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Sickness (17)Category: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Friday, 1 August 2008
03:17:54 PM (GMT)
So, noticed that i have finally titled the chapters, it will take a while, but i'm
going to have titles for each chapter. And the name is finally picked out. (The
actual title title) Frinder's school for the enhanced, aka, HELL. Yes, the school is
now called Frinders, hee hee...  Chicken fritters.... Ok, back to the story, wait a
minute, Yes, I need to change when Ly-Ann tells Erin that the initails of the school
is H.E.L.L. cause, well it's FSE. Right, sorry, back.

  Now, Most people would have sulked around, but god was determined to make sure my
life would be the most abnormal thing ever. Everyone came back at later times,
talking and smiling, it was a bit of a problem that I had the door locked up- I made
a fake reason to Brandy, saying that I thought soemone was following me-but Aubrey
was what made me more scared. Because I am too slow for her and her speediness, she
burnt down the door before I get un-lodge the chair. So, now we are doorless.
  Fawn didn't seem too mad when she entered the dorm, but I knew that it was a very
well concealed mask that she wore, and that if she caught me alone, I would soon be
dead. I had problems sleeping and decided to go ahead and take a shower, and eesh, I
needed one, what had it been, only as day or two?  Well, i did have an exhausting
day... ok, two days, even if I relived only one, but it equakled two. 
  Nothing really happened for a while. A week went by, then another, then another,
then a month, and then somthing interesting happened. Ly-Ann had it all worked out,
the fireworks-which were extremely dangerous-but she was acting strange. At first,
when she hadn't quite finished the plans, I had been helping her sort a rough spot
out. Out of no where, Fawn came up and stared at Ly-Ann, I was behind Fawn, and she
was blocking my view of my friend. It wouldn't have been so strange ahd Fawn been
talking to Ly-Ann, btu she was almost talking to herself, in another language, I felt
dumb when Fawn walked away and Ly-ann looked down at our arrangments and moved every
single one of those schreechers in an almost never ending line. At first I laughed
and told her that we might cause ear damage with that line up, and went to erase her
chicken scratch hand writing. But, Ly-Ann crushed my hand, along with the pencil, I
cried as Aubrey-who was somewhere nearby, or maybe she wasn't, but had heard me
scream, she was that fast to get there in that short of time-walked me out to the
nurse's office. 
  As I lay in the stretcher with my hand in an uncomfortable postion in a cast (yes,
she broke my hand) it clicked. ly-Ann had been brain washed. I called Ly-Anns cell,
but when she picked up, she sounded extremly tired, and couldn't remember killing
every bone in my left hand. (Yes, I am left handed) So I knew she was out of the
trance. Later I tried to ask her about changing the line-up, but she just freaked out
again. So I was forced to let the subject be untouched. 
  When I was out of the cast, Ly-Ann was worse. She was fading in and out of
consiounce. The nurse didn't know what was wrong. She skipped evry day of school for
two months. Never getting better, but always slowly declineing to worse. 
  One day, I was in charge of watching over our sick friend, Fawn came in crying, all
of us looked up and she said Ricky had dumped her. Everyone went to comfort her.
Everyone but me and Erin, ok, Ly-Ann was soemwhat drugged up to notice anything. 
  The next week, Ricky came into our room, he was smiling, for once, it was genuine.
Fawn had released Ricky. He sat by Ly-Ann for the longest time. I ended up asking
Aubrey about how welll Ly-Ann and Ricky knew each other, apparently, Ricky and Ly-Ann
grew up together, both brought in at around birth. And also, Ricky was the same age
as us. It was strange. He didn't remeber anything, he didn't remeber who Fawn was, eh
didn't remember his whole entire school year, so he was demoted back to first year
  the week afetr that, Ricky fell ill. Almost as worse as Ly-Ann. And suddenly, my
head began to work. Fawn. Fawn had done this to them. Seirra.... I immediatly went to
Aubrey asking her if Seirra was ever this sick as Ly-Ann or Ricky, and she said these
exact words. "No.... wait.... now that you mention it, she did. Just not as bad....
But she rose from it...." That was all I needed. Fawn was stealing Ly-Ann and Ricky's
extra power. Ly-Ann's ability to see into the future, and well.... what did rick do?
I asked him in the nurse's office (both Ly-Ann and Rick had been moved becasue of how
severe there case was) and he laughed and said, "I can turn things into stone." That
was it. I immediatly consulted Erin and we spent the previous month trying to figure
out an anidote. Which didn't work, it ended putting them into a severe barfing state.
I was scared. I asked the nurse a simple question and she looked ta me with a sadness
that was to worrying for me to put into words. "Your friend doesn't have too long to
live. The boy isn't far behind."

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   1 August 2008   586845  
Fawn is evil! Evil! Awesome chapter!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   1 August 2008   246587  
I can't stand Fawn. But I love the book!
MeepingMeep says :   1 August 2008   796356  
OHMYGOD!!! I is surprised.... I'm waiting for a.... person....I NOW


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