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Monday. ;oCategory: Kaylee's Bloggerz. <3
Monday, 1 December 2008
07:17:59 PM (GMT)
Monday, December 1st, 2008
Bloogered By Kaylee! <3

Hey thar! ;D Guess what? It is Monday. What does that mean? KAYLEE BLOG! <3 Well,
school started back from the break. Whats new? Stupid phone is acting like a total
retard. D< Like, when I let it sit and not mess with it, I flip it open[yesh, I have
a lame flip phone], the screen is like black. And then when  get a text, I open it
again and the screen is white! And then on the little screen on the front says "1 New
Message". -.- Then I have to keep hitting it against stuff to read the damn text!
Well now, HAPPY SUBJECT! ;] I don't really feel like putting these in paragraphs  but
I guess I will. ;D

Ohmigod! LOOK! A NEW PARAGRAPH! ;DDD Well, I've been thinking about what to write all
day and that is prolly teh reason I don't know wtf my math homework is all about. And
I still don't know what to say. xD Lmao. Hope you like stupid random subjects because
thats what your probably gonna get today. ;] Heh heh. So. *waves* HI! I know this is
off subject but I feel it is important to tell you that when I was a baby...I LOOKED
CHINESE! ;D Chaw. Chinese baby. xD Well anyways, I'm not quite sure what this- WAIT
PHONE!- Nevarmind. Don't know who it is. xD 

*poitnts to new paragraph* I don't remember what I was saying because so NEW
PARAGRAPH! It was freezing today. D; I don't like the cold. WHY TEH FUDGE IS MY FAN
ON!? D; God. I don't like it. It is blowing my homework that isn't finished around
the room. xD Shh. I'm not supposed to be online. Psh. I only have like...two more
questions? xD And then a few I skipped because of my stupidness. ;] Wall, guess what?
I had curly har today. ;DD Like I did yesterday and the day before. xD I put it in
curlers Saturday night and it tiz still curly today. ;] WOO! Some of my friends
couldn't keep thier hands out of it. ;P 

Psst. This is the second diary entry. xD And it is really stupid. Wow. I shouldn't
have gotten the first day of the week. TOO LATE NOW! ;DD Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. I
had curly hair today. xD NAWW! *pulls curland it springs back* xP OHMIGODD!!! FOR
LUNCH TOMORROW...WE GET SMILIE FRIES!!! ;DDD Except I don't ever buy lunch so I steal
from my friends. xD I will be all like...Doo doo dooo dooo dooo...*steals smilie fry
and puts in lunch box* Then my friend looks back and she doesn't even notice. And
some of my friends don't like them so I get them for free and sometimes I have to beg
so much. ;3 Some of them give in...then other are total meanies. xD I can't believe I
just used the name 'meanies'. Lmao. FWAHAHAHAHA! *cough* Yesh. xD

So, chyeah. ;D Hi. xD I talk like this on the phone like when it gets all quite I'm
all like "So. Yeah...... Hi. ;D" HOMEWORK! COME BACK! xD Stupid fan. I'm to lazy to
get up and turn it off. ;] Can you do it for me? ;3 YOU KNOW, ONE TIME, IN FIRST
teef that are loose. D; Cha know what? I've only lost 10 teeth. xDDD And now...I have
two teeth loose. xD Yesh. That is a lot. xD

Sowwy. xD Mah mommeh had to use my laptop. xD Well, my phone is annoying me. D; Well,
I bet chur getting bored so..BAHBAH! Love cha. ;D <33 TTFN.I will blog again next
Monday...BE SURE TO COME SEE IT. xDD Lmao. I think this account is like...SO
UNDISCOVERED. xD Lmao. Bahbah. If there are typos sorry. xD I don't feel like reading
over it. ;P

‹goodfornothing› says:   1 December 2008   317271  

Lil Miss Random :3

OH. Chinese neh? Curly neh? SMILIE FRIES NEH? You are so random xD

I've lost all my teeth cuz I'm so mature liek that :D:D
‹kaylee<3› says:   1 December 2008   593614  
Lmao. Like my randomness eh?? xDD
And I've lost only ten cause i'm immature like that. xD
saralyn247 says :   2 December 2008   313577  
:D OMIGAWD. First Weekday blog ever!! 

I love how you sound like you're wicked high on sugar. xD

Can I go to school with you? I LOVE smilie fries. They're like :D! 

Bye! :3


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