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Our Only Light::Part TwoCategory: A South Park FanFic
Thursday, 19 June 2008
06:58:38 PM (GMT)
It's, like, a THREE-SHOT. o.o
A week later, it was the school dance. The teachers and nearly half the students of
the school spent practically every minute of their time preparing for the event. It
was pathetic, as Cartman said.
Wendy walked to Kenny's house, and knocked on the door. Kenny's mother (Very young,
Wendy thought.) answered, and the door looked like it would break off any second.
"Oh, hello, there," said Kenny's mother. She looked half-surprised.
"Hello, Mrs. McCormick. I'm Kenny's date to the prom," said Wendy.
"Oh!" Kenny's mother said. "You don't have to be polite, Wendy. Kenny's told me so
much about you."
"Really?" replied Wendy.
Kenny appeared, dressed in a tuxedo. "Hey, what's the noi- Oh." He looked at Wendy.
"Hey, Wendy."
Wendy waved. "Hello, Kenny."
Kenny's little sister popped up behind Kenny. "Ooooh!" she said, pointing excitedly
at Wendy. "Kenny got a girlfriend!"
"She's not my girlfriend," Kenny said, turning to the small girl. "Disappear,
"Uh, we're going to go now," Kenny told his mom quickly.
"Yeah, you have fun," replied his mother, and Kenny passed her to get to Wendy. His
mother closed the door.
"I'm really sorry I couldn't afford a limo," Kenny said as they started walking to
the school.
Wendy turned to Kenny. "No, it's okay, really! Who'd want to be in a limo when they
can enjoy fresh air?"
"How thoughtful," Kenny said.
Wendy shrugged.
"Hey, Kenny..You know..that I don't think of you as more than a close friend..,"
Wendy said.
"Yeah, I know," Kenny said as they continued walking. "I know. It's cool, Wendy."
"Kenny, how do you understand girls so well?" asked Wendy.
Kenny smirked and closed his eyes. "That's for me to know and for you to find out,
Wendy scoffed. "Hey, here's another question for you-"
"What is this, 20Q?" Kenny interrupted. "No, just kidding. Shoot."
"Why do you always wear a parka, even though it may be really hot?" Wendy asked.
"I feel vulnerable without it," Kenny said.
"You die with it. For all I know, it could be the reason you're dying all the time,"
Wendy said.
Kenny shrugged. "Change of subject. Cartman's making me sing."
"What?!" Wendy exclaimed. "Kenny, you can't let Cartman control you!"
Kenny smiled. "I knew you would say that. But I don't mind, really."
Wendy calmed down and sighed. "So what are you singing?"
"Some song by some dude about cruises," answered Kenny. "I listened to it, and didn't
like it."
"But you're singing it anyways?"
"I'm getting paid."
"Oh. How much?"
"Oh, wow."
"Hm. I think you mean Cruisin' by Smokey Robinson."
"Yeah, that. Hey. My turn to ask the question. Do you still like Stan?"
Wendy stared at him. "WHAT?! NO!"
Kenny burst out laughing. Wendy placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.
"So you do!" he said after he stopped laughing. "Oh my darling, you do. You still
fucking do!"
"Do you still like Kelly?"
"That nose-picking bitch? No fucking way, babe. The chick couldn't make up her
fucking mind about me. Besides, her date is Cartman."
"CARTMAN?!" shrieked Wendy.
"Yeah, you know, big tub of fat, about-"
"Yes, I know, you idiot! But Kelly? And Cartman?!"
"Yeah, you and her were my two options, but then Cartman told me Kelly asked him and
he said sure, so I asked you."
Wendy looked at him awkwardly. "I don't know whether to be happy or not."
"Be happy," said Kenny, putting an arm around his date.
"What are you doing?" Wendy said.
"We're sharing body heat, it's fucking cold," replied Kenny.
Wendy looked down at her strapless black dress. "I'm cold, too," she realized.
"Whatever," snickered Kenny. "Look at my hand."
Wendy glanced at Kenny's right hand. He was holding a corsage.
"Aw, Kenny. You're so sweet."
"Eh, that's me."

StrawberrySHOCK says:   19 June 2008   777273  
<3 Aww, Kennyyyyyy~~


But not as much as Kyle. HANDS OFF, KYLE'S MINE!
AnnaLovesYoh says :   19 June 2008   313558  

Lawl. I like Stan and Kenny-kins both equally. <3

Unless I'm in Wendy-mode, in which I love Stan all the way. xPP

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