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An excuse?Category: (general)
Sunday, 15 March 2009
06:08:22 PM (GMT)
I might sound heartless for this but, I just noticed something today and it's mainly about the fights on this site. And no, I have nothing against them It's what happen after them I noticed that when a person that just came and started a fight by acting rude and dense begins to give a excuse of why they're acting like that when they lose For instance, a few months ago a person that dislikes vegetarians and was pretty difficult, Had a fight in the posts It seemed like she lost and everybody just decided to ignore her so she said that she was acting like an ass because her mother hates her for being a meat eater and because she's suicidal But that made me give one response, So? I don't really think that just because her mother doesn't accept her being a meat eater you have to say that being a vegetarian is bad. 2nd example: A few days ago a girl that was an obvious fake got mad that most people realized it so the girl had insulted one of my friends and that friend took it pretty bad :/ So after my friend cursed at the fake she gave out a whole bunch of excuses on why she did it and it was a "broken home" kind of excuse Well this doesn't make sense to me there's alot of people with a problem and they don't fake themselves and insult another person They know how it feels and they take it and live with it And to the people that give excuses, Are you using it as a way to get people to forgive you? are you lying just to get pity? But hey, I probably will never know I was already called a "Godless little fuck" for saying it But It's just my opinion :/

‹*tHe_CrOw*› says:   15 March 2009   656617  
wow, that is sooo true.
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   15 March 2009   691487  
meh....My guess is that sooner or later I;m gonna get cursed out for
this :/
‹They'reComingToTakeMeAway› says:   15 March 2009   495661  
Nobody has the right to curse you out for this. You are speaking your
mind and that's a very good thing in my opinion. 8|
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   15 March 2009   594976  
Meh...They still will :/ 
Some people on this site will take it offensively
especially the people that make the excuses
hatedmark says:   15 March 2009   859167  
*hugs kala* i sorry :[ jour not a lil fuck O:
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   15 March 2009   767957  
*hugs back* Don't be (:
D: Try telling that to excuse number one.
lauren_paige says:   15 March 2009   726769  
‹Sarah;will you remember me ♥› says:   18 March 2009   982663  
Praise the lord.

you said it girlfran!
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   18 March 2009   536186  
Bon says:   2 April 2009   585432  
i say we find all those dickheads and kick there asses.
sure everyone around me hates me, does that mean im gonna go start a
fight with some two bit asshole on here? fuck no!
sorry about swearing, you asked for an opinion, i gave mine.
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   3 April 2009   553965  
Well thank you (:
Don't worry about the swearing.

I kind of feel the same way actually :D
‹Sophie<3› says:   18 April 2009   195519  
im not trying to start anything but alot of the time post just seems
like a place all the scene kids pick on random people >.>
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   22 April 2009   793649  
It isn't D:
It's a place that alot of smart and creative kupikans hang out most of
the time .-.
Wait what do you mean by "scene kids?" D:<
PAVEMENTS says:   16 May 2009   622948  
veggiegirl, excuse me?
Sorry, not trying to start a fight,
but I think it's terribly insulting that she remark on Not Anonymous
Post as a hang-out for "scene kids".
charlotte_loves_you says:   16 May 2009   872638  
Kala, ur soo writte *hugs you* you make a perfect point
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says :   20 May 2009   266423  
Thank you :3

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