Survey from kiwily (actually got this from linda, but kiwily's I read
first, soo.......)
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Survey from kiwily (actually got this from linda, but kiwily's I read
first, soo.......)
Category: (general)
Tuesday, 1 April 2008
03:28:47 PM (GMT)
1) Favorite colour?

2) Favorite animal?
ummmmm...puppy <333

3) Favorite food?
Yummy food....;^; mommy say's I'm growing fat so she won't let me eat anything but
grapes......and we're out of grapes right now......

4) Favorite hobbie?

5) Favorite drink?
<3 bubble gum or cherry flavoured cough medicine......

6) The last time you were happy?
Yush, today.....

7) What made you happy?

8 ) The last time you were sad?

9) What made you sad?

10) The last time you were angry?
this morning

11) At whom?

12) Are you hungry?

13) Who was the last person you called?
um.....mommy called me.....

14) Who was the last person you drempt of? one

15) Have you ever trusted someone who let you down?
._. I don't remember if I have

16) When was the last time you played with your pet?
I don't have one.

17) What are you thinking about right now?

18 ) Who do you wish you could be with?

19) What is your dream in life?
to go to a pretty good university and be a doctor. (pfft, yeah, so creative)

20) Sometimes you...
make way too many wishes

21) Sometimes you wish you could...
be a perfect artist 

and student

22) Do you know who Walt Disney is?
DUH. <3

23) Are you a ninja?
I could be, for all you know....X3

24) How many languages can you say "cat" in?
English, Spanish, chinese.....BRITISH

FOUR D< 25) Do you ever wish you had a tail like a feline?
no. It would be a pain, since I would have to hide it in my pants and then it would
look like I am unable to control my solid waste

26) Do you have something better to be doing?
homework and educational stuff

27) What nickname do you wish your bf/gf would call you?
psht, I dun care

28 ) Describe the most romantic night.
XD don't ask me

29) Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf?
dun have one

30) Have you ever wanted to cheat?
no, don't have one

31) What would your mother say?
She'd say "it's too early"
and I would be wondering why I ever got one and COMPLETELY agree.

32) Is "you are my sunshine" a song?
Yes! It's an awesome song

33) Who is the most good-looking person you've ever seen?
sephiroth from final fantasy.
XDD yeah.....I've got 0 interest in humans as of now.....

34) What tends to turn you on?
which means what exactly.....?

35) What colour are your eyes?

36) Which do you prefur; color or colour?

37) What does "ik hou van jou" mean?
I don't know, but after reading Linda's, apparently it means "I luv yoo"

38 ) Are you currently in love?
No.....I'd better not be

39) Does he/she know?

40) Do you think this survey is too long?

41) How often do you call your bf/gf?

42) What's the nicest thing you've ever been told?
I don't know, I've heard lots of nice things

43) What's your favorite color?
red, yo

44) Did you realize that I already asked that?

45) Who is on your mind right now?
it's kinda blank and concentrating on this survey

46) What physical trait attracts you most?
..................a good combination of features produces the prettiest people

47) Do you believe in true love?

48 ) What do you wish your bf/gf would say to you?

49) True/False; I'm totally awesome.
I don't know yuuu....;^;

50) Are you tired of answering questions?
I am.....indifferent as of now

Copy and Paste to you diary and fill in your answers. 
Name it "SS Survey: Boys and Girls"
:'( noooo, sorreh.

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