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Thursday, 27 November 2008
08:28:04 PM (GMT)
Honestly, I'm sick of my school. Not even so much the academic aspects of it, more the social highlights. And lowlights, let me tell you. Grade six. Elementary school. You have the same teacher every day, the same class every day, the same kids every day. It's pretty simple. Cliques? Naw. At least, the grade sixes at my school didn't have them. We all just hung out together at the big soccer field, chatting, running, and scaring away the occasional grade fives that tried to claimed territory on our field. You could tell where some of us varied in social ranks, but we never had much social drama, we couldn't be bothered. Then, grade seven. We all entered middle school, along with students feeding in from various elementary schools across the area. At first, we all hung out together, some of us not risking sitting alone at lunch, some of us there just because everyone else was. No one really had a problem with it. As we expected, everyone split up by October. The high and all-mighties from all the old schools banded together and formed the 'popular' clique. Those dubbed 'nerds' at previous schools all decided they'd be each others safety nets, and formed a group of their own. Everyone else was scattered about. Well, except us. Let me explain. There's an English half of the school, and a French half. From what I hear from my friends over on the English half, they have no cliques. The French half however, is who I'll be referring to the majority of the time on here. Anyways, the remaining group was 'us'. At first, just the remaining people from my elementary school friends, but eventually we met other people, and we all hung out together. We didn't really have a certain label, seeing as we all varied from 'hyperactive dorks' to 'techies too bored with nerds' to 'super athletes who could hang out with anyone', and I think we were all fine with that. We didn't care who came, so we'd constantly have people from other cliques, or those who were split up into duos and trios join us. Everyone was happy, and I think the reason I'm so upset now is that I was so sure everything would stay like it was then. Grade eight. Yeah, it's only been what, three months? At first, everyone from the previous year hung out together. I thought the year would go just as the last. But by October, two people whom I thought were my good friends were gone. They joined the 'popular' clique. I wasn't angry at them, just sort of upset they'd left without a second word. No one said much, we were okay, we were all still friends. Wow. I just thought of something. The reason people who were in all my classes last year, who were nice, who were those 'sort of but not so close you always hang out' friends, completely ignore me. They don't give another look at me in the halls. What, were you just there to make nice, get through the year without anyone hating you? I know I was. But I still made the effort to say hi to people from last year. Now, our 'group' is down to what, seven of us? I'm not going to lie, but that makes me sad. I LOVED how everyone hung out last year. This year, it's different. It especially miffs me off that people in higher social rankings who didn't give some of us a second glance last year, now are convincing some of my old friends they should ditch us. These people just want new friends. Trust me, I get that. And I understand this is all part of being a teenager. But that doesn't mean I can't rant about it. 'Yeah, middle school and high school suck. But just hold on, because it has it's ups. Plus, you need to get into university to get a job.' - Family Friend [/END RANT WHOOT YEAH.] [/WRITING PRACTICE.] [/HOLY CRAP I'M BORED.]

GabbyRidonculous says :   28 November 2008   613356  
Same here .
Everyone splits,
I just wish it never started D:


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