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Saturday, 10 January 2009
10:36:39 AM (GMT)
There are many types of vampire according to the acceptance of the term and if the
existence of the historical vampire has never been proven, those who inspire from him
are legions and would die to become one.

Mythical Vampire-a vampire is an animated corpse that survives by drinking the blood
of the living. It also has a demonic nature and is a servant of Satan, dedicated to
spreading its evil throughout the world. It can be said that a vampire’s body is in
a state of arrested decay, animated by a supernatural force or spirit residing in its
corporeal form, and kept vital by some magical energy that some refer as ichor.
Vampires usually appear as "normal" humans do, unless they are aroused by bloodlust
or enraged. In such cases, the appearance of two, reticulating canine-like fangs may
be seen; accompanied by red eyes and a rather predacious countenance. Vampires to do
not cast their reflections on mirrored surfaces (although they do cast shadows).
Their images cannot be captured on film, videotape, or digital video. Likewise, the
sound they make (vocal or otherwise) cannot be captured on either digital or analog
recording devices. The vampire requires fresh human blood for sustenance. Human blood
is the preference of all vampires, although they can sate themselves on lower
mammalian forms of life for short periods of time. New or "young" vampires need to
feed once every two nights in order to sustain their existence.
vamp love Pictures, Images and Photos

psychotic vampire-A psychotic vampire is a person who has a sociopath mental illness
that leads him (an exclusive male trait) to behave like a vampire, and sometimes to
actually self-identify as one. In most cases, this identification is with
folkloric/fictional vampires such as Dracula, Anne Rice's characters or the vampires
in role-playing games. But more usually, psychotic vampires are simply obsessed with
blood and will commit brutal crimes without remorse in order to see, taste, and feel
it. Some may also take on the travesty-go of vampyre lifestylers by wearing capes,
sleeping in coffins, filling their homes with skulls, bones, and souvenirs stolen
from cemeteries through they should not be confused with true lifestylers. In those
cases in which there is psychosis, the patients have an irresistible urge for blood
ingestion, which is a ritual that brings them relief. They believe that by drinking
blood they will have an increase in strength and immunity prolonging their life.

animal vampires-Why should vampirism be a disease limited to only human corpses ?
Bats and the vampire fish are the surviving species of another age but the case of
Chupacabra is more troublesome ...
Bored Vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
Angel Boy Pictures, Images and Photos
Kyo in Vampire form Pictures, Images and Photos
Kyo in Vampire form
Kyo has also a vampire form. He does not seek human blood. Kyo tries to not hurt the
people and wolves around him. Especially Snow. He only drinks animal blood.

sanguinarians-Within the vampire community, blood-drinkers are commonly known as
sanguines or sanguinarians. The word is taken from the Latin sanguis, which means
literally, “blood.”A sanguine vampire – “sang vamp” for short – drinks
blood from willing human donors on a semi-regular basis. Amy Krieytaz has coined the
term "sanguinarians" for blood vampires whose main vampiric tendency is a compulsion,
or need, to consume blood for reasons that are not primarily related to eroticism or
emotional satisfaction.

human-living vampires(HLV)-Human Living Vampires (HLV's) are individuals who, while
they firmly assert that they are essentially human beings, and to all external
appearances are exactly that, nevertheless have pronounced vampiric characteristics
having a need, compulsion, or involuntary tendency to "feed" upon some substance or
some kind of energy produced by other living things, primarily other people
Warge Pictures, Images and Photos
BTW his eyes are pure black; only red when he's angry. Once a noble yet quiet human
living in an elf world. With his good friends, Scoric and Kethian; later on to Cryln
and Vannie. One night, some strange dog like creatures attacked him and killed him.
Trapped in the underworld, he slowly was transformed into a dog demon himself. With a
cold heart. He met Celeste, a vampire slayer; and raped her. Later on they fell in
love, and had triplets, Cerberious, Ophelia, and Sebastion. Plus Isabelle. Celeste's
monster, Krypt was hiding in Sebastion, attacked them; but they survived. A vampire
named Caleb, who lusted every strong hybrid went after Celeste. He killed her later
on, and she recarnated as a werewolf. Warge right now is not in good shape.

psychic vampires-Psychic vampires are living people who have the ability, consciously
or unconsciously of draining life-energy (prana, chi, life-force …) rather than
blood from others. Whether this ability was developed through meditation, mentally
altering drug usage, or inherited, it can be used by the Psychic Vampire to drain
energy for its own use.  
In the words of Anton LaVey, the famous Satanist, "psychic vampires are individuals
who drain others of vital energy". As consumers of energy rather than blood, psychic
vampires, like their folklore counterparts, can be men or women, young or old. 
Psychic Vampire     DM/Psy Pictures, Images and Photos

blood fetish vampire- The Blood Fetish Vampire or blood fetishist is a human person
who derives intense erotic/sexual arousal or satisfaction from the taste, sight, or
feel of human blood. Blood fetishists may or may not be bona fide HLV's, or be
interested in actually drinking or tasting blood. Other also combine vampire
lifestyle and may bleach their skin lighter, sleep in coffins, or have their teeth
capped to create fangs. Sex blood freaks are often found in the BDSM subculture,
where their specific activities may be referred to as "bloodplay" or "bloodsports".
These generally involve BDSM scenes that include bloodletting with razor blades or
other implements but the amount of blood involved is almost always very small, and
cuts seldom penetrate the dermis of the skin. Other fetishists practice bloodletting
as an expression of trust, intimacy and bonding, apart from specifically erotic
aspects. They may become donors for sanguinarians. 

vampire gamers- The popularity of the role-playing game Vampire:the Masquerade has
created an entire subculture of people devoted to the game, its universe, and the
personae they create in order to "live" the game.
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vampire hunters- Vampire hunters are professionals whose job it to clean an area from
vampires that may affect it. In the ancient time, especially in Greece and Serbia, it
was a recognized profession. Today, a few people still pretend to hunt vampires as
Manchester from the Highgate Vampire story.
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Vampyres- Vampyre Lifestylers or "Vampyres" (as opposed to "Vampires") are
individuals who are attracted to the contemporary vampire lore and who seek to
emulate it by dressing in exotic vampire-like costumery, decorating their homes in
dark Victorian (or funeral parlor) gloom, assuming prosthetic fangs and colored
contact lenses. It is partly outgrown but distinct from the Gothic subculture.
 Gothic Vampyre Pictures, Images and Photos

vampiric community- Vampiric community" or "vampire community" is a term forged to
loosely indicate all those who self-defined or fell under any definition of "vampire.
“Vampiric” would in a broader sense include people who do not use the term
"vampire" and those who are supporters, sympathizers and "donors." Such a community
would gather vampires who share common interests and goals, recognize a set of core
values and beliefs that transcends their differences, and gains a sense of belonging
in this common ground.

Medical vampires- Many humans have been accused of being vampires over the centuries
due to the fact that their physical characteristics resembled the traits of these
blood-sucking monsters. 

However, modern science has since shed some light on the vampire myth, highlighting
three medical conditions that may well explain why some unfortunate souls were
mistaken for these dark creatures of the night. 

It is also worth mentioning the theories about some strange retrovirus that may alter
the genetic pool (DNA) of normal humans so that they transform into blood-sucking
 medical vampire Pictures, Images and Photos

So...Thats about it. 

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