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1000 QUESTIONS! I DID IT!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 11 November 2008
04:10:40 PM (GMT)
I was tagged.

The Basics
1. First name

2. Age

3. Gender

4. Happy with it?

5. The current time is?
3:25 PM

6. Eye color

7. Happy with it?
They’re ok…...

8. If not, what would you change it to?
One green, one purple!

9. Hair color
Dark Brown

10. Happy with it?
Not really- it should either be brown or black NOT BOTH!

11. If not, what would you change it to?
Black with red tips=AWESOME

12. Hair length
Just brushing my chin aka too long!

13. Hair style
Fluffy-ish curly/wavy/something…..?

14. Have you ever dyed your hair?

15. What color?

16. Do you dye your hair frequently?
For the last time no!

17. Has it ever gotten damaged?
Yes- the classic gum problem. Except that it was long then, so the entire huge sticky
mess was stuck to my collarbone-area. Ugh.

What happened to 18?????????

19. What's your body type?
Shortish, pear-shaped according to my mag.

20. Are your fingers long and slender, short and fat, or somewhere in between?
In between

21. Thin or full lips?
Full-ish, but that’s Matt’s opinion

22. Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between?
Thick hair. CUT IT OFF!

23. Have you ever had lice?

24. How old were you?
Please look ay my previous answer. 

25. Nicknames

26. Happy with them?
I’ll deal.

27. Aliases
Seeing as how they’re aliases, I can’t really say.

28. What made you choose them?
Well, I picked a name I liked and the last name of a cool guy.

29. If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?
I dunno- maybe Kieran?

30. Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be?

31. If you had a choice, would you drop your last name?
I dunno- I’m taking into account that it sounds rather like a fish here….

32. What heritage does your first name imply?
I don’t think it’s from any particular culture….

33. Middle name

34. Last name
I'm not telling you!

35. Place of birth
Ummmmm, a hospital in America.

36. Date of birth
May 5

37. Nationality

38. Were you named after anyone?
Not to my knowledge

39. Who?
See above.

40. What side of the family does your name come from?
What is it with these questions repeating themselves?

41. Did your parents immigrate?
My dad.

42. How about your grandparents?

43. Your great grandparents?
No, not them either.

44. Farther back into your family?
They’d have had to- I’m not Native American.

45. Where did they emmigrate from?
Uh, Europe.

46. Where did they immigrate to?
America, duh.

47. Skin color
well, not tan, but not pale, either. Fair.

48. What's your facial structure like?

49. Height

50. Happy with it?
I'm good.

51. Weight
125 lbs.

52. Happy with it?
It’s good.

53. How old are your parents?
Mom- umm, 44 or 45, Dad: same.

54. What's your father's name?
A-HEM privacy!

55. Your mother's?
See above answer.

56. Do you have any siblings?
Yep, one bro.

57. How old are they?
He’s 10.

58. What are their names?

59. Do you get along with your family?
Um…. Mostly?

60. Do you wish they were different?
All the time! But not seriously, just dreaming.

61. Were you ever abused by any member of your family?

62. Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family?
My cousin is a complete brat.

63. Did your family ever disown any other member of your family?
Um, I don't think so.

64. If so, why?
I don't have to answer.

65. Who do you get along with most?
My mom, I guess.

66. Color

67. Month

68. Year
Don’t have one

69. Decade
the 80's for some reason.

70. Century
For some reason, the 1800’s

71. Millenium
Quiz say what now?

72. Animal

73. Movie

74. Book
Don’t have a single fave- I love’em and leave’em

75. River
The girl from Firefly and Serenity!

76. Lake
The Dead Sea

77. Ocean
Indian ocean!

78. Country
Nepal, for its sheer awesomeness

79. City

80. State

81. Province

82. Place to go in your neighborhood
Burger King!

83. Person
Matt <333

84. Relative
My cousin, who’s 4

85. Pet
My fish died.

86. Actor
Adam Baldwin

87. Actress
Summer Glau

88. Celebrity
Like random famous person? N/A

89. Musician
Don’t have one

90. Singer
Rebecca Angel

91. Band
MCR, Paramore

92. Movie genre

93. Book genre

94. Play genre

95. Play

96. Musical
Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

97. Poem
I don’t have a favorite

98. Writer
Mercedes Lackey!

99. Song
Mama, MCR

100. Sport
Ultimate Frisbee.

101. Drink
Dr Pepper

102. Food
Molasses cookies ^-^

103. Brand of cereal
Coco Puffs

104. Candy bar

105. Disney princess
Does Mulan count? She’s so kickass.

106. Disney prince
Hercules I guess…… o-o

107. Disney villain
Jafar- kickass turban man!

108. Disney character
Marie from the Aristocats

109. CD
One of my mixes

110. Director
Joss Whedon

111. Videogame
Rayman Ravin' Rabbits!

112. Computer game
Sims 2

113. Game

114. Board game
The Game of Life, or Monopoly

115. Word game
Famous People Name tag

116. Clothing style
Basically, I wear everything- unless it’s Abercrombie, Aeropostale, or American
Eagle. Those are anathema. 

