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Awakening Chapter 3Category: Stories
Tuesday, 4 November 2008
12:31:14 PM (GMT)
Weeks Later

I (Draven) was in the room Selena had re-arranged AGAIN. “SELENA PLEASE STOP
RE-ARRANGING MY ROOM!!” I roared. She came running in “Sorry Draven but your room
somehow always needs a touch up.” She smiled her perfect smile. Sometimes I wonder
how someone could get mad at her. I don’t know if I’ll ever find that out.
“Come on you and Kyden can go hunting today, I have to make a new shei- I mean a
new cake with Grandma today.” I didn't get what she was saying but then she plucked
a hair out of my head and ran off. “NEXT TIME WARN ME WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO DO
THAT.” I called, I chuckled to myself.  I looked over at my room the bed was the
same hanging from chains, only the dressers where moved; one below the window and
other next to my closet. A couple scenery pictures here and there. I took one last
glance and closed then door. “ Dog come on, we’re going hunting today. Selena has
to make a “cake”.” I called. “Yeah, Yeah let me change first.” I heard
Kyden say. When I saw him a couple of minutes ago he was “human” now he was a
werewolf.” He nudged me to go out the door and I obeyed. It didn't take him long to
pick up the scent. I smelled it too, a buck full grown 350 pounds I assumed. Kyden
growled in pleasure, and with that he was off. I heard twigs break and then a
gruesome snap. He came back with the buck in his mouth I could tell he snapped the
neck. The bucks tongue limply hung out of its mouth and blood slowly dripped out of
its nose and mouth into a pool below. That got me into a frenzy, I couldn’t help it
I went right for the throat and started ripping and ripping. The same for Kyden he
went for the stomach though. After like a half an hour we were done. Only the head
was still intact, and we were dirty!!! My face was bloody and my shirt too. Kyden’s
muzzle was a deep red and he was licking he paws to get the blood off. That’s when
he changed back and said, “Lets go to Craig River and clean up.” I nodded my
head. It didn't take us long to get to the river. He jumped in immediately and I
followed. Soon, where we were standing, the water was a deep maroon color. “That
should do it.” Kyden said while shaking his hair. “ Yeah lets head back.” I got
out and took my wet shirt off. “Ugh, I have to ask Selena or your grandmother to
dry this.” I showed him my soaking wet shirt. “ I hate when MY things are out of
order, changed, dirty or WET.” He laughed at my statement. “ Fine do what ever
you want, its not my problem.” He answered.  Then I smelled something, familiar and
rather floral.  Then Kyden called “ Hey Selena what are you doing here?” That’s
when she stepped out of the forest. She looked kind of shook up. She glanced at me
then Kyden. She was shifting from foot to foot looking uncomfortable. “ Uhh Kyden,
I need to tell you something.” He looked confused. “Huh what's the matter
Selena?” She looked straight at him. “ Kyden I put your room under a very
powerful protection spell, because of the full moon tonight.” He paled and looked
down. “ Oh I see, yeah I…. I understand.” I looked at Selena she looked like
she was going to cry. “ Am I missing something here?” I asked. They both looked
up and then Kyden nodded his head at Selena.  She sighed then spoke. “The last full
moon here was a very bad one…. Kyden attacked me not meaning too.” She pulled up
one sleeve of her shirt and I saw 4 very distinct claw marks and a bite mark.  Kyden
looked away like he was disgusted with that and himself. I shuddered and said “ Oh
I didn't know I’m sorry that- ” Selena put up her hand and I stopped talking. “
No need to get into this conversation. Come on, I’ve got something for you guys.”
 She grabbed both of our hands then in like a nanosecond we were in grandmothers
little house. “ Whoa how did you do that?” We asked dumbfounded. She smiled and
said “Magic”.
