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Monday, 17 November 2008
06:32:16 AM (GMT)
Tafesnare took Laveda to a small hut by the edge of the market. 
“Here we are. Let me just pick up some money and we’re be off again.” Tafesnare
“Money? Why do we need money?”
“Aren’t you coming to the Summoning of the Incantation of the Minuialwella
“The what Summoning to the what Soul?” Laveda asked confused as Tafesnare entered
the little hut.
“The Summoning of the Incantation of the Miniu-al-well-a Soul,” Tafesnare
repeated more slowly. “You never heard of it? It’s a beautiful festival welcoming
the snow, winter and the slumber.”
“Wow. I’ve never heard of it. What do you do there?”
“We dance around the Luna Orb, it summons the Moon which brings the snow. You
should come, but you need a dress.”
“When is it?” Laveda asked, looking around the place. It was pretty bare and
simple, no food or luxuries and dust was growing here and there.
“Tomorrow.” Tafesnare replied, standing on a chair and reaching into the
lampshade. She pulled out a bag.
“Tomorrow? Are you sure I can go?” She asked shocked at how close the date was.
“Yeah, course. You’ll be the main star of the parade!” And Tafesnare gave
Laveda a wide smile as she pulled Laveda out the hut. “I know a really cute place
which sells amazing dresses.” And Tafesnare led Laveda through the market again.
They soon came to a small, dark shop by the side of the market. It was a black,
wooden shop with red, velvet curtains in the windows. Tafesnare strolled in, Laveda
“Snakeblink?” Tafesnare called out as they walked up to the wooden, black
counter. The shop was dark with only candles flickering on the walls, casting
shadows, which danced around the room. The shop was empty and eerily silent.
Suddenly, a tall, handsome man stood on the other side.
“Hello Tafesnare. It’s been a long time…” The man murmured softly and calmly.

“Only a year.” She interrupted, smiling. He looked at Laveda, intrigued.
“And who is this beautiful, young woman.” And he picked up Laveda’s hand and
kissed it softly, making Laveda blush. His lips were cold and Laveda shivered at his
“This is Laveda. She’s coming to the Summoning of the Incantation of the
Minuialwella Soul.” Snakeblink gave Tafesnare a teasing look. 
“So, I assume she needs a dress.” 
“Yes, I’m thinking…green.” 
“Blue.” Snakeblink interrupted as he undid a latch on the counter lifting part of
it up making an opening. Tafesnare walked through.
“Blue?” She spat. Laveda followed them as they walked, side by side, through a
back door, which led to some mirrors and fabrics and other equipment. 
“It’ll suit her eyes and her hair.” He explained
Tafesnare looked back at Laveda.
“But she has brown hair. Green will suit her brilliantly.”
“Yes, but she has blue eyes. Blue eyes, blue dress.”
“But she’s tanned.” Laveda was listening to the conversation. It was like they
did this every week. Suddenly, Snakeblink turned round to Laveda and took a card
sheet with blocks of skin colours on out of his buttoned up, velvet blazer. Her
grabbed her arm and placed it onto of the card. They both took a look.
“See. She’s 2 grades under a green dress. She’s wearing blue. Probably light
“I like yellow.” Laveda plucked up the courage to have some say in what she was
wearing. They both looked at her, eyebrows raised.
“Yellow will make you look like a muffin. You are wearing blue.” And Snakeblink
turned round and turned a corner. Laveda hadn’t realised how big the shop was on
the inside. Outside, it looked like a small, little shop.
“We just want you to look your best. This is an important festival and we don’t
want you looking…not your best.” Tafesnare comforted her. 
Laveda didn’t feel comfortable with Snakeblink, she felt uneasy but yet desperate
to impress him, which was unusual for her. He soon came out, wheeling a three-in-one
mirror and placed it in a corner.
“Take your cloak off.” He ordered as he took a notebook. 
“Excuse me?” Laveda asked, surprised. Tafesnare took her hand and walked her over
to the mirror. 
“He needs to have a look at you.” Tafesnare smiled and took Laveda’s cloak. 
Snakeblink sat down in front of the mirror and crossed his legs.
“Arms up.” He ordered. Laveda did as she was told and he scribbled in his
notebook. Tafesnare pressed on a lever and blue fabrics came up on some rolling
“Turn around.” He called and Laveda turned around and faced the mirrors. 
Home. It was the first time that home popped into her head. What was she doing here?
She had been swept away at the thought of a friend and a dress and a dance but now,
when she really thought about it, all she wanted to do was go home. To her mum, who
must be missing her. Her sisters who might not be coping without her. A stab of guilt
ached her heart as she realised what she was doing.
“All done.” And he got up and walked over to Tafesnare and they debated fabrics.
“Don’t you need to take measurements?” Laveda called but they didn’t respond.
She felt tears prick into her eyes. What was she doing? She didn’t belong here. She
belonged with her family. She grabbed her cloak and swung it round her and started
walking off.
“Laveda?” Tafesnare called and came up after her. She put her arm around
Laveda’s shoulders.
“Where did you think you were going?”
“Home.” Laveda mumbled as tears ran down her face. 
“What, why are you crying? We’re going to have fun tomorrow. And then, when you
go back home after the dance, you’ll have a massive story to tell. Your probably
just home-sick, that’s all.”
“But I miss everyone.” Laveda sobbed. Tafesnare hugged her. 
“We’ll go back to the hut and we’ll talk more then, okay?”

Keely let go of Dante. The market was still very busy. 
“I was so worried, what happened? I went home and found the painting gone but you
didn’t come back? Where did you go? Where’d you get that dress from?” 
“It’s a long story. Ummm…well, this kid was lost and I had to help her. You
understand, don’t you? I’m sorry I got you so worried, she was just upset. She
was missing home, missing her family so I took her shopping, to take her mind off it.
Hope you didn’t mind?” Keely lied.
“No, oh course not, but I thought something had happened to you, I thought that
someone had taken you or hurt you or worse. I’ve been so uptight today because of
it. I’m just glad that you’re well and back here…with me.” And they hugged
once more. Keely looked at the bustling people and saw Thorn standing by the edge of
the market, watching them.
“Me too.” Keely whispered.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   30 November 2008   383658  
Love it. ^^
‹Emafie› says :   30 November 2008   336929  
^^ thx


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