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Saturday, 4 April 2009
09:54:22 PM (GMT)
No one else is around me, I "look" alone but I feel something is coming, their
coming. I stand there to horrified to move. Knowing whats coming is the worst part, I
hear something, sounds like something hitting metal above me, footsteps maybe. I look
up and there's a black figure on the roof of the building behind me. He fits
perfectly with the red black sky above us. His eyes are as black as night but in then
I find hidden comfort. Locked on his stair I feel week, I know their here. I look
away from the "shadow-man" and find myself surrounded by people that were complete
strangers and the creatures.  A little girl cries as she watches the creatures burn
her mommy not knowing she has the same fate. The people slowly die around me and all
I can do is stand there. My body fills with pain with every heart beat. Its coming
for me now everyone else is dead but a few people. There's a girl to my left by the
edge of the wall crying, looking like she got some of the beating because she's
sitting in a pool of blood. A boy starring blankly into space as if he were brain
dead up against the wall to my right. There's a women standing in front of me 15 feet
away. She has those black eyes, but they have no comfort in them, just pure evil. The
creature coming after me stopped and started going for the girl by the edge of the
wall and I feel the need to save her. I start screaming at it until it turns around
and starts to walk my way. It stops walking and stairs at me. I look over and the
girls gone and there's not a speck of blood. I look back and catch a glimpse of
sadness overwhelming its eyes like it doesn't want to do this, maybe even be this,
but it has no choice. And as fast as it came its gone replaced by pure rage and the
desire for blood in its eyes. It has no intention of letting me live, I am just a toy
for it to play with until I'm broken. A smile of delight grows on its face as it sees
the fear in my eyes. I get light headed, everything starts to spin and before I know
it I'm pined up against the wall by my throat, The creature's touch is hot like fire
causing me to sweat but I'm also shaking like I'm cold. Pain takes over my body even
more part by part. I try to push it away but it starts to burn me. I can't breath and
its getting harder to move. I look up and see the man still standing there. It looks
like he is going to say something but instead he nods once like he's giving his
approval then turns around and walks out of site.The creature at my throat squeezes
harder making it feel like my throat would collapse anytime. My body geas limp and I
can't fight it any more, blackness starts to swallow everything as I can feel me
dieing. I hear a laugh in the distance, a familiar one, one I've heard before. I look
up with the little energy I have left and see the woman standing there laughing like
she's enjoying watching me slowly die. And with my last gasp of air I realize
something; the girl over on the edge of the wall, the one I felt like I needed to
save, didn't needed to be saved at all. For she was the creature in front of me who
has killed me.
Last edited: 30 January 2010

‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says:   4 April 2009   677462  
Wow, Hopie you are so amazing at writing. I always fall in love with
your stories. I wish I was as good as you. You have real talent. This
really is a great story.
Fireheart77 says:   5 April 2009   921976  
well ur stories just get better and better sweetheart
Dragon_Fanatic says :   12 April 2009   419959  


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