117. Truth or dare question
I don't even remember the last time I played it!

118. Fairy tale
Cinderella, as long as the girl has some power and self-respect and does a few things
beside go to the ball and run away and cry.

119. Lullaby
Sleep, Baby Sleep 

120. Holiday

121. Mythological creature

122. Miscellaneous item

123. Storybook character

124. Movie character
River Tam

125. Play character
Quiz say what now?

126. Musical character
again, huh? 

127. College

128. Football team
The Steelers- Polamalu, the linebacker (?) with the kickass hair….

129. Soccer team
don’t care

130. Tennis player

131. Hockey Team
not caring….

132. Basketball team
more not caring…..

133. Baseball team
more more not caring…..

134. Swimmer
Mark Spitz

135. Track star
Jesse… someone, I guess

136. Vegetable
Popcorn! It counts

137. Fruit

138. Toothpaste brand
does it really matter?

139. Type of computer
Compaq, I suppose

140. Medication
the pills that you swallow whole- can’t take any other kind.

141. Poison
YOU BREATHE IT, THEN BAMMM! 20 Minutes later, you're dead.

142. Type of sword
Scimitars count, right?

143. Type of gun
the Nambu guns- awesome name, right?

144. Planet

145. Space feature
black holes

146. Breed of cat

147. Dog
Spoodles! Cocker spaniel/ poodles. Adorable!

148. Spider

149. Fish
regal tang! Like dory!

150. Penguin
fairy penguin! So cute- go googleimage it.

151. Species of crustacean

152. Arachnid
anything with more than 4 legs is on my List.

153. Insect

154. Pair of socks
the pink-and-blue one with Scotties on them

155. Scooby-Doo character

156. Spongebob Squarepants character
Gary- meow.

157. Quote
Nothing in the ‘verse can stop me- River Tam
What a crazy random happenstance!- Dr Horrible

158. Adage
There is an entire forest in a single acorn.
A throne is just a chair covered in velvet and gilt.

159. President
William Henry Harrison set many presidential records in his short time in office.
After giving the longest inauguration speech (105 minutes), Harrison became the first
president to die in office (of pneumonia), after serving the shortest term (one

160. Astrological sign

161. Chinese zodiac sign

162. Number

163. Short story

164. Word
it’s a tie- between ‘blarg’ and Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

165. Definition
1. self explanatory
2. fear of long words

166. Time period

167. Dictionary brand
……. It matters?

168. Series of books
anything set in Tortall or the Elemental Masters world.

169. Publishing company
Houghton Mifflin- just for the name!

170. Illustrator
My friend Marrisa

171. Artist
the great James C Christensen!

172. Childhood story
*looks confuzzled*

173. Childhood memory
Dancing in the rain, covered in popsicle drippings

174. Facial expression

175. Serial killer
the… zodiac killer I guess

176. Medieval torture device
Th…. Thumbscrews?

177. Instrument
viola or bass

178. Brand of chocolate

179. Candy

180. Brand of candy
whatever the skittles brand is… or wonka. Actually, Wonka!

181. Time of day
that twilight-y hour, just before dawn

182. Codename
Contraband Kiwi!

183. Letter

184. Inside joke
They wouldn't be inside if I told you.

185. Joke
anything involving Chuck Norris. Actually, nothing involving Chuck Norris is a joke.

186. Scent
new book

187. Onomatopoeia

188. Alliteration
Wisdoms Wings

By Paul Mc Cann 

Wise words wait,
while whiskey with water
will whet Wexford
whistles wonderfully .
Wisdoms weaver works
with wit ,
while writing words
with whispering winds whooshing wildly .
Whiskey without water .
Without wondering,
why where words wasted .
Within walls .
While whiskey went well without water,
While wit was wringing wet .
Writing wisdoms wings


