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Short Story - Syra's DreamCategory: Story
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
05:22:52 PM (GMT)
Syra's Dream
Dreams are like glass, you handle them with care but they shatter easily...

I started a new school yesterday. They all hate me. Even though this is the sixth
school I've been to, it's all the same. Populars - cheerleaders and the 'hotties'.
Geeks. Goths. Small friendship circles of girls who are inseperable. I didn't fit in
with any of them. The populars thought I was weird and sniggered whenever I walked
past. I still remembered the painful words one of them said to me, "Syra? What kind
of name is that? Huh, must be a gypsy or something." Then she'd laughed to her
friends and walked off. There was only one good thing about this new school -
"Syra! Get down here, you're going to miss your bus!" Mum calling me. I heaved myself
off my bed and went downstairs. My black hair fell limply in front of my face and Mum
put my black satchel over my shoulder. She kissed my head and I went out of the door
On the bus, Michael was there. I only met him yesterday and yet here I was, falling
head over heels. He wasn't one of the hotties. He wasn't a geek or a goth, or a
crazed football fan. He was himself, and he played beautiful music on his piano.
When I climbed on the bus, Michael was sat by himself, listening to music on his mp3
player but I decided to pass the opportunity of sitting next to him. He'd probably
think I was weird like all the others. But I was wrong. I got a seat in front of him
and I felt something tap on my shoulder. I turned round to see him smiling at me.
"You're the new girl aren't you? Syra, isn't it? It's a beautiful name."
I could only nod. "Hello."
He got up and moved into the seat next to me. By the end of the bus journey, we'd had
beautiful conversations about art, music and books. Michael smiled at me and asked me
to meet him at lunch.
So I did. I sat at his table and he included me in everything, though I was painfully
shy. He even asked me on a date tonight - as it was Friday. I spent ages getting
ready, trying to make myself look like a pretty girl - not just plain, old, weird
Syra. I didn't have that much make-up and my clothes were all black but I didn't
think Michael would mind. I got to the cinema to find Michael standing over by the
popcorn stand. I went over to him and we went into the cinema to watch the film.
About twenty minutes after it started, his phone vibrated and he looked anxious.
"Excuse me!" he said, rushing out as fast as he could. He was gone for ages and I
finally decided to use the loos. As I just was about to come out, I saw Michael on
his phone. I listened to him talking.
"Yeah, I know I'm here with her but you know, you're the one I want. Alright, I know
you're here. Look, she's going to start getting suspicious if I don't get back. Oh,
OK. Come meet me here then. Bye."
He stood there for a while and then a girl walked over to him. I recognised her
immediately. It was the girl who called me a gypsy. I thought Michael would tell her
to go away, he was with me. But he didn't. He smiled at her then bent over to kiss
her. It was enough to see. My heart felt like it was cracking in two and I knew my
dreams were shattered.
I went home and cried my eyes out. My phone buzzed constantly with texts but he
ruined everything and I decided I had to end it. Now. So, sobbing, I opened the
window and stood on the sill for a while. I thought about Michael and how he made my
life fall to pieces. I heard Mum coming up the stairs, saying it was cold. "I'll just
come shut your window, Syra," she said. I knew it was time. I pushed myself away from
the sill and went falling, falling down. It was over.
Born 12 November 1993
Died 26 March 2008

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