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My friend's brother [Pt. 1]Category: (general)
Tuesday, 3 February 2009
12:04:02 AM (GMT)
"Sure, I'll come over," I spoke into the phone. My best friend, Kayla, was on the
other end of the line. "Sweet. See you soon, Mindi." click. She hung up. 
"Now, what should I wear?" I said to myself. I looked around my room for good ideas.
I finally settled on my old pair of worn-out jeans and a tank top under my red
flannel cowboy shirt, my hair in a high ponytail. When I walked the two blocks and
arrived at Kayla's house, her brother, Lance, answered the door. 
"Hey, nice jeans," he complimented. I blushed and asked him where Kayla was.
"Upstairs," he replied, not taking his eyes off me. I rushed past him and ran
upstairs to Kayla's room. 
"Hi, Mindi!" Kayla greeted me with a hug that almost knocked me over, strong as I
was. I looked around her bedroom. Everything was pretty much the same; white walls,
pink canopy bed, white, billowy curtains, gold mirror on the wall and ballet gear
hanging neatly on hooks near the door. Kayla and I were opposites in everything. I
was a tomboy and was roughly built; broad shoulders like my dad, and muscles on my
arms, with hazel eyes and brown, curly hair that fell just below my shoulders. Kayla
was small and delicate, with pale skin and ruby-red lips. She had wispy blond hair
and sky blue eyes. 

Just then her brother walked in. "Hey, Kayla? Mom wants you to wash the dishes." 
Kayla gave me an assured look. "Don't worry-there's only, like, three bowls. Be right
back!" she scampered down the hallway and downstairs to the kitchen. Lance looked at
me. "Hi Mindi." He gave me a shy little wave. I waved back. "Hey, Lance." We both
stood their awkwardly for  a little while. Then Lance leaned forward and kissed me
softly on the lips. He didn't run away like most boys would; he was much more mature
then that. I hesitated, then stood on my toes and kissed him softly back. He smiled
at me, making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

"Um, Lance? Mindi?" Kayla appeared in the doorway. "Oh, uh, yeah. I'm gonna go
skateboard," and with that Lance winked at me and sauntered out in his boyish walk. I
had a goofy smile on my face. "Mindi? Earth to Mindi," Kayla teased. I shook my head
to clear it out. 
"Yeah. What do you want to play?" I asked her, sweating with embaressment. She
thought about it for a moment, then suggested, "How about we brush my porcelain
dolls' hair?" Mindi has a collection of porcelain dolls that she cleans and grooms
everyday. And I mean every single day. 
"How about we climb some trees?" I said. I saw her face scrunch up in disgust. She
wouldn't be caught dead climbing a tree; she didn't want to embaress herself in front
of boys. Especially Wayne Taylor. I wanted to climb trees so I could watch Lance.

"How about this: I climb a tree while you set up a little chair and table and clean
your dolls next to it." I suggested. She thought it over, then nodded her head.
"Okay," she agreed. I grabbed a chair and a folding table and walked out to the front
yard. Kayla trailed behind, carrying her collection of porcelain dolls in a basket. 
"Lets set up here," I said, pointing my toe to a spot under the tree.

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