189. Least favorite color
puce. Ugh.

190. Animal
do scorpions count?

191. Number

192. President
GW Bush

193. Actor

194. Actress

195. Director
one of those Japanese guys…. The whole movie was made of awkwardly-shot scenes!

196. Celebrity
Paris Hilton.

197. Artist

198. Illustrator

199. Poet

200. Writer
anyone who has ever written a textbook

201. Band

202. Musician
Miley Cyrus!

203. Singer
Miley Cyrus!

204. Food

205. Fruit

206. Vegetable

207. Candy

208. Candy bar
almond joy- misnomer!

209. Brand of chocolate
but i love chocolate!

210. Skittles flavor
I like skittles, you retard!

211. Month

212. Year

213. Decade
the 90s

214. Century

215. Millenium

216. Era

217. Time period
Wait, isn't that the same as Era?

218. Battle of the Civil War

219. War
Every war is bad!

220. Battle of WWII

221. Battle of American Revolution
any battle the US lost.

222. Genius
Newton. All he did was realize that something was holding us down on the earth- and
he needed prompting! Seriously, how smart was he really?

223. Genus of plant
What does that mean?!

224. Flower
venus flytrap- is that even a flower?

225. Tree

226. Hair color
ebony blonde

227. Eye color

228. Fairy tale
I don't like fairy tales....

229. Disney princess
snow white or Cinderella- neither ever did anything! Stuff happened to them!

230. Disney villain
Ursula- those tentacles….

231. Disney prince
mr. generic prince charming. Kisses the girl and marries her.

232. Movie character

233. Play character
Shut up.

234. Book character
Bella swan- such a wimp.

235. Musical character

236. Play

237. Musical
south pacific

238. Person
S. Jill. Die in a hole, you ass!

239. Brand of cereal

240. Brand of battery
*doo duh doo* not caring

241. Mental illness
down syndrome

242. Medication
Those kiddie drinkable Tylenol things- taste like crap

243. Serial killer
Charles manson

244. Poison
the ones that people know about

245. Type of sword
those basic, slice-and-dice ones you see in every comic/cartoon. Let’s have glowing
blue blades, or interesting, curvy pointy ones! A bit of imagination would be nice.

246. Type of gun
again, those basic ones. Imagination is lacking here!

247. Toothpaste brand
……. Erm

248. Scent
florals. The really heavy, disgusting florals.

249. Taste
Spinach. Blegh!

250. Sound
that sound that the THX thingy makes on movies and crap.

251. Sexual position

252. Article of clothing
formal dresses- give me jeans any day

The Ideal Mate
253. Hair color
dark, preferably, but it’s not an issue

254. Hair length
longish- I like to play with hair. But as long theyre not bald…

255. Hair style
as long as it’s not a mullet

256. Eye color
could they please not be yellow?

257. Skin color
No pink or purple.

258. Any makeup?
Eyeliner, nothing else, like lipstick. That's creepy.

259. Clothing style
anything except: prep (that includes Abercrombie zombies), hick, or anything
involving chains. Of any kind.

260. Shy or outgoing?
A good balance, please- heavy on the outgoing!

261. Happy or depressed
Laid-back, a bit optimistic (but not too optimistic)

262. Funny or serious?

263. Abusive or kind?
Kind, Abusive is too...Edward Cullen. But honest.

264. Respectful or perverted?
Respectful, but should be able to make me feel sexy.

265. Completely describe their personality
Funny, goofy, laid-back, a good friend, has a brain, and is kickass
266. Ideal height
if I get to pick, taller than me (not hard).

267. Ideal weight
Um, anything but anorexic (but not obese)

268. Body type
In shape, I guess.

269. Completely describe their appearance
did we not just go over all this?

270. This is another space if you need it
why would I need more space?

271. Cup size or condom size

272. Masochistic or sadistic?
um, neither?

273. Conformist or nonconformist?

274. Artistic or athletic?

275. Intellectual or unintelligent?
intellectual. Duh.

276. Complex or simple?
Hm, that's a tough one.

277. What would their hobbies be?
Um, their choice?

278. Interests?
Same as above

279. Obsessions
Uhhhhh, same as above… but not cheese. Or, *whispers* sex…..

280. Would they hug you often?

281. Kiss you often?

282. Would they frequently tell you that they loved you?
That would probably get annoying if it was like Edward with all the mushy stuff, but
a simple "I love you" is fine.

