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Wednesday, 18 March 2009
04:48:14 PM (GMT)
NOTE: all of the things said here are while roleplaying, as in playing a different
role. i'm jaxon. and then everything said by 'celia' is all celia's.

celia oh noes! i have a song stuck in my head and no one to share it with!
someone come on now please!!
jaxon  no one to share it with? how horrible! buttt im on now so theres no
need to fear. jax is at your service
celia omg yay! jax ish my herooo! hehe well see i am singing to myself and
dancing around my room in my bikini because i'm supposed to go down to our backyard
but i dunt feel like it so ima sing. 
jaxon -superman pose- thats why im here. :D ah mann, i wish i were singing and
dancing in a bikini! yoursh so lucky. dont worry, if i had to chose id rather sing
and dance. defy the man!
celia omg when i was little i use to pretend superman would come and save me.
yeah i like obsessed over him. but i always made him super hot so that i could marry
him one day. welll thenn sing and dance in a bikini! you can come and join mee! we
can dance and sing and make a video omg!
jaxon  there was a time when i was little when i thought i was robin. and i
kept waiting for batman to come and take me back to the batcave. that was an epic
year. but if superman really came to take me away id go ahead and go with him. gotta
dig those tights. i wish i remembered where i put my bikini. id totes come over and
make a video with you. then wed be internet famous! 
celia omg i want to go to the batcave. that would be so epicc! hehe i have a
super woman costume with the tights and everything! i think you should look for it
then, cuz we be jamming and be all like "i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world" yeah
thats right i like aqua. and then wed be all internet famous and everyone would just
die to be us, not that they already dont but still. 
jaxon yeaah! id like to ride on the batmobile ^^ vroom vroom. are you for
realz? a super woman costume? girl, id like to see that. oh dont worry, im looking
for it! theres no way id pass up the opportunity. maybe my dog ate it...:O i hope not
cause i dont wanna go buy one again (the sales ladies they spy on me when im
undressing ;D) i shall borrow one of yours. "come on barbie lets go party!" pssh who
doesnt like aqua? stupid people thats who. everybody wants to be us. were just
like...amazing! spectacular! retro! 
celia we should steel it, then wed be all hawtt in our batmobile. mmmhmm, see
how cool i am. you can see it, since i'm so cool i bought it like last year so one
day ima show up at your door all dressed up. omg my dog i use to have ate my cell
phone. it was sad. hehe i bet they do. yess you shall! "you can brush my hair,
undress me everywhere" omg aqua is my lifeee. they doo, they are all superrr
jaxon oh gawd, i can just imagine it. we could cruise around and then :D if
you clicked the horn, itd play the batman theme. dadadaBATMAN! i feel so cool just
thinking about it. but not as cool as you. youre like sooo cool you make ice cubes
jealous. if you showed up at my house dressed up like super woman i might just faint.
i don't think i could take that much amazment in one day. but hey dont let that stop
you. omg if my dog ate my cell phone i would die. i like my cell phone. pshyeah
everybody spies on me when im undressing. and i mean everybody. ill only borrow a
bikini if you promise me you have a polka dot one. they bring out my eyes.
"imagination, life is your creation!" that is a very inspiring song. i bet people
stare at us and they wonder what id be like to be so awesome.
celia omgg and then we would go save the world in our super hawwt car, and
that song would be permanently in out brains. fuck yeah i am, i make everyone
jealous, all the girls envy me, and all the boys want me. i wont dont worry i'll come
and be like super womann to the rescue and then i'd catch you when you fainted! i was
crying i was all like bad puppy! i dont!! you spy on me because i'm just that
amazingly gawjuzz. OMG i have like eight i'm wearing the green one thoughhh. it iss,
everyone should listen to aqua. they do, they all swarm around us when we go out in
public, and take pictures, mainly of me, but of you too!
jaxon we could fight crime! yeah! and we have to wear tights, for realz. i
have some lime green tights somewhere around here. theyd be just perfect for saving
the world. all dem bad guys they wouldnt know what to do when they see us coming!
mann i should start you a fan club. thatd be some wild shit right there. aww id feel
so special if you caught me when i fainted. but then all your fan boys would
attack me and rip off my clothes cause you touched me :O but i think i could live
with that cause id be clothless and youd be in a super woman costume and thats sexxi.
whateva! you know you spy on me. dont deny it. its natural. and me spying on you is
besides the point. gawd woman! how many bikinis do you need? do you dance in all of
them or are some for swimming? psh as long as i get one. oh yeah. theyre probably
taking pictures right now. and they totally have more pictures of me than you cause i
gots cooler hair! 
celia omgawdzz i got some hot pink tightss, and these really vibrant yellow
shorts thank can go over and I'd be like "kicken but since you was kewll" pfffttt
I've already got me a fan club, i mean have you seen my youtube videos they the
shitt. ohh noess! i'd be all like noo don't touch his clothes they too hawtt for you!
hehehe i'm in a smexii costume everyday, and i decided what ima be for Halloween this
year, a sexy police officer, I'll wear it to come see you sometime and I'll cuff you.
pffft only in your fantasy, you know you want me. pfft i dance in all of them but
one. uhh you might have good hair but i've got the all around packageeee! so HAH i

and i haven't written back yet, but when i do i'll add it ^^

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