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Saturday, 24 January 2009
05:51:42 AM (GMT)
Yesterday was terrible :U

Everyone was fighting in the classroom.
Crying their eyes out because they fought.

Sighing, I looked over the sea of chaos that was called a Classroom.

"So much hate, so many misunderstandings," I sighed to myself. Everyone within
hearing-range looked towards me again. It was natural ofcourse. Someone does not
randomly say things like that out loud. I wanted to talk to someone; like Zarah,
since Camille is ignoring me again for her selfish reasons - again. Quite
understandable that Camille would ignore me since I didn't say 'Hi' to her this
morning. Normally, if I did greet her, she'd be latched to me right now; chattering
nonsense about how out of place she was earlier. But I didn't. Not for two days. I
guess I deserved a break from her chatter. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Zarah.

I stood from my seat and sauntered towards Zarah's seat. Smiling, I made my way
through the Classroom. I love smiling now. Smiling is probably one of my habits now.
When I get angry, I just curse them inside my head and stare at them. The noise was
getting louder now. Ah, pure noise that can be heard four classrooms away. Where was
I? Oh yeah; Zarah, I can't really see her expression much - I guess I need glasses
now, huh?

"Hey Zarah, I was wondering - " I stopped midway. Zarah was crying! But what can I
do? I'm not exactly the comforting type. So, instead, I asked; "Why are you crying?",
which is a terrible thing to ask a person who is crying. Instead, a fellow classmate
of mine hushed me. Oh yeah, I shouldn't ask questions. Now, this is why I don't like
comforting someone, I say something stupid and they cry harder. Tsk, tsk. Mental
note: stay away from upset people. CANNOT COMFORT.

After staring at them more, I walked away in my usual way; walking without bending my
knees and twirling. I guess that's one of my habits now, too. I don't remember how it
started, but, I always walk like this if I'm confused or just happy. Right now, I'm
confused. So, I went back to my chair and saw the other crying group who was huddled
around the 'Class Beauty'; as the guys say. And I can say this honestly; I'm much
more prettier that her :B I could hear her swearing as she cried. She's basically
annoying. She always talks in this tiny voice, and when you talk to her; she covers
her mouth with her handkerchief and covers her face. God, and she talks like a baby.
Like the words are left in her mouth all the time :[ 

And lest I forget her Followers. One is a girl; taller than I, her hair covering half
of her face without any reason as to why, then there's the other one; taller than me,
infact, every single Follower of hers is taller than me. I clicked my tongue. There's
so much hate in this classroom. 

Finally, the bell rung. Not everyone scurried to their seats. They didn't care. The
Class Officers were doing nothing - as usual. The skies were bright blue today. Quite
a lovely day. No clouds, though.

The teacher walked in. All heads turned and all feet scurried to their seats. 

We had a talk about what we need to improve before the Accreditors come next week.
Like, cleaning, discipline and latecomers. The teacher was asking us some questions
and then she called me and asked me; "What do we need to do to lessen
misunderstandings in the classroom?"

I had to answer truthfully. I can't simply say all these normal things that they all
say. I stood up. Everything went quiet. It's kind of weird. Opps! I have to talk now
and not zone out!

"Well, I guess, we shouldn't resort to verbal fighting, since, maybe you'll just
embarrass yourself and everyone will fight again. And maybe we should listen
carefully. Misunderstanding starts at that know?" My voice kinda went all
dazed and distracted.
Lol. Just something I typed up because I was bored :]
Actually, this is a real life story :O
This happened yesterday :D
I'm doubtful about my answer.
-Eve C:
Last edited: 24 January 2009

‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   24 January 2009   836292  
High school is very dramatic. :] We've actually had FOUR people
crying at once.

And at one point, actually, last week, I was part of the three who
were crying during recess time. xD
‹actual-mermaid› says:   24 January 2009   161684  
Someone made you CRY????
--whips out chainsaw--
‹actual-mermaid› says :   1 February 2009   146845  
Oh wow.
I WROTE THAT? --point--
I can't even write an essay properly xDDD


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