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Like My Ancestors::Chapter 1Category: Like My Ancestors::A Fruits Basket FanFic
Saturday, 26 April 2008
04:36:07 PM (GMT)
yuki rat icon And She Goes By The Name of Mitsu
Some of the Zodiac members were gathered at the Dog's house, talking. "I wish something would happen," said the Rabbit. "Like what?" asked the Rat. "Oh, I don't know," replied the Rabbit, looking at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Like our ancestors. Maybe a girl outside of the family would come. Like that girl, Tohru Honda?" "Dream on," said the Sheep. "It didn't happen to any other people after that Zodiac, why would it happen now?" "Who knows, maybe it will," said the Dog, shrugging. "This is the present, not the future." "It will never be the future, it will always be the present," commented the Dragon. "That is, oddly, true," said the Rat. "Because he is never wrong, we know," sighed the Sheep, waving his hands in the air. "Not always," the Dragon said. Suddenly, they heard a cry and a thud. "Help! Anybody, help me!" They all rushed outside. A girl looked at them, embarrassed, with dirt all over her. "Hmm," said Kenji, the Dog, walking up to her. "What is a girl this cute doing here?" He smiled. Masaaki, the Rat, kicked him in the side. "You sicko." He turned to the girl. "Are you alright?" "Yes, yes, I'm fine," replied the girl, dusting herself off quickly. "I- I'm sorry for the noise." "You tripped, idiot. I saw you," said Makoto, the Sheep. "Face-first. And you're fine?" "Don't be so mean, Makoto," said Katsumi, the Boar. "C'mon, come inside, I think some of my clothes can fit you." She pointed to Kenji's house. "Oh, no!" said the girl, shaking her head. "It's fine really, my house isn't that far away.." "No, please," said Kenji, getting up and rubbing his side painfully. "It'll be our pleasure." "Why were you running?" said Torami, the Tiger, softly. "T-they were trying to steal my money," said the girl. "That I earned from my job." "Who? What's your name?" asked Yoshiyuki. "I'm Mitsu. The people chasing me are from my school," she replied softly. Masaaki stood silently, then said, "Oh! I remember you, Mitsu. We're in the same year." Mitsu bowed. "Yes. I've seen you before, too." Torami pulled at Mitsu's sleeve. "Please come in.." Mitsu looked at the girl, then smiled. "I'd love-" "HEY! MITSU!" "MITSU!" Two boys were running around, looking for her. They were wearing a school uniform. They were obviously up to no good. "Oh no!" exclaimed Mitsu. "Those are the boys." She looked around for a good place to hide. Ryuu and Torami led her inside. As the two boys approached, Katsumi and Masaaki both kicked them, making them fly several feet away. "Hey!" shouted one boy, rubbing his head. "What was that for?" "That..was for trying to steal Mitsu's money," said Masaaki in a cold voice. "It's none of your business!" screamed the other boy. "Oh. Really?" said Katsumi, getting close to one boy. "I suggest you and your little friend leave if you don't want to end up in a hospital, hm?" She picked him up by his shirt. "Y-yes," said the boy with a shaking voice. Katsumi dropped him and wiped her hands on her scarf. "Gross." The boys fled in fear. Katsumi hugged Masaaki. "Good job, Masa-chan!" "Hn. You, too, Katsumi," replied Masaaki, with no emotion, dragging Katsumi into Kenji's home. Katsumi let go. Mitsu had changed into some clothes of Katsumi's. "Oh. Very good choice, Mitsu!" said Katsumi, smiling. "Torami chose them," replied Mitsu, smiling. "Well, by now you'd want to know all of our names," said Ryuu. "I'm Ryuu. You already know Torami..." He pointed to people and said their names. "Kenji, Katsumi, Masaaki, Makoto, and Yoshiyuki." "Nice to meet you all," said Mitsu. "Thank you so much for helping me." "Once again, our pleasure," said Kenji. They all sat down at a table, except Masaaki. "Would anyone like anything? Mitsu? Makoto? Ryuu? Anyone?" They all shouted food, except Mitsu. "Water, please!" "Whatever good food you have." "Do you have any sushi?" "Ramen, please." "What about candy?!" "That sounds like a lot of food to carry, Masaaki-san," Mitsu said, standing up. "Please let me help you." She and Masaaki went into the kitchen. "Thank you very much..," said Mitsu. Masaaki looked at her. "No problem, Mitsu." He dropped the water bottle he was holding. "Oh, I'll clean it up!" said Mitsu, walking towards the mess. "It's fine, Mitsu, really!" replied Masaaki. "No, I want t- AH!" Mitsu slipped on the water. And as it was probably human instinct, she held on to the nearest thing. Which was, unfortunately, Masaaki. POOF!
Last edited: 27 April 2008

mewmewichigo says:   26 April 2008   878968  

Torami and Mistu *squeals*

AnnaLovesYoh says:   26 April 2008   636223  
:3 Arigatou. I forgot to link to the diary entry you made. TwT

*quickly edits*
‹カラフル› says:   26 April 2008   739147  
I wanna

Good job on the story so far.
AnnaLovesYoh says:   26 April 2008   868396  
Thank you, Miki-san. :DDD

I want to finish 2 more chapters today, but I don't want to rush. xDD
‹Miharu-chan› says:   27 April 2008   392851  
What an aweshum chapter!
Can't wait to read more!
AnnaLovesYoh says :   27 April 2008   279841  
Thanks, Miharu-chan. 8D




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