   We walked into the kitchen and it was pitch black in there, even though I was a
vampire I couldn’t see a thing!! I heard her giggle then the I saw a light it
started making a pattern, like it was spelling something out! Then I slowly watched
the flame I realized and it spelled out Welcome to the Family. “Surprise!” Both
Kyden and I had a grin from ear to ear. “Its for both of you” she continued, “
Today is the anniversary of when I first met Kyden and a couple of months later on
the same day, I met you” She admitted. “But anyway this is my way of welcoming
you into the family” She clasped her hands together and then we saw the cake on the
table. It began cutting itself and it gave 3 large pieces of cake to Kyden and one
huge one to me. Selena cut a medium size piece for herself and took a bite then
looked like she was in heaven. I guess then I’ll have to try a piece too; I took
the fork that was on the delicate china plate and dug in. The cake started as
chocolate then changed to many other flavors that included vanilla, strawberry,
cinnamon, and peppermint!! I couldn’t believe what I was tasting! When I finished
the cake I put the dish in the sink and sat down on the couch that looked old and
musty but was fairly new and was quite soft. I sighed and sunk deep into the soft
velvety cushion. “ That was fantastic Selena!” Kyden exclaimed. “I couldn’t
agree more,” I added. “I’m stuffed! How about we go show each other what we can
really do to work off this cake?” Selena stated while walking to the door.  Kyden
sat up and said, “Yeah we can go into the forest. A couple of trees gone missing
won’t hurt anybody will they?” I got up, brushed the crumbs off my pants and
walked to the door, followed by Selena then Kyden. “Lets head more toward the river
than the village.” Selena said, “What about you guys? What do you think?” I
shrugged then turned to Kyden “ Sure lets go!” He answered running toward the
river. I decided not to run to save some energy, and walked beside Selena while Kyden
was a good 10 feet in front of us. We slowed and came to the river. “Well here we
are, lets get stared. Who wants to go first?” Selena exclaimed. I raised my hand I
just wanted to get it over with. Then I realized I wasn’t really suited for
fighting, what I meant were my clothes. A pair of long navy blue pants and a long
sleeved white shirt.  So I decided to take my shirt off since one it would get in my
way and two it would get sweaty and I don’t like my stuff dirty. Selena put her
hand to her face and sighed “Draven why are you doing that?” I pulled it all the
way off and gave her a puzzled look. “Oh this way it would get in my way and also
it would get sweaty. I don’t like my stuff dirty.” She shook her head. “Well if
Draven wants to show off then I’ll do it to!” I looked over at Kyden. He was just
about to pull off his shirt when Selena grabbed him and said, “No you have a short
sleeve shirt on and its very light weight your fine”.  “O.K” he pouted. Selena
looked at me and nodded. “Ok first I have to tell you I have insane strength,” I
pointed to the boulder across the river. It was about ten feet tall and looked 7 feet
wide and I jumped over the river, pulled back my arm and punched the boulder. I heard
a crack and then the boulder crumbled into a million tiny pieces. “Wow” I heard
them say. “Yeah wow,” I said smugly. “You already know I can run with insane
speed and can see in the dark and can’t sleep. But other than the strength that’s
all I’ve got.” I jumped back over the river and pulled my shirt back on and
nodded toward Selena. “Fine, I’ll go” She whined. “You guys already know I
can wield fire, know I’m an Ana magus, know I can “freeze” people, and move
objects without actually touching them.” We nodded. “Ok I tried this on
grandmother and it worked great, but it was horrifying.” She shuddered and
continued “but grandmother handled it with ease, you guys… not so much.” 
“What you think we’re not tough enough? Ok, fine! Bring it on woman!” She
laughed and said “You guys asked for it” and then right before my eyes everything
changed, black just black. Then, in my mind, I saw something, actually a lot of
things… my family for one! But they were different. The love in their eyes was gone
and instead, filled with hate and the urge to kill. Then… they attacked! I
screamed!  As soon as I did that, the image went away. I was panting like crazy and
was covered in sweat. “Oh my God, how in the world did you do that!” “I go into
your mind and find a memory but change it, and make it as worse as possible.” Kyden
was shaking all over; his hands were on his head like he was trying to protect
himself from something unseen. “S-Selena p-please don’t ever do that a-again.”
His voice was thick with fear!  “Kyden, I’m sorry, I really am I swear I won’t
ever to that again.” “You better not!!” Kyden yelled, and with that he stormed
back to the cottage. “Wow! I’ve never seen Kyden so mad before” Selena nodded.
“And no one not even me can get mad at you.” Then a question popped into my head,
“Selena what exactly did you do to him?” She sighed, “I gave him the memory of
when he attacked me but only this time he…” She cut short her sentence and
started walking back toward the cottage. But then she stopped and disappeared in a
blur. “Darn it!” I said. “I guess I have to walk home alone.” I just went at
a slow jog and I was home in less than 5 minutes. I opened the door to find Selena
already on the couch.
Last edited: 4 November 2008

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