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From poptarts to gay bars we have it all (pg2)Category: From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (story)
Monday, 29 September 2008
05:22:44 AM (GMT)
Okay, well you've sawa little bit into the past of the possible schizophrenic main
character Anya. What happened next? She died. She got hit by a car and died. Or Maybe
not. Let's pretend she didn't die and skip forward 4 years to fifteen year old Anya.
She's a teenager now, and so, things are a little different. Her voices in her head,
A and Misula, they don't exist anymore. So now as she plays fooseball against her
friends she doesn't suffer from the voices taunting her. She smiles slightly at that
thought as she scores a goal on her friend. "Yes!" She did a fist-pump. "Thatsmy
tenth goal, and you know what that means Harmony! Free pocky for me!" SHe did a small
victory dance. Harmony sighed and pushed some of his brunette hair from his face. She
won all the time only by one or two goals. It was really putting a dent in his
paycheck now-a-days. Granted pocky was only a dollar at the local wal-mart, but add a
box of pocky, times two games a day, for every day of the week, save sunday. Harmony
also hated buying her pocky, because it was like buying a gallon of sugar for a
four-year-old boy with A.D.D. 
      "Hey, Harmony..." Anya snapped her fingures in front of his face a few times.
"Spacing out won't get you out of buying me my chocolate pocky" She said and started
pulling him to the arcade parking lot. As they existed th building they began
searching for Harmony's old Chevy Corvette. It wasn't hard to pick out from the other
ones though because it was the only one with the words "Wash ME! (please?)" spelled
in the dirst and grime on the back window. Harmony's idea of how to tell his brother
that it was not Harmony's turn to wash it. Harmony got in on the drivers side and
started the car as Anya awaited for him to unlock the passenger door. As soon as he
did she hopped into the car and immediately started tuning the radio to her
favorite station. After a few minutes of driving along she remembered to buckle up. 
           "Hey, Harmony, you wanna here something funny?" She asked after a moment.
He shrugged slightly and put on his turn signal. She relaxed into her chair. "Men are
swine." SHe began her story. Harmony sighed. "Not this again..." He said
whilehelooked at his side-view mirror which he had to do frequently since he couldn't
see out of the rear-view one. Anya sat up."No, no, just listen to this one." She said
and began her story. "So, yesterday I joined this pinpal website and I gota message
within ten minutes of signing up,and so i'm like "Yay! new buddie!" so I start
talking to the guy, and he's like,"do you have a pic?" and so I send him the one from
the day you came over and wee took pics, you know the one where i'm in my blue skirt
and pink tank-top and your in the chicken hat and yeah, and his first comment after
that is "Do you have a boyfriend?" and i'm like, no, and then he says "You mean no
one has every got to touch those beautiful breasts of yours and I was like, dude,
give me a break. And then I blacklisted him." She finished up. She usually didn't
talk with so many "likes" and quotes, but when she thought that it was something
annoying or something she really needed to tell she ended up accidentally adding them
                 Harmony pulled into the wal-mart parking lot as she finished. "You
know, you'll have to end up dating a gay guy so that they meet your stadards of
maturity and hygiene." He said as they both got out of the car. Anya nodded. "I try
not to have such high stardards, but honestly. And anyway if I didn't have those
standards i'd still end up asking a gay guy out thinking he was straight." She pause
for a moment and went to grab his hand so they could walk in together. "I mean the
last one I asked, I was so damned sure he was straight, and he was a closet gay. I
mean out of him and his twin , he was the gay one. Seriously, his brother's name was
Melody, I mean, hello, it's a wonder I even had the slightest doubt his brother
wasn't gay, yet alone completely straight." She said with a faux sigh. Harmony rolled
his eyes. "Hey," he paused making sure he had her attention. "Speaking of Melody, he
misses you coming over to the house." He told her as they walked into the store. She
nodde. "I'm not going over there until he stops surprising me by bringing over his
girlfriend." SHe said firmly. Harmony looked at her questioningly. "Why? You have no
problem being around me and James." He said as they walked into down the isles. 
                   Anya shrugged. "There's a difference." she said. Harmony poked her
in the shoulder. "How?" He inquired. "Well," she began. "Number one: When i'm around
you and James I know that I had no chance in getting with either one of you for
obvious reasons, and it's cute when you two make out, wheras when I'm With Melodie
and Tereasa, I feel lonely know that when I chose which twin I liked more I had been
cursed, no offence, to choose the one that was completely undatable and I could have
dated the other one had I just had a better gay-dar. Number two: When i'm around
Melody and Tereasa, your parents know they're dating so they say things like "Aw,
they make such a cute couple" and "Oh, Anya, don't they look cute together?" or, "I
hope he marries her! She's a good one!". It makes me sick. Whereas you haven't let
your parents know that you and James are together, or that your even gay for that
fact, and they think your dating me, and so they never make those remarks about you
and him." She explained.
                   "That makes since. pick out which pocky you want." During thier
talking they had came to the isle that held the pocky. There were only two flavors,
Chocolate and Strawberry, and Anya couldn't stand strawberry, but depending on which
box you chose you could get a box of all the pocky melted together, or all of them
seperated the way they should be, and Anya had a nack for picking the right box every
time. As Anya picked up her box and they startedback toward the front of the store to
where the cash registers were an idea struck her. "Hey," She tugged at his sleve
"When we meet for the next game tommorrow morning bring James, Melody, and Teareas, I
wanna have a pocky game contest!" She said and smiled. Harmony frowned. The pocky
game was fun, but the contests were, well, not bad, but, not as fun. But the prizes
were good. As long as you won...

SarahGoesRawr says:   29 September 2008   725386  
awesome!!!! *applauds*
Hippityhop says :   29 September 2008   789532  
Thank you :3


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