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the girl who found love chapter 16Category: (general)
Thursday, 16 October 2008
04:53:06 PM (GMT)
Taylor starts to shake. She turns her head and she sees her mom on the couch. Taylor
turns back to the door and she undoes the top lock and then her mom grabs her and
lifted her up Taylor screams and kicks. Her mom drops her and she kicks her and punch
her in the face three times. 

Taylor starts to cry and feel hopeless. She the realize her mom stopped hitting her
and kicking her. Taylor sits up slowly and screams when she feels the pain. She taste
blood and she touches her face and notice her nose is bleeding and her lip is
bleeding to. She sees her mom comes back and she had a needle. Taylor gets to her
hand and knees and start to crawl to the door. The mom runs to her half when she is
at the door. 

Taylor put her hands on the side of the door frame and she lifts her self up.  She
lifted her leg up and kick her mom in the stomach.  The mom falls to the ground and
dose Taylor. 

Her mom drops the needle and it rolls to Taylor. Taylor grabs it and she sticks it in
Taylor’s old mom’s arm. Taylor  drops the needle and she grabs the door frame
again. She screams because of the pain. She stands up and opens the door.  She sees
its dark and it’s raining. 

She walks slowly down the stairs and slowly down the drive way. She grabs onto a
nearby pole and hold on to that for support. She walks slowly on the side of the
street then she slips. She lays there on the cold wet ground with rain coming down
hard. She sits up and she gives up trying to get up. 

A hour goes  by and Taylor is now freezing. She then sees car headlights. They are so
bright and the hurt her eyes. The car stops and Taylor notice it’s a police car. 
The driver side doors opens and a skinny man in a blue police uniform come out and
runs up to Taylor. The officer  grabs his  walkie-talkie and he says 

Police officer: I have the girl she is in the middle of the road. We need the medic
truck and another officer.

Speaker: Yes sir we will get right on that.

The officer picks up Taylor and sits her on the hood of his car. He grabs a blanket
from the back of the car and wraps it around Taylor. He hears the Medic truck coming
closer. Taylor starts to cry. The officer hugs her tells her every thing is going to
be ok. 

The medic truck stops  beside the cop car and two men in blue come out of the truck
with a stretcher the officer picks Taylor up and puts her on the stretcher. The two
men wheels her into the truck. 

The men takes off of her and they take her shirt off and puts a iv in her and the put
a tissue over on her nose and hold it there and the other guy hook her up to the
heart monitor.  Taylor close her eyes and the heart monitor went crazy.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   16 October 2008   564127  
OMG! plz continue!
‹Emma Bear› says :   16 October 2008   697823  
I will


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