283. Have you already found your ideal mate?
With my standards?

284. Or as close as someone can get?
Not according to these standards

285. Would you have sex often, never, or sometimes?

286. Are you in love?

287. What will you do together?

288. Your ideal date
something fun that I don’t pay for

289. Your ideal wedding
I think more in the now

290. How many kids?
I'll probably adopt, so I don't know.

291. What will their names be?
How would I know?

292. What do you think they would look like?
Darkish skin, black hair, dark eyes

293. Will you even have kids?

294. If not, why?
Cuz' I won't. End of story.

295. Will you even get married?
*is completely ignoring the question* oooooh, shiny…..

296. If no, why?

297. Are you taken or single?
Taken <3333

What Do You Think Of…

298. Ugly people?
Ugly but whose definition?

299. Pretty people?
Hate em or love em, depends

300. Bald people?
I get too ditracted by how their heads are shiny to pay attention to them

301. Scrawny African children?
Feed them, duh 

302. Religion?
It's every person's choice.

303. Politics?

304. Abortion?
Depends on the situation. As/instead of birth control. SHAME ON YOU! If you are
unable to take care of the child, or do not want the child for a serious, life/health
threatening reason? Your choice, not mine to judge.

305. Church?
It’s important to believe in something bigger than yourself. If it’s religion, so
be it.

306. Separation of church and state?

307. Blondes?
What about hair color?

308. Brunettes?
Again with the judging people by hair color!

309. Redheads?
You just can’t drop stupid subject, can you?

310. Mainstream rock?

311. Abercrombie?
Ahem....97% of all teenagers would die if Abercrombie and Fitch said it was uncool to
breath. If you're one of the 3%
that would be laughing their butt off, copy this into your profile...I copied this 
into my profile.

312. Pop music?
Candy-coated and always about relationships. Blegh.

313. Classic rock?

314. Roleplaying?

315. Emo music?
Kinda good, actually.

316. Ignorance?
I firmly believe that it be beaten out of people with sticks.

317. Stupidity?
See above answer

318. Mental retardation?
Hey, those people can't help it!

319. Friends?

320. Disrespect?
Ahem: some mistakes are too much fun to make only once. Like talking back to teachers

321. Immaturity?

322. Republicans?
*long-suffering sigh* 

323. Democrats?
My parents. 

324. George W. Bush?
Stupid wig! 

325. Your mom?
Your dad.

326. This survey?
*another long-suffering sigh*

327. Painted walls?
Better that wall paper, and much easier to change

328. Drugs?

329. Alcohol?

330. Prostitution?

331. Premarital sex?

332. Teenage sex?
How teenage are we talkin’? 

333. People?
In general?

334. Your classmates?
*doo duh doo* duuuuuuuuumb mostly

335. Your co-workers?
Don't have a job

336. Your school?
Can’t wait to graduate and ESCAPE

337. Your family?
Well………. We get along

338. My family?
Who are you, anyway?

339. Your mental health?
Can I skip this question?

340. My mental health?
Aren’t you a quiz?

341. Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal?
Is what I do almost every night!

342. Your life?

343. My life?
How did I just KNOW that was the next question? 

344. The color green?
Is awesome!

345. Pickles?

346. Food?
I like food…

347. Electricity?

348. Niagara falls?
Awe-inspiring. Seriously. Go there.

349. Cataracts?
Uh… what?

350. Bridges?
Don’t burn them, people, I hear that’s bad

351. Braces
the root of all evil is equipment that goes on your teeth

352. Dictionairies?
Consult one- you spelled ‘dictionaries’ wrong.

353. Television?
I like TV.

354. Fairy tales?
Wait…… I answered this already! Right?

355. Hollywood?

356. MTV?
Must be run by Abercrombie zombies


357. What are you feeling?
My……. Keyboard?

358. Smelling?

359. Seeing?
My computer screen?

360. Hearing?
The voices in my head…. Shut UP Anton!

361. Doing?

362. Who are you talking to online?

363. On the phone?

364. What room of the house are you in?
the study

365. Bored?
Yup, you bore the shit outta me.

366. Do you look nice?
I’m told I look nice but inside I am NASTY AND EVIL! Muahahaha!

367. What are you wearing?

368. Are you eating anything?

369. Drinking anything?

370. What's your heart rate?
Why would I know that?

371. BMI?
Like a 22 or something, I think…. We did this in gym

372. What brand of shoes are you wearing?
Predictions ®

373. What are you wishing for?
To get to the 1000th question

374. What are you worried about?
Not my grades! A MINUS IN ENGLISH!!!!!

Last edited: 13 November 2008

‹AmyBeetch™› says :   11 November 2008   442467  
Well that sucks.
'Cause the diary kind of ends at 375 xD

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