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100 questions... because i've been gone so long :PCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 February 2009
08:00:04 PM (GMT)
1. Name: Jason (Jace)
2. Middle: Alexander
3. State: Missouri
4. Birthday: March 7th
5. Grade: 10
6. Male or Female: Male
7. Bus: nope
8. School: a high school
9. Occupation: Student
10. Initials: JA(something)
11. AIM/ Yahoo!: nope

Your Appearance

12. Hair color: dark brown
13. Hair Length: um... short, but not super short.
14. Eye color: brown
15. Best Feature: my cheekbones :D
16. Height: 5'7"
17. Braces: yeah
18. glasses: nope
19. Freckles: nope
20. Dimples: nope 

Your Firsts

22. First best friend: Aaron
23. First Award: best square-dancer :D
24. First Sport: soccer
25. First thing you did today: brushed my teeth
26. First Real vacation: i went to florida when i was two
27. First thing you said today? Hi, dog. (my dog sleeps on my bed)


31. Color: red. fer def, you :P (laugh)
33. Place to get groceries: um... i dunno? i don't do the grocery shopping :P
34. Food: pasta!
35. Season: spring 
36. Candy: nerds
37. Sport to watch: baseball
38. Restaurant: SanSai
40. Store: Best Buy
41. School Subject: German
42. Animal: giraffes
43. Book: any of the Harry Potter books. also, shoujo manga is my guilty pleasure :D
44. Magazine: i don't read any magazines. ...i used to read that one boy scout


45. Wanting: a pet elephant!!
46. Feeling: tired but happy
47. Wearing: a blue hoodie and black skinny jeans
48. Crying: out loud, i'm crying out lou-i-ou-i-ou-i-oudddd!!
49. Eating: well i just had yakisoba :D
50. Drinking: and i made a suicide (a mix of every soda at the soda fountain except
root beer)
51. Typing: um, this, duhhh
53. Listening: the clackity-clack of the keyboard! :D


58. Kids: like 7 :D
59. Want to be Married: nooo i wanna be a single dad of 7 KIDS! >.< of course i wanna
get married!
60. Career in Mind: a german teacher! or an english teacher in germany!!

Favorites in a girl/guy:

63. Hair color: i don't really care.
64. Hair length: cute short... not butch short :D what's the difference, you ask? ...
buzz cuts are narsty. :P
65. Eye: pretty ones!
67. Cute or sexy: cute
68. Lips or Eyes: eyes
69. Hugs or Kisses: hugs
70. Short or Tall: short or tall :D
71. Easy going or serious: both
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: both
73. Good or Bad: good
74. Sensitive or Loud: both of course :D
75. Hook-up or Relationship: a relationship
76. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: well a mix, because just one by itself is annoying

Have You Ever

78. Kissed a Stranger: ew no
79. Had major surgery: on mah nose!! ^>^ haha jk 
80. Hugged a Stranger: sorta? i didn't REALLY know him, but i know his name.
81. Ran Away From Home: nope
82. Broken a bone: no, but i used to want to break my leg so everyone could sign my
giant tie-dye cast!!
83. Got an X-ray: on my teeth, does that count?
85. Broken Someone's heart: ...probably :'(
86. Dumped someone: yeah... :'(
87. Cried When Someone Died: several times :'( (seriously, sad questions!! :P)
88. Cried At School: yeah >.<;;;

Do You Believe In

89. God: uh-huh!
90. Miracles: Yup
91. Love at First sight: Yeah
92. Ghosts: yes
93. Aliens: nu-uh
94. Soul Mates: ja 
95. Heaven: 'course
96. Hell: nope
97. Answered prayers: sure :D
98. Kissing on The First Date: no
99. Horoscopes: naturally!

Answer Truthfully

100. Is there someone you wish you had?  Not really.

‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   12 February 2009   837771  
nu huh u live in missouri
me too
how cool is that
amazing_jace says :   12 February 2009   335724  
wow, that IS pretty cool :D


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