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The black girl -PT. 2-Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 February 2009
07:49:55 PM (GMT)
"Er, you must be Isabella," a short man with a belly that hung over his belt
approached me. He had a platinum name tag pinned to his shirt that said PRINCIPAL. 
"Yeah," I muttered uncomfortably- I could tell he was noticing my dark skin. He
handed me a folder of papers. "Here you are. Your schedule and other things are all
in there." he nodded to me and waddled off. 
"Hey look, it's the chocolate fairy," I heard a boy with blond hair snicker to his
friends. I gave him a death glare and briskly walked to my first period class.  

"February is black history month as you all know," the teacher in the front of the
room was tall, and her high heels and suit made her even more menacing. 
"But," she continued, "we have more important things to do." I heard a growl escape
from my throat. Mrs. Brune, the woman at the front of the room, paused at my desk. 
"You haven't been in my class all year," she said, wrinkling her eyebrows. I sighed.
"I'm new." her mouth made a slight O shape and continued talking as if nothing had

"Tomorrow we have a test," Mrs. Brune said at the end of the class. The class groaned
as I gathered my textbooks. I almost ran out of the classroom, but calmed myself down
and walked silently to my locker. I shoved my textbooks in and grabbed my backpack. 
"Hey, what are you doing? It's only second period-it's not time to go home yet," a
boy with curly brown hair regarded me in the hallway. I glared at him. 
"It is for me." 

In the parking lot of the school, I ran to my truck and hopped in, turning on the
ignition as I slammed my door shut. I backed out of the parking space and drove home;
glad to get out of heck for a minute. When I was close to home, I parked my car in
the parking lot of a nearby grocery store and walked the two miles so Gayle would
think I was still in school. I snaked along the side of our house and to the gutter
pipe. I pulled a rope out from behind it that was connected to my window. I had put
this there before when I wanted to get away at night. I climbed up, pushing myself
harder and harder. 
"Almost...and..there," I gasped, falling into my bedroom. I lay on the floor
completely still: listening for footsteps to see if anyone was coming down the
hallway. The only sound I heard was my ragged breathing.

"Oh thank God," I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath. I heaved myself up and
locked myself in my closet, glad to be alone.

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‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   7 February 2009   524658  
One day Tira, a girl about 16 years old, and her dad went to a pet
store in Wolfox City. They had gone there for no other reason than

The girl looked at all the strange and wonderful pets there; she saw
Japanese Cranes and a big Black Rhino, baby Crocodiles and a bunch of
different minis.

However, the pet that held her interest was an eight-week-old gray
longhair guinea pig. It was the cutest thing she ever saw. She fell in
love with it at first sight. Her father noticed this and asked, "Would
you like a guinea pig?" She hesitated because she did not have a cage
or litter or a water bowl or even food! She knew that it would be a
great responsibility, but it would be her first true pet all to

She thought to herself, "I do have that old dog house, and I could use
the pine shavings from the chicken house, that would cut down the cost
quite a bit..."

Her father interrupted her thoughts by whispering to her, "We have the
money right now, if this is what you want."

The girl looked at him and than at the guinea pig, then blurted out
rather loudly, "Yes, I would love to have that guinea pig!" She felt
her face heat up as her father just smiled.

He sighed and said, "I remember when you first saw a guinea pig, in
your kindergarten class. You know, you asked me for one then too?" She
remembered it clearly. It had always been her dream to have a guinea
pig of her own. They bought the guinea pig, some food, a water bowl, a
food bowl and went home.

She toiled for hours setting up her bedroom, putting the old doghouse
in a corner filled with pine shavings, the hole for the dog to get in,
boarded up. She put in a food bowl, water bowl, and even a tissue box
for a piggy house. She called the guinea pig ‘Ginger’ and wrote it
on the tissue box. She was happy and the guinea pig was happy. They
were the best of friends.

She played with the guinea pig every day and carried it around with
her everywhere. Since she was home schooled, she could even bring her
pet to school!

“You’re my mascot,” Tira said setting Ginger on the bed next to
her. “Today we do school on the bed!” The guinea pig jumped
around, purred, and oinked.

Everyday she and Ginger toiled and studied hard, so that Tira could
take a G.E.D test and finish school at age 16.

They worked hard together, though Ginger did more playing and hopping
around than studying. Ginger ran up and down the bed and oinked loudly
all day, which actually kept Tir
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says :   7 February 2009   176838  
a from getting frustrated or disheartened with her work. Anytime Tira
got into a rough spot, she would stop and look at her piggy and smile,
then get back to work.

Ginger was her comfort and joy. She was always there for Tira anytime
she needed her.

Tira's test was coming up in September, "We are going to pass this,
aren't we Ginger!" Tira confidently assured. Ginger purred contently.

Everything was bliss and harmony for nine months, but then in Ginger's
tenth month that was July, she became ill. It broke Tira’s heart.
Her father brought her to a vet to be diagnosed. The vet said that
there was nothing they could do, except to make Ginger comfortable
until she died.

"You'll get better. I know you will," Tira said while gently stroking
Ginger's back. Ginger purred tiredly.

Ginger didn't move much anymore, nor did she eat or drink. She stayed
in her house most of the time, but always came out and tried to oink
if Tira came to the room. Ginger loved Tira and did not want her to be
sad, but she just could not do what she used to, to cheer her up.

After thirty long days of Tira watching Ginger's health fade, Ginger
died. The girl wept for days. Her father tried to tell her it was only
an animal and that she was being silly, but he overlooked that it was
also her only and best friend.

She would not even look at another guinea pig after the horror of the
first. She was hurt to deeply.

Tira passed her test in September, but throughout all she could think
about was how she wished she could celebrate with Ginger.

After another year Mellie, her sister, had a problem with her fish
tank, so she and her mother were going to go to the pet store to find
out how to fix it. Mellie invited Tira to come, and since she had
nothing else to do, she said yes, not even thinking that there would
be guinea pigs there.

When they arrived, Tira asked about the fish tank problem while her
sister looked at ferrets and birds, Tira got the proper stuff to fix
the tank but on the way over to her sister, she noticed a large cage
with something in it, it seemed to be all alone, so she decided to
take a closer look. It was a guinea pig, the cutest little tiny
five-week-old she had ever seen. It looked nothing like Ginger in that
it seemed to be made of swirled hair, like many whirlpools all over it
and was Halloween colored.

She looked at the guinea pig sadly, remembering her last pet. Her
mother walked over to see what she was looking at. "Isn't

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