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Things I've Learned From The Dictionary - Part P.Category: (general)
Saturday, 11 April 2009
06:24:40 PM (GMT)
Sorry I haven't posted these in a while.I've been busy. xD

1.pale-face: a white person;a term allegedly originated by North American
Indians.(YAY!Another racial slur for white people in the dictionary.Webster,you're
even now,k?)

2.pansy: an effeminate or homosexual boy or man. (I've always wondered why on
the bus you'd hear "NICK YA EFFIN' PANSY!")

3.peeping Tom: one who seeks to look at others clandestinely or from
concealment,usually for sexual pleasure.[Peeping Tom,a tailor in English
legend,struck blind because he peeped at the naked Lady Godiva.] (LMFAO @ THE SQUARE

4.pee-wee: tiny;insignificant. (You have a pee-wee wee-wee.)

5.persona non grata: a person not acceptable. ("I'm sorry,but you can't hang
with us.You're persona non grata." "WHAT THE WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT,YOU INDIAN
DICKWEED.") to kiss and caress or fondle in making love. (So basically I'm doing my
dog when I go to pet it?)

7.phenylketonuria: a rare,inherited,metabolic disorder that can cause
permanent mental impairment if untreated within a few weeks after birth. (Um,sounds
like a bucket of fun!)

8.pimp: a man who finds clients for prostitutes and usually lives on their
earnings. :D

9.polestar: that which governs,guides,or directs.(Oh.I thought it was a
strippah or something.)

10.pony express: in 1860-61,a postal system by which mail was relayed from
Missouri to California by riders mounted on swift ponies.(Kinda liek the Pineapple
Express,but its got...PONIES!)

11.pow: Prisoner of War.(LMAO,I thought it was like "POW!You're dead,woman!".
I was close though,eh?)

12.Prince of Darkness(Satan) and Prince of Peace(Jesus Christ) are
right next to eachother in the dictionary.LIEK AMG.BESTEST OF FRIENDZ!!!

13.psycho: a mentally disturbed person;a neurotic or psychopath.

14.pubes: the hair that appears on the body at puberty.The genital area that
is covered with hair in the adult.(LULZZ.What an awkward term!)

15.pumpernickel: a coarse,dark bread made with rye flour.(I love this word.

16.puss: 1. a cat. 2. a young girl.;a term of affection.("Here puss!" -cat
comes- "Uh,no.I was talking to that girl over there.")

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