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Challenge Story 9Category: (general)
Saturday, 28 March 2009
09:36:16 AM (GMT)
Topic: Brady Bunch mosaic style

"Shut up!"


"Guys, stop it." 

"I'm hungry..." 

"This is zetta dumb." 


"I hope I'm getting paid for this." 



"SHUT UP!" Ryan yelled louder, his facial expression twisted into a frown. He was
resting in the bottom-center box.

"NO." Gackt said, still holding his otherwordly posture from the top center box.

"STOP IT!" Tom Felton screamed over them from the top left box. The two shrunk away
for a second, but silently shot each other death glares when Tom wasn't looking.

"Need chocolate!" Mello exclaimed from the top right box. "Need chocolate, now!" I
tossed him a Twix.

"Sooo Zetta slow," Minamimoto murmured from the far left-center box, groaning and
stretching his arms.

"Sleeeepy. Sleeepy sleepy. Sleeeeepy." Gin was almost passed out in his spot on the
far right-center.

"How much, may I ask? $4930? Or maybe $9399?" Kyouya figured in on his pocket
calculator as he sat in the bottom left box.

"Bored! BORED!" Kadaj said to himself, chipping the paint off the bottom right box
with his fingernails.

"..." Zexion was the only one who had remained silent, his position in the middle box
the relevant one.

"Okay, boys!" I yelled, and they all looked towards me.

"One shot, and this will all be over with!"

I held up my video camera.

"Say cheese on three!"






End of story.

Quick guide to the boxes;
This is what the boxes would look like.

1 2 3
4 5 6 
7 8 9

1= Tom Felton
2= Gackt
3= Mello
4= Minamimoto
5= Zexion
6= Gin
7= Kyoya
8= Ryan
9= Kadaj
Last edited: 28 March 2009

gothprincess says:   28 March 2009   635531  
hahaha ryan gets the box no one notices...ha

nice btw very nice...
Katilix says:   28 March 2009   167698  
*nods* Tee-hee. 

I can just see the picture in my head...FIASCO.
NinjaKitty says:   31 March 2009   238379  
Why are they sitting on boxes?

NinjaKitty says:   31 March 2009   448914  
Ohhhh. Stupid question. DUH. You're taking a picture of them! *bangs
head on wall* OWWWW...
Katilix says :   31 March 2009   451961  

I live in a school where one half screams "KYOYA!" and the other half
screams "KYOUYA!" So I gave up on correct spelling after a while ^.^


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