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Bicc~~~Part SevenCategory: Story!!
Saturday, 8 November 2008
06:48:58 PM (GMT)
~~Part Seven~~

As the two lied together in the trunk of the tree, Bicc caught the scent of the
morning air. Brisk and clean as it usually was. He took in a deep breath and was
suddenly hungry. He didn't want to impose on his host so he decided that he would go
after more berries. 
"I'll be back." Bicc told the cat. His voice was almost musicly light as he stood
from the protective warmth. Korre didn't ask where he was going, knowing that if he
didn't come back, he would be easy to track down. So, he stayed silent and watched
the tiny creature stroll out of the trunk. He smiled, noting how innocent the little
fox looked even though he must have gone through something terrible. 
Bicc walked quickly over the loose foliage and dead leaves. He almost started running
in the same path that Korre had taken to bring him to the tree. He was quite fast for
his size and found that he made pretty good distance. Bounding now, he felt
lighthearted and free and wore a smile on his face. Almost forgeting about his
hunger, he played in the morning air. Hoping on tree trunks and chasing his tail just
because he could. He pounced on leaves that blew in the wind and laughed out as he
hopped around the littered forest floor. But...all that joy and play vanished with
one sound. A sound that made him freeze in one spot and made his heart almost stop.
It was the sound of the two paws in the leaves. They were far off yet but he could
clearly distinguish what made those noises. It was the same hostile creature that
caused his mothers life to leave the earth. He grasped the leaves under his paws,
getting as small as he possibly could. He wished not to share the fate of his
beautiful mother, but he hadn't the courage or strength to take revenge on the evil
being. So, he held as still as his little body would allow. He listened intently to
the careful paws that disturbed the quiet air of the forest. 
BAM! The sound made Biccs entire body tremble and the forest stood in shock at
the unearthly sound. He had a feeling that another animal of the forest had lost its
life to the dark stick that the creature carried. Bicc felt tears rolled down his
furred cheeks as his fear made his body tremble to a painful extent. He heard
shuffling in the leaves and the paws stomped away. He continued to tremble, knowing
now that the animal had indeed taken another's life from it. His muscles relaxed and
he fell to the ground and sobbed, not being able to hold it in. He had failed again.
Failed to take the deadly creature down. Failed to make it extinct from the forest.
Failed to save that poor creature that had been torn from its life on Earth so
abruptly. Then, a new terrifying thought passed through the poor foxes head. He was
off his feet and running back to the tree as fast as his tiny little body would allow
him to. Over and around bushes and trees, he sped through the forest with but one
thought in his head. Was Korre still alive?
He ran right into the little hole in the trunk of the tree and was stopped short as
he ran right into the big furred body of his friend. He bounced backward and landed
on his behind. Stunned, he looked up at the astonished cat.
"No more food for you." Korre laughed. Bicc rushed to his protector's side and
burried his face in the fur. Korre licked the foxes little head and smiled.
"Whats the matter, my furry little friend?" He asked, growing concerned. Bicc shook
his head, wishing not to speak but to just be comforted. Korre understood this
feeling more than any and pulled the little creature to him, warming Bicc from the
cold, empty morning air.

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