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Sunday, 27 July 2008
03:38:52 AM (GMT)
Kupika was being retarded. It kept erasing this chapter. it was submitted about
three to four times, thank you!
I quickly squealed everything I knew. I looked back at her and suddenly hated myself.
There, on the floor, lie a limp still body. Most of it was in shadows. I burst out of
Fawns grasp and bolted down the hallways. I had nted that they were in the silent
court yard, a place that was almost never used. It dawned on me that it was an ideal
place for the entrance to be (for the were wolves at least) I ran into the stone
corrider just outside the court yard and saw Ly-Ann skipping away, she saw me and
smiled and waved. I silently cursed myself. Of Course Ly-Ann could have got out of
that easily! She was the strong one. I ran up to her sobbing. 
  "You wouldn't beleive what just happened! Wait... whats.... whats happened Katy."
She asked gently.
  "You'll hate me!" I managed to say between racking sobs.
  "I never will hate you.... But... whats so bad..." Then I looked up, and I
  "Is Aubrey still in the were wolf place."
  "Yes, it's called the land of the beasts."
  "C'mon!" I said as I turned away t run to the door. She put her hand on my should
and turned me to the court yard. She led me to a statue of a great human, who I
probably should have known, but i wasn't paying attnetion in social studies. She
whispered soemthign I could have sworn was not english and the statue moved,
underneath was a trap door. Ly-Ann opened it, got in, then helped me in,  then walked
a few feet away, to another trap door that led back to the outside world. "It
confuses people. Most would go on forever in those tunnels and eventually die. She
climbed through the trap door and helped me up. She walked a few feet away then
started to scale the wall. She leapt down and motioned for me to get on her back.
When i refused she picked me up, it was so strange to feel so light in a girl who
wasn't that much smaller then me's care. She scaled the wall again, then she said the
same strange tongue that she had spoken before, and the wall opened up, I looked down
and saw that we were many feet above the ground. She depostied me thorugh the crack
then jumped down. I was surprised to find myself in the land of the beasts. Ly-Ann
threw Aubrey a little look that seemed to explain everything to Aubrey. Aubrey
dissapeared, then came back smiling.
  "The door has been demolished, I have called all lycans," A fancy word for were
wolf, " To meet here, now whats the problem."
 I spilled it all.
  "I guess I should call the vamps...." Aubrey said dissmisvly. She sped away as
Ly-Ann told all the were wolves my dumb mistake. They alll came to stare at me. I was
surprised by the numbers. I won't lie, I thought there would eb soooo much more.
There was about a total of ten. Moments later Aubrey arrived with the vamps, there
was a lot of hissing from them and growling from the assembled wolves. I jumped when
Davids voice rang out clear from the group.
  "Just answer the question. Why are we here!" I looked around franticly, then
spotted him, beside Seirra and Erin. A vampire. Seirra and David were meant to be,
and that was that. 
 We all jumped as we heard a sound, almost like someone trying to break in. My mind
flashed a picture of Fawn trying to do this feat. Erin read my mind and stormed over
and grabbed me by the neck. I was bracing for the strength of Ly-Ann, or the speed of
Aubrey but got nothing, then it hit me. She, they, had magical abilities. I said
exactly what happened, from me seeing Ly-Ann to even my first encounter in the land
of the beasts. She let me go. I suddenly realized that no one else was moving.
  "I stopped time. So this is the work of Fawn. I should have guessed. Well, you are
to tell no one of Fawn. I am going to rewind time till you are back here with Aubrey
and Ly-Ann. Do Not tell her enything this time. Play it cool and act like you don't
know anything, we obviously know ly-Ann makes it out alive." Thne I felt a tingling
sensation. Then there I was, in the same stance of Ly-Ann walking me out the door,
repeating our exact conversation. When she depsoited me at the dorm I braced myself.
  When her hands clamped my shoulder, I almost smiled. 
  "Tell me everything you know about them."
  "Whatever do you mean Fawn?"
  "QUIT THE SHIT!" She released one hand and slapped me across the face. I took a
small check on Ly-Ann she was carefully undoing the fingures aroudn ehr neck. I
quickly pricked her fingures off my shoulder and smiled.
  "It doesn't matter if I"m bluffing, it doesn't mater at all anymore." I smield and
walked backwards into the room. I suddenly freaked out. I blocked a chair against the
door handle and i was instantly gald I did when she went crazy on the doorknob. I
giggled in spite of the resnt happenings. Doorknob..... why was it so funny? But it
was. I decided to scope out my room a little closer. 
  I was extremly glad I did when i found some really intresting stuff, like for
instance: In the back of the fridge, there is an electrical box that if you pull out,
you will find what seems to be an electrical unit. But if you pull some wire (I wrote
it done to avoid future shockage, ow...) then the back opens up and a couple bags of
blood are in the fridge. If you are lame and stuiped, the extra social studies book
can reveal a secret latch behind it. If you pull the latch, the book case swings back
and you can see into the vampire temple. Note. Step out of way when shelfing moves at
you. Third, if you ever wish to be cooked in the oven, then try climbing through the
minature oven (which is more miniature then normal!) and releasing the back to fall
into the land of the beasts, I quickly had Ly-Ann take me back through the oven.
(Another note, careful with the legs, you can turn up some heat with that. Yes I
turned on the stove when i was in it.) Then most importantly, if you find the showers
full of odd weird singing, expect one Squeaky clean Brandy. I walked in and I heard
her sining and I sighed because I was covered in old food from the oven. Brandy
almost laughed then said, "Done exploring?"
 I Smiled to myself and shouted yes.
 "Good, I could smell burnt hair. What'd you do." I grimaced at the thought. 
   "S'mores. I was burning marshmallows over the stove and my hair fall in." I
giggled at the memory of Ly-Ann and David sining the SpongeBob Campfire Song as they
did that, that time Ly-Ann got a burnst fingure, and we got a lot of messy
marshmallow to clean up. She accepted the explantaion easily and laughed.
    "so what dummy's gonna do it next?" We both laughed at this.
    "Brandy, can I ask you somthing..." I heard her stall.
    "Yeah, anything."
    "Is.... Is there anyone out there for me...."
     "You heard about my little talent did you."
    "Well, yes."
    "I..... I..."
    "Never mind, you probably don't like to cheat people out on true love..." I got
up and walked away, knowing that there was no one for me.

raven1121hehe69 says:   27 July 2008   172927  
awhhh poor katy.rite more,and quick.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   27 July 2008   746979  
Aww, poor Katy! Hurry and write more!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   27 July 2008   734386  
YESS! This is getting s good!!!! Hurry and write more!


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