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Why do most guys like "sluts"Category: (general)
Tuesday, 9 September 2008
09:41:40 PM (GMT)
I don't care if your offended.

Why are girls who sleep around called sluts, but guys who sleep around called studs?
And why do women enforce this stereotype?

I mean when a woman sleeps around she is called a slut and looked down upon by men
and women. Men love her because they can use her and women hate her for looking so

But when men sleep around men look up to him for having so many ladies. And even more
appalling women find him sexy too. I mean how common is it for girls, and not just
trashy girls, but even good girls, date and get into relationships with bad boys or
studs? Why do women do this to themselves?

But why does society as a whole hold these stereotypes? Whats the difference between
a man who sleeps around and a girl who sleeps around? Why does the stud deserve
respect and the slut disrespect?

I don't sleep around.
i am just making a point.

hina says:   9 September 2008   161524  
This is a very good question, really.

I cannot comment on the truth of your statements, but it'd be
interesting to hear what others think.

Do you mind if I post this on www.kupika.net ?
Or you can post it by yourself if you have an account...
_abc_ writes:   9 September 2008   983167  
I think your asking the wrong people if they say that. I would say
both are sluts. You don't go into a bar and ask how many people are
against drinking. I think your asking the same class of people those
questions. Both are sluts
‹Paigeyypoo♥› says:   9 September 2008   323649  
But listen here, lets say I lived a very promiscuous life style(not
saying thats wrong)

First of all, it's so hard for most guys to GET sex that when they do,
it's considered a big accomplishment.

For women, it's so easy to get sex that when we do, people assume that
we were just giving it away to the first person who called for it.

I don't know, but this is a theory I've been having for a couple
months now.

Plus, the same women that are calling a guy a stud are probably the
same women that are calling other girls sluts because they don't want
that "slut" to sleep with him before they do.

Personally, as a woman, I do not think highly of men that sleep
around. Besides, who would want to sleep with a man who already had 20
some partners? That would make you no better than the rest of those
girls! And to him, you would be just another conquest. I look at those
types of men as rabbits. They're not studs. They're fucking bunnies
out in the wilderness looking for something to screw.
Oroborus21 says:   9 September 2008   592168  
you ask a lot of good questions. questions that have been asked

although maybe some things have changed, in a fundamental way this
disparity between men and women has been a part of human society
(across almost every culture) from the beginning...

SO in order to begin to actually try and answer your questions (and
not just ask them for the sake of asking), you should do some
pondering and thinking about why this is the way it is, and why it has
always been this way?

There ARE reasons for this or it would be easy to change and probably
would have changed; and that this hasn't changed over the millennia
suggests that the reasons sink down very deep into the fundamental
nature or who we are.

my suggestion to you is to try and make a list of the different
outcomes and consequences that each "position" 

to sum it succinctly: 

position 1: society frowns upon promiscuous women or the
effects/outcomes of a woman being promiscuous

position 2: society ignores or honors promiscuous men or the
effects/outcomes of a man being promiscous

.........thats a good starting point to finding your answers
‹Paigeyypoo♥› says:   9 September 2008   985941  
your right.
gonna over think this later.
jackjack789 says:   9 September 2008   999912  
you are totally right, like i mean if a girl has slept with 3 guys in
the past month, shes a whore but if guys have slept with 3 girls, they
are now studs?? its so stupid and sexist!

not that i sleep around...
‹Paigeyypoo♥› says:   10 September 2008   663571  
hahaha yeah woo!
DeanWincesterFan says:   10 September 2008   483826  
i totally agree. there is so much sexism in our society, though, that
we just seem to get used to it, i guess. like its apparently wrong for
a woman to be with a younger man, but not visa versa. its pretty
stupid. people are people, and should be treated the same.
StrangeLover says:   10 September 2008   235169  
Its cause women are soppose to look pretty and be quite. Its just
cause it has always been like that, and it kinda stays.
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   11 September 2008   719642  
If I was a man, I woudn't like sluts.

Wow, helpful
‹☆ρïṉαÿ~ƒø~lïƒε☆› says:   11 September 2008   342884  
gothprincess says:   11 September 2008   195731  
you go girlfriend (wow im lame :D)

our society is still patriarchial (i cant spell srz) and even though
women are rising above the sexism, it still hasnt shifted from the
ancient societies ideals. i think this is a very good point and im
proud of someone said it! :D
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says :   12 September 2008   599972  
I think that means men who likes "sluts" mean they'e whores.


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