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The Tale of The Uzumaki and The HazumiCategory: fanfiction
Tuesday, 2 September 2008
05:51:45 PM (GMT)
Okay people here it is:I have HUGE writers block on the Akatsuki's Revenge DX. So
I;m creating this. This Naruto fanfiction came to me while I was sleeping. If you
love Naruto, Akira, and romance, this is the right story! If you do now know who or
what Naruto is, GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!! but my friends can read! Naruto read
that disclaimer!

Naruto:Rose does not own Naruto in any way but she does own a cookie, this computer,
and this idea.

Something you need to know:

"Hello" Kyuubi talking
HelloNaruto talking to Kyuubi
Hello- thinking

Oh yah everyone is 9 in the academy. Remember, this is before Kiba got his jacket.

------------------Chapter 1-------------------

On a bright clear day in Konoha, Naruto was once again asking out our favorite Cherry
Blossom In The Spring. "Hey Sakura-chan, do you want to eat lunch with me?" Naruto
asked hope filled in his voice. Sakura crossed her arms, glared and said, "Why on
Earth would I eat lunch with you?" she spat. Naruto's smile faltered just a little
bit. But he still tried. "So we can get to know each other better that's all.'' he
said. Sakura glared once again and said, "Who would be with you when there's
Sasuke-kun?! Your a nobody compared to him!" Sakura said angrily and walked away. 
Naruto looked sadly at her as she left. ''Why does everyone hate me so much?'' Naruto
asked to no one. At least that what he thought. "I don't know.'' A soft voice said
from behind him. Naruto turned around to see a girl his age staring back at him with
a sad expression. Naruto's eyes widened at how pretty she was. The girl had shoulder
length purple hair styled in two low pigtails with bangs that framed her face. She
had creamy dark skin, and lovely purple eyes. "who are you?" Naruto asked, he was
afraid the girl might hit him or something. "I'm Akira Hazumi. What's your name?''
Akira asked. She smiled cutely at him. "Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm going to be the next
hokage believe it!'' Naruto said. He immediately wished he left out the hokage part,
scared that Akira may laugh and call him a loser. Akira smiled at him, and said,
"I'll be the first person to bow to you, cuz I believe in you!'' Naruto couldnt
believe what he was hearing. A girl, a pretty girl, had said this to him! Everyone
else just laughed and made fun of him, others just glared at him with hateful eyes.
"Thanks Akira-chan!" Naruto said hugging her. Akira blushed which made her hair and
eyes stand out. "N-no problem.'' She said stuttering. "Ne, Akira-chan, want to eat
lunch with me?" Naruto asked. Akira nodded happily. Unintentionally, Naruto suddenly
wrapped his hand around Akira's causing the poor girl to blush even more. 'I have
a feeling that me and Naruto-kun are going to be best friends!' Akira said
happily in he mind.

‹Ðark Fox› says:   2 September 2008   584493  
this was good 
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   2 September 2008   762733  
_Umeko_ says:   19 October 2008   698313  
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   19 October 2008   419823  
because I'm smart like  that! >:D
tenshi says :   21 October 2008   657265  


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