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Call yourself a friend!?Category: Friend issues
Monday, 14 July 2008
03:27:48 PM (GMT)
Ok so heres the problem, my bffl is no longer my bffl....
i dunno bout anyone else but i think i could do with a longf break from her and yes
she is on kupika
but coz i dont like to massacare ppl i wont say her name....

so today in class a boy who i had been crushing on for months got a letter from my
bffl saying "will you go out with me again" and alot of ppl may think it was sweet
but you would change your mind if you met this girl, she treats bf's horribley but
she dont care coz she thinks she can get any boy anywhere and that pisses me off coz
she is a spoiled bitch who makes her parents buy exspensive things for her, she
doesnt care bout anyone else except herself.....

but thats not all she treats ppl like shit her fashion sense is really really bad,
and the worst part is she wants to be exsactly like me and ppl think this is sweet
well i can tell you that its not! she trys to be exsactly like me and do exsactly
what i do

gggggrrrrrrrrrrr so im kinda glad were not friends anymore....

anyway back to what i was saying before so she asked the guy i was crushing on for
months out and she kept saying im jealous but i wasnt and then she sent this e-mail
saying that i was a weirdo and that i was fat and all that shit so i called her a
retarded bitch and she hit me so as you can guess i hit her back, and then next
mimnit she say "oh were so like not friends anymore" and im like ok whatever and kept
on working, anyway she said i couldnt tell anyone that they were'nt going out so she
should know by now that i cant keep secrets so i told like 6 people, and then next
minit i hear them saying bad stuff bout me so i went outside and sat with some of my
other friends but she was their again so i just acted normal but my friends wanted a
piece of bubble gum so i said no cozmy other friend wanted it and he asked first so
they said we will be mean to your bffl for you and i said dont but they continued
throwing buts of rubbish at her hair and then my other friend threw a piece of bubble
gum at her head and luckily it missed.

anyway my bffl comes up to me and says why dont you just tell the whole school so i
yelled it out really loud across the school and i said "happy now everyone knows"
and she just makes a weird face and goes to sit down again.

so at the end of the day all the stuff they said was going round my head and i just
knew if someone said one more bad thing to me i was gonna cry and i didnt wanna cry
infront of everyone so i held it in until on the way out of school i saw my bffl
again and i said "im sorry why dont we justforget this an like be friends again"
and she stares blankly into space and says "no i dont wanna be friends with you"
and so i tried to be nice and say "who are waiting for" 
so she looks at me madly and says "toby duh"

an so i sad "well toby went early" (wich he did)
and so she walks off and i say " can your grandad still drive me home"
and she says "no" and walks off 
so i keep asking and she just ignores me

so i just called her a fat ugly bitch and walked off
but then a lil while after that i started crying.....

and that was all for todays update xoxoxoxxo frm Molly

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