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In the Snow ::WARNING SEX::Category: Girl/Guy
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
12:14:32 AM (GMT)
As noted in the title, this is a sex story. This is between a male and a female. Do
not read if you are offended by this kind of stuff. Also this story has people with
slightly vampiric tendancies.
P.S. To all my loyal readers, this one will probably suck.

"Hey Rhys, look at the snow!"
A gothic looking teen tugged on her boyfriend's arm and pointed out the window. Sure
enough, there was snow falling from the night sky.
"Yeah Karin, it's pretty." Rhys said, stroking the girl's black hair.
Karin sighed and leaned into Rhys. She loved being able to watch the snow while
cuddling with him. It somehow made everything seem right in the world, if only for a
moment. His strong, pale arms wrapped around her and he leaned forward to whisper in
her ear.
"Hey babe, are you in the mood for some fun?" He breathed on her neck.
She shuddered in anticipation, "That depends," she whispered back, "How badly do you
want me?"
She turned around and ground on his hips, teasing him as she did every time. She
could feel him hard in his jeans, and it made her sex warm and moisten. He groaned
and pulled her to him.
"Oh God, baby, I need you so bad."
"Come along." She growled huskily, and led him into her bedroom. It was a picture of
gothic perfection, and she led him to the double black bed. She squirmed out of her
black and purple dress and lay on the bed in only a lacy black bra and a purple
thong. She licked her lips and motioned for him to come to her.
He unzipped his jeans and pulled off his shirt as he walked to the bed. He dropped
his boxers and crawled beside her, his erection standing pround in the streetlight
that reflected off of fallen snow. He gently removed her bra and took a pale nipple
in his mouth. He sucked on her breasts and then moved up to her mouth. While they
kissed they wrestled to be on top. Karin won and triumphantly broke her lips away
from his, looking like a naked angel of death as she straddled him. She romoved her
thong and sheated his penis in a black condom that was laying on her bedside table.
She rose on her knees, poised to take him into her glistening vagina.
"Do you want me Rhys?" She breathed.
"I don't want you, I need you babe." He panted, and rose his hips to try and enter
She stood, teasing him further, "Nah, ah, ah. You know the drill. I won, so you have
to bleed for me first."
He moaned in joy and annoyance. He wanted to be in her now, but he also loved it when
she made him bleed. She walked off to her dresser and came back with a red knife
glinting in her hand. She straddled him again and pressed the blade to his chest
where many scars already existed. Blood welled up and flowed along the blade,
staining it a deeper red. She laid the knife aside and bent down to his chest. She
placed her mouth over the cut and drank slowly, taking all the blood that flowed from
him. As the flow stopped, she raised her head and kissed him, sharing his blood.
"Now it's time to please you, my lover of the Night."
She rose his above his erection and lowered herself down, her glistening pussy taking
him into her with ease. The moaned in unison and began to kiss again. As she rode
him, he began to buck his hips. They moved in unison, him raising his hips as she
came down onto him. They began to pant and move faster, writhing in ecstasy. His cock
swelled and he shouted as he filled the condom with his cum. The next moment, her
muscles contracted and she came, her juices flowing onto her lover. She collapsed
ontop of him and they lay panting on the bed. As their breathing calmed they drifted
into sleep. They slept next to the blade, which lay ominously on the bed. Outside,
the snow continued to fall.

sexy_ninja says:   23 December 2008   769719  
wow i love it i think it was really good
SexyWriter says:   23 December 2008   379411  
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   23 December 2008   558659  
you're a great writer 
SexyWriter says:   23 December 2008   177493  
kattany3 says:   23 December 2008   161334  
XD kinky!!
SexyWriter says :   23 December 2008   131526  
Thanks, I had to throw in a blood-drinker!

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