The Forced and Forbidden Chapter#2 The First Day of the Rest of My
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The Forced and Forbidden Chapter#2 The First Day of the Rest of My
Category: Forbidden love
Wednesday, 4 February 2009
08:53:59 PM (GMT)
The Forced and Forbidden CHAPTER 2... The First Day of the Rest of My Life...
After brushing through my rat's nest I had realized I left the water running. I washed my face and dried it with a towel. I managed to find my glasses only to find myself staring at the clock on the wall. "OH CRAP!" I nearly flew through the open door on my way to the bus stop, only to find it had passed my stop and was five blocks away. "OH CRAP! I HAVE TO RUN!" I wasn't going to get anywhere by standing there, so I darted down the street. amazingly I made it five blocks, without losing my breath (what a shock). As you can probably tell, I'm not very athletic. In fact I honestly consider skipping gym just to avoid a dodgeball. I heard a car horn honking at me. I rushed to the other side of the road, but of course it had to be raining! The car revved it's engine right over a puddle of mud. Spraying me in it's tracks. "Hey Jonesy! nice look!" laughed a familiar, and not so pleasurable voice. I turned. Great! that's just what I needed! Jessica Boulevardez criticizing my looks. I was soaked, covered in mud and my hair was reacting from the humidity. I finally arrived at the school, looking for my friend; Mackenzie, and covering my hair with my hood. I scanned the room looking for her. Finally Mackenzie's intimidating face caught the corner of my eye, she was talking to a boy! "a boy?" I was amazed, and somehow I knew she'd be all over boys on the first day. But she was Mackenzie! there's no changing her. But what really surprised me was the boy. He didn't seem Mackenzie-like, he looked more like a boy I would like. not that i look at a guys face to see if I'd like him or not, He just seemed different. A good kind of different. Suddenly I felt the need to talk to him, to approach him, but I couldn't. I wouldn't do that to Mackenzie, and besides what would I say? And I'd be too embarrassed to speak to him seeing how I must have looked right now. I looked down at my feet and slowly focused my vision upward on my body. My jeans were drenched, and my arms were covered in mud. I needed Mackenzie to help me look better before school. She was an expert at this sort of stuff. But she was still talking to him, that boy. who is that boy? I needed to talk to Mackenzie, but I wasn't going over there. i felt the inside of my pocket, MY CELL PHONE! OF COURSE! I reached for the little contraption and dialed Mackenzie's number. I watched as her phone rang. She held her finger to the mysterious boy. " Hello?" came Mackenzie's voice from the phone. " It's me I'm at the school, I need your help" "where are you?" she asked. " Turn around" I replied. and so she did, a look of question covered her face. " I don't see what the problem is." I motioned her with my hand. a 'come hither' look if you will. "I'll be there in a sec." she said as she hung up the phone. she turned to the boy and spoke. I tried to read her lips, It looked as if she had said 'I have to go it's an emergency' He whispered something in her ear. I could tell she was laughing. she walked away, waving her hand behind her. As soon as his back was turned she darted to my side. my hood covered my eyes, she grabbed my arm and pulled me around the corner. " So what's the problem this time?" as if she knew what to expect. I pulled the hood of my humid hair. she stood there arms crossed, eyes closed shaking her head and pinching the bridge of her nose. "I'll take one guess. Jessica Boulevardez?" she said not even looking at the damage done I nodded. No one would look for us in here it was the abandoned girls bathroom, nobody came in here except us anymore. She got a curling iron a blow dryer, makeup, and a new outfit. She knew me too well to think I wouldn't need all this extra stuff brought to school. I was grateful to have Mackenzie as a friend. Not just because of all she does for me, but because she's the only friend I have. And I wouldn't have it any other way. *to be continued*
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