Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 7 (I'm in a writing mood today
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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 7 (I'm in a writing mood today
Category: happy
Saturday, 10 January 2009
07:07:20 PM (GMT)
They all woke up to the smell of home fries cooking. When they all woke up they
where all shock that they end up in bed together. Cindy and Tamika was the only ones
who was asleep still. While every went to there rooms to changed Cory moved Cindy to
the middle of the bed and Tamika next to her. He wrap Tamika’s arm around Cindy and
he put the blanket together. He left to go get dress. 

Everyone went down to eat and they laughed and talked after everyone was done Cory
went upstairs with two plates. He went into Cindy’s room and he put the food on the
night stand. He took one plate and moved it back in forth in front of Cindy’s nose
and Tamika’s nose. They both woke up. Cindy looked at Cory and then at Tamika they
both sat up and hugged. They ate and got dress, 

Once everyone was done stairs. They told the parents they are going to walk to the
park. They all put on there shoes and walked outside in a big group and linking there
arms together they walked to the park. Once at the park Cindy said let play hide and
seek. Every one nod and Jacob was the seeker. When Jacob started counting every one
ran to find a hiding place. Cindy climb a tree and his in the leaves, Cory hid behind
a tree, Tamika hid in the little dinosaur tunnel, and Mindy hid behind the slide,

Jacob finish counting and ran to find his friends. He found Mindy first. He and Mindy
then found Tamika. They all laugh and then found Cory he was trying to climb the
tree.  They all looked for Cindy. When  Cory was under the tree that Cindy was hiding
in she took of her shoe and it landed in his hands. He told his friends to come and
climb. The friends climb the tree and found Cindy. Cindy jumped down and laugh.  She
ask Cory for her shoe back but he laugh and ran away they all chase after him. He
stop short and throw it at Jacob. Jacob took off running. Cindy ran fast after him
and she tackle him to the ground. Jacob laugh and gave Cindy her shoe. 

Cindy got up and she walked beside Cory and kiss him. They all went on the swings and
they went high and laugh. It got dark so they all went home. Mindy said that Cory and
Cindy should race each other. Cory looked at Cindy and she nod. They got ready and
when Mindy said go they where off running. Cindy was going faster then Cory when they
where half way home Cory picked up Cindy and hugged her. They sat on the porch steps
waiting for there friends. The friends came and laugh and they all went inside
together.  They all sat down and ate dinner. After dinner they made 10 bags of
popcorn and went to Cindy’s room. They sat on the floor and Cindy pop in a movie in
the DVD player. She turn the sound up and they all watch a movie. The movie was over
at midnight and they all stared at each other. They started throwing popcorn at each
other and laughing. Cindy climb on Cory and started to tickle.  He laughed and flip
Cindy to her back and tickled her. She giggle and then the friends ate the popcorn
off the ground. When they where finish. They climb in bed together falling asleep
right away.

The next morning Cindy woke up first. She got dress and she went downstairs to cook
breakfast. She made pancakes and bacon. When the food was down she took a bell and
rang it loudly. Everyone came downstairs laughing and sitting at the table. Cindy
served everyone and everyone ate. After everyone ate Cindy cleaned up and went into
the living room where every one was seated. Cindy sat on Cory’s lap.  They all sat
there bored. Cory picked up Cindy and sat her on the ground he got up and went up
stairs. He got something from his room and went into the kitchen to cook lunch.
Everyone was now playing video games and laughing. Cory put this something in his
pocket and he called every one to the table to eat.  Everyone ate and laughed.

Everyone went back to the video game after lunch. Cory sat next to Cindy. Cindy lean
her head against Cory and kiss him. They played video games all day at dinner they
cooked pizza and when they where all laughing and joking Cory got up and stood near
Cindy. He  bend to one knee and said 

Cory: Cindy I love you a lot. I want to be yours forever I want to be the one who you
spend your life with. Cindy will you marry me?

Cindy: Cory I love you a lot to. I want to be your forever to. I want to spend my
life with you to. Cory yes I will marry you. 

Every one scream with happiness. Cindy hugged Cory and kiss him. Cory put the ring on
her finger and slid in her seat and sat her on his lap. Cindy ate and she shared with
Cory.  That night every one slept in separate rooms and Cindy and Cory slept

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   10 January 2009   589922  
‹Emma Bear› says:   10 January 2009   412863  
I know right thank you for the comment
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   11 January 2009   958536  
aww!! they're getting married!!  I wonder how Jacob will take this?
‹Emma Bear› says :   11 January 2009   517682  
Oh that will be in the next chapter how he takes it


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