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Story IdeasCategory: Thoughts to Write Down
Saturday, 31 January 2009
11:19:30 AM (GMT)
Hey guys- here's we're I'm going to put down ideas for Stories I Will
Never-In-A-Million Years Get Around To Writing!! (if anyone wants to steal these,
feel free.)

1) A story about a bi-sexual guy named Ed Kullen, who starts using his full name, as
well as dying his hair and wearing yellow contacts so that he can get dates with
Twilight fan girls. (And he ends up attracting fan boys, much to his surprise- he
didn't think and guy would like "that stupid book"!)

2) Curly! A story about a bunch of gay guys doing a webshow in which
viewers would submit questions to the host, and he would "ask the un-straightest guys
I know to get you the answer!" ("Curly Qs" as in the oppisit of straight questions.)
But what nobody but the shows Curly-Dudes know is that the host is in the closet
himself- Bi at the very least- But he'd better not let his parents know! (I would
write this one, really I would, but it seems to much like the youtube series "ask a
gay guy" mixed with "icarly" on nickolodian.)

3) When I first started writing my story Lost girl (terrible title, I know) I
was going to make it a fantasy. Origanally she was going to wake up in a pile of wool
that was beign shipped somewhere, below deck on a sail boat. But instead I went with
the realistic-fiction option of making it on a modern day cruise ship. I still
sometimes want to put the same charactors in the first situation.

4) A world in which your own body was next to useless compared to this robotic suit
you got when you turned as old as your parents were when they gave birth to you- When
you get your suit you are legally an adult, and only then may your parents leave you
or you leave them. 

5) A three-part story about a sixteen year old genius who builds a time machineover
the coarse of the first story, over the second she goes back in time and stops Adolf
Hitler, and in the third goes back to the present, only to find that because of what
she did over population is killing everyone.

‹Nessa_is_here_smile› says:   31 January 2009   595674  
do the bisexaul guy the 1st on
Kirti says:   31 January 2009   356414  
I did say that these were ideas I didn't think I'd ever get around to
Kirti says:   31 January 2009   818712  
(then again we recently got assigned a short story project, but I was
planning to do an idea not included here for that.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   31 January 2009   762161  
XD The first one is hilarious!
‹<DaisyPetals>› says:   31 January 2009   317329  
xD I like the first one.

... I would steal a few of these, but I'm already up to my eyes in
papers I'm writing out of free will,  a few books I'm writing, and
school assignments, sooo... xD Maybe not right now.
(Seriously, I have 10-15 books planned out, and it's REALLY difficult,
cause I'm trying to write them all at the same time. xP )
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   31 January 2009   768591  
I'd like to do the first one, but can I tweak it a little/?
Kirti says:   1 February 2009   246668  
feel free. it's not as if I'll do anything with it.
tiggerlemon101 says :   15 February 2009   536621  
Ooh, these all sound good, especially the last one.  I'd really like
to read that. 

I have a list quite similar to this...


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