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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
06:47:39 PM (GMT)
"can i get down now"bella asked as we rode into the stable 
"just a minute"i said 
i stoped my horse and got down 
"ok you may get down now"i said holding my horse stedy 
"how"she asked 
"here ill help you"i said 
"ok"she said 
i grabed her waist and helped her slid off of the saddle and down to the ground and
when her feet hit the ground our lips met and we kissed but then i pulled away 
"im sorry i shouldnt have down that"i said blushing 
"no its fine i actually kinda liked it"she said blushing and looking down 
"but its not right i shouldnt have done that"i said putting my horse in the stable
and sitting on a bale of hay 
"well ill leave then"she said and turned to walk away 
"no dont"i said grabing her arm 
"why"she asked turning to face me 
"because i really like you"i said putting my head down 
"oh prince dominic"she said cominig over and sitting next to me and putting her hand
under my chin and pushing my head up to look at her 
"please dont call me that call me dominic or dom i hate being a prince"i said 
"ok but i really like you to and if i were you i wouldnt trade being a prince for
anything"she said sighing 
"whats that supposed to mean"i asked taking her hand and kissing it 
"i would give anything to be a princess and live in a palace like this"she said 
"well there is one way"i said 
"and what is that"she asked 
"mmma...never mind"i said looking down 
"come on tell me were friends right"she said 
"fine i was going to say you coulemarryme"i said really fast 
"i could what"she asked 
"marry me"i said 
"oh dominic i would love to but we are way to young"she said 
"no were not im having a corination in a month and if i dont find someone to marry me
to take the throne as my princess they will pick for me"i said 
"but why me i mean there are other girls out there"she said looking at the ground 
"you beautiful,smart,and i dont know but when i first saw you it was ok this is going
to sound corny but it was love at first sight"i said lifting her face up to look at
"dom i would love to but...."she said then stopped and tears started flowing down her
"please dont cry and i know what about your family and friends"i said 
"yea i cant live here and not see them"she said 
"youll have your own specical horse and well ride down and see them whenever you
want"i said 
"oh dom your way to good for me"she said hugging me 
"bella i love you and would do anything for you"i said 
"i love you to and yes i will marry you"she said 
"really"i asked excited wiping her eyes from all the tears 
"yes"she said 
"oh bella thank you so much this means the world to me"i said kissing her 
"your welcome"she said returninig the kiss 
"well are you ready for the tour of the palace and to meet you step-mother and
step-father"i asked 
"uhhh....."she said

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