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Sunday, 14 December 2008
02:46:40 PM (GMT)

To I you go, nice reader and listener(auditor), Federico ..., Teodoro ..., Ernesto,
or since(as,like) call, asking you to represent the last Christmas tree adorned with
pretty gifts; thereby you will be able to give you exact account(bill) of how there
were the still, mute children of enthusiasm, with the very opened eyes; and only
after passed a good moment the small Maria articulated, giving a sigh: - nice what!
... nice what!

And Federico tried to give some jump, which him(her) turned out to be too much to the
alive(vivacious) thing. To obtain that moment the children had had to be judicious
and good all the year round, so(then) in no occasion they were giving them things as
pretty as in this one. The great tree, which was in the center of the room, had many
apples, golden and silver, and there were appearing cocoons and flowers,  Candied
almonds and chocolates wrapped(involved) in papers(roles) of colors, and all kinds of
delicacies, which were hanging of the branches. The most beautiful of the admirable
tree was that in the thickness of his(her,your) dark leaves(sheets) it(he,she) was
burning an infinity of lucecitas, that were shining as stars; and looking at him(it),
the children supposed that it(he,she) was inviting them to take his(her,your) flowers
and his(her,your) fruits. Close to the tree, everything was shining and shining,
being impossible to explain many pretty things that were seen. Maria discovered a
beautiful wrist(doll), all kinds of utensillos monísimos and, nicer which seemed to
him(her), a vestidito of sedates adorned with tapes of colors, that it was hung so
that one saw him of all parts, making him repeat:

- What a nice garment! ... precious(beautiful) what!...   And of it is sure that they
will allow me to put on it. Meanwhile, Federico already had given two or three times
the return about the table to prove(try) the new chestnut-coloured horse that he(she)
was finding in her(it). On having stayed again, he(she) was claiming that it was a
wild animal, but that was not mattering for him(her) and that in him(it) would do the
war with the hussars' squadrons, which were turning out to be very brand-new, with
his(her,your) golden and yellow His(Her,Your) weapon silver and mounted in
his(her,your) white horses, which hubiérase could believe were likewise of pure
silver. The children, slightly calmer, dedicáronse to looking at the books of prints
that, opened, were exposing before his(her,your) sight a collection of drawings
flowers, of human figures and of animals, so well facts that seemed were going to
speak; with them they were thinking to be still entertaining, when the small bell
returned to sound.Still(Yet) it(he,she) was staying for seeing the gift of the
godfather Drosselmeier, and hurriedly dirigiéronse the little children to a table
that was close to the wall.
Immediately it(he,she) eliminated the great umbrella under which it(he,she) was
hiding itself it(he,she) was doing so much time, and before the curiosity of the
children a marvel appeared. In a meadow adorned with pretty flowers, alzábase a
castle, with windows espejeantes and golden towers.
Oyóse a music of bells, and the doors and the windows were opened, stopping to see a
multitude of ladies and gentlemen; small children but proportionate well, with hats
of pens(feathers) and suits of tail, which they were walking for the lounges. In head
office(plant), which seemed to be burning - such age the lighting of the lucecillas
of the golden spiders-, a few children were dancing, with camisitas cut and
enagüitas, following(continuing) the chords of the music of  The bells. A gentleman,
wrapped(involved) in a cap emerald, asomábase occasionally to a window, was looking
towards out and was returning to disappear, while the same godfather Drosselmeier,
though of size as the dad's thumb, it(he,she) was at the edge of the castle and
it(he,she) was penetrating in him(it). Federico, with arms rested(relied) on the
table, contemplated long moment the castle and the picture cards, which were dancing
and were moving of a side for other one; then he(she) said:
- godfather Drosselmeier, leave me to enter the castle. The justice convinced him
that that one could not be. It(he,she) had reason and was looking like a lie that
happened to Federico the bilge of wanting to enter a castle, which,
possessing(relying on) the towers and everything, was not so high as he(it).
Immediately it(he,she) became convinced. After awhile, like the ladies and the
gentlemen continued walking always of the same way, the children dancing of equal
way, the little man of the cap emerald appearing to the same window to looking and
the godfather Drosselmeier entering that door, Federico, irritate, he(she) said:

- godfather, salt for another door that is more above(up).  

- it(he,she) cannot be, darling Federico - answered the godfather.

- then-repuso Federico - That the green little man is walked by other one.

- it(he,she) cannot be either - it(he,she) answered again the justice.

- so(then,since) that the children lower; I want to see them more closely - Federico

- go, it(he,she) cannot also be - he(she) said the justice, a bit troublesome-; the
mechanism has to remain similar is.

- The same thing? ... - Federico asked in tone of boredom-. Without being able to do
another thing? Look, godfather, if your syrupy prominent figures of the castle cannot
do any more than the same thing always they do not serve for much and it(he,she) does
not cost(is not worth) a sorrow(sentence) of astonishing. Not; I prefer my hussars,
that they maneuver ahead(forward) and backward, in proportion to my desire, and they
are not locked up.

And it(he,she) jumped in direction(address) of another table, doing that
his(her,your) squadrons were trotting and giving the return and were loading and
shooting to his(her,your) taste. Also Maria slipped silently out of there, so, the
same thing that was tiring his(her,your) brother to be going and to come without
interruption of the muñequitas of the castle; but since(as,like) age more prudent
that Federico, did not leave it to see so to whites of egg. The justice Drosselmeier,
a bit made cross, said to the parents:

- these artistic works are not for ignorant children; I am going to return to guard
my castle.

The mother pidióle that was teaching(showing) him(her) the internal part of the
mechanism that was making move him(you,them) in such a perfect way all those
muñequitas. The godfather disarmed everything and turned it to arming(assembling).
With that work it(he,she) recovered his(her,your) good humor, and gave the children a
few dun men and women, with the faces, the arms and the legs gilded.
They were of Thom and had the agreeable and sweet smell of alajú, about which
Federico and Maria were glad very much. Luisa, the major sister, had put, for mandate
of the mother, the new suit that they were giving him(her), and Maria, when
his(her,its) had to put also, wanted to contemplate it awhile more, thing that
allowed him of good degree.

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