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derick answers questions that people keep bugging him about.Category: (general)
Thursday, 5 June 2008
09:40:25 PM (GMT)
ok so a lot of people keep asking me questions OVER AND OVER AND OVER so i just
wanna clear them up here,before i explode at someone.
and yes some of these are totally strange and creepy...but yeah.

derick,are you bisexual?
no,children.i am 100% straight.i love boobs shhhhhh and quit calling me a fag.

do you have any bisexual friends?have any of them ever tried to attack you?(LOL i
cant believe someone asked me this)
my best friend is bi,and yes HE JUMPED ME BEFORE.... :|

do you cut yourself?
no.i don' stfu or i'll cut YOU.

what kind of music does your band play?
my bands name is bloody hands and we do screamo and acoustic.maybe i'll let you hear
a song sometime :D

whats your favorite food?
candy...but i can't eat it that much anymore...frickin diabetes..ah well.
second favorite is ceaser salad. <3
i've grown to like it.

what do you look for in a girl?
a nice rack.
nah i'm just kidding i'm not a shallow pig. XD
umm well looks can go fuck themselves,i don't give 2 shits about looks.
they just have to not make me bored..and other important stuff like trust and blah
blah blah,you know what i mean.

any favorite music?books?movies?
music : escape the fate,my chemical romance,slipknot,metallica,hedley,killswitch
engage,the used,etc.
movies : im not sure...juno was rad. :P
books : twilight and JUNIE B.JONES <3

are you really expert on guitar hero?
mhm :D

you look way older than 14
look.i'm 14,and i can't help how tall i am so back off.i can take you downnnnnn.
also i sneak into clubs a lot more ;D

you're a vegetarian right?do you still eat beef noodles?(YES I ACTUALLY GOT ASKED
lololololol thats all ive gotta say.
i dont even like friend thought the powder was called "cow powder" and
they actually took cows and mushed them up.LOL

do you do drugs or smoke or drink?
i would never touch a drug except for caffeine.
i would never touch a cigarette,they make me wanna barf.
i drink....rarely...and there was only two times when i actually got loaded
drunk,where poor nick had to carry my sorry ass home while i was yelling "NOOO I

that's all the questions i remember right now..leave some more in the comments and
i'll answer them here.
Last edited: 5 June 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   5 June 2008   888469  
Are you crazy??? Oh, and are you awesome? I need to know these
‹derickDEADBEAT,› says:   6 June 2008   762168  
i'm crazy and awesome 
which makes crawesome.
sea_monkey says:   6 June 2008   287976  
ahah, i love caesar salad, and JUNO!!
ZarCOPYRIGHT says:   7 June 2008   376166  
Haaa, drinking is fun :]
‹derickDEADBEAT,› says:   7 June 2008   217354  
hehe :D
ProfessorRawr says:   27 June 2008   615238  
Dude, What were you guys doing when your friend jumped you?
‹derickDEADBEAT,› says:   27 June 2008   494996  
we were just hangin out...dont worry he does it all the time.
hes a total retard XD
ProfessorRawr says:   28 June 2008   428844  
Well....thats an interesting friend.
‹derickDEADBEAT,› says :   28 June 2008   226553  
he's very interesting XD
not as much as me though

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