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Wow. People are just... wowCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
09:04:49 PM (GMT)
All week I noticed some of my friends, these being the ones I've known since
middleschool not the newer ones, have been acting strange. I notice they're getting
more and more distant. I have a class with one of my 'close' friends and she doesn't
say a word to me ever unless I say something to her. One of my friends even decided
to go around talking shit about me to everyone and then lied about it to my face.
Yadda yadda people acting fucking strange as hell. So I ask one of my friends who I
know is a trust worthy kind of girl, if they all just don't want to be around me
anymore or what's going on. She says to me that it's true. Most of my old friends
don't want to be around me anymore. When I ask why she tells me it's because I smoke
and because I go to the key. (The key is a youth organization downtown where alot of
kids hang out and all that First off one of my friends is on the
board at they key and they still talk to him. Second off she says I've changed alot.
I ask my mom and my best friend and they don't think I've changed. Yes, I've had to
mature alot over the summer considering all the crap I went through
*cough*dying*cough*. I just look at my friends and notice all the stupid drama they
all get into and I want no part of it. Just because I'm old enough to not get into
that crap I've changed? Seriously!? But the excuses I was given don't make any
friggin sense to me. It's not like I'm smoking pot or anything and I have tried to
quit. But still! I don't push anything on them or ask them to even try anything
because I don't want to. I just don't get it. How can people I've been such good
friends with for so long just suddenly turn their backs on me. It's hurtful to say
the least. I don't even know if my more recent friends from this summer even like me
that much. If they don't then I'm left with, well nearly nothing. It depresses me but
then I think fuck them. I like who I am now. I do what I want, wear what I want, say
what I want and I'm free now. I have a boyfriend who's amazing, and I've gone through
ALOT, yet I'm still me. If they can't see any of that then I guess they're not very
good friends.

But still. It hurts when people you're close to just walk away with not much of an

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