ate
our dinner. Then the mango shakes <3

Then I reminded Trice of the stars, so we went outside with out mango shakes and then
we sat on the pool. THE EMPTY POOL.

It was too cool for words <3 The stars above us, the warm pool tiles, and the mango
shakes. But the Terriers came and ruined the fun, but we came back as soon as they
were caged up again. But, the huge guard dog was out that night so, when we heard him
coming, we scrambled back to the house - laughing hysterically. And I think some
mango shake got up to my nose D:

Then we went to bed, but we were reminded to wake up early. So, I reminded my brain
that I should wake up early - since the only thing my brain does right is waking me
up early, it's like I have a built-in alarm that works whenever I remind myself, only
without the noise, except sometimes, I wake up a bit too early. So, during the night,
since there was only one bed, Trice and I shared it, while our aunt stayed on the
floor. I warned Trice that I might hit/kick/slap her in my sleep since I tend to do
that a lot. But as luck would have it, I didn't move. Or perhaps, I can't move
because Trice was behind me and was trying to push me off the bed. That's how I woke
up. Because Trice was trying to murder me in her sleep. And I woke up a bloody 5 AM,
early enough to see the sun rise and the fishermen row back to shore.

I decided to go back to sleep since my aunt told me so - she was awake a bit. So,
yeah, then, Trice moves a bit and makes a spiking motion - since she's in the
volleyball varsity. Fearing for the loss of my head, I covered it with a pillow and
hoped that she wouldn't harm me. I went back to sleep after that. 

At 6:47 AM, I woke up again and started fixing my things, my hair, my clothes, as did
my aunt and Trice. After that, we went down for breakfast. Then after that, we
readied for home. Then long boring ride home. Then home, then, lunch, then I took a
shower for no reason at all, then here I am.


‹actual-mermaid› says:   17 April 2009   623857  
CRAP. That was long.
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   17 April 2009   333963  
Then long boring ride home. Then home, then, lunch, then I took a
shower for no reason at all, then here I am.

Before the lunch, you were chatting with me. 8D And after the shower,
again you were chatting with me. xD
‹actual-mermaid› says :   17 April 2009   452794  
Oh yeah xDDD
Sorry I left that part out D:
I was in a hurry xDDD


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