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Hooraay, A stupid rant. D:Category: RantsPlz?
Monday, 4 February 2008
07:50:44 PM (GMT)
Okay... What you are about to read is just a stupid rant that I know you probably
won't read.  Its mainly meant to just get it off my chest and all that crap. I just
feel like talking typing about my problems that dont mean anything to anyone.

Well, first of all, I'm doing horrible in school.  D: I've got a D+ in CA, and thats
pretty much all I know for sure. but I know my other grades arent good, because I
never turn anything in. my dad keeps telling me about how I'll never get into college
if I get bad grades. I know that. My brother makes fun of me, he tells me I'm gonna
be a high school drop out. It's fucking sixth grade. I'm not even in middle school
for god sake. 

And now, because of my bad grades, I've got my teachers and the counselor stalking
me. sometimes they follow me to class and see what i do, and they make me visit the
counselor every day now. If i dont talk to them, they wont leave me alone. If i do
talk to them, they wont leave me alone either. I feel so stupid. D:< I told a
complete stranger about all of my problems at home and about myself, and I cried when
I told her about the problems I've been having with dad. i feel so stupid and weak
for crying in front of a complete stranger. And now the counselor is going to tell
the other teachers, who will tell other teachers, who will tell the principal, and
somehow some kids gonna hear about it and then everyones gonna know that I'm a stupid
kid with bad grades and problems at home. 

i dont know why everyones so obsessed with grades and how "smart" you are.
A grade or percentage on a test doesnt indicate how smart you are.
Your intellegence depends on how much you've experienced and learned from in life.
i dont care. D:

I would tell my dad this, and my teachers this, but nobody seems to listen to what I
Well, most adults dont.
If I try to speak to them, they listen, but they dont do anything or really
understand what I'm trying to say.
Theyre so much harder to talk to.

And also, Theres two spacific people who have been bugging me for a while.
Erin and Marissa.
Erin... i dont feel like discribing her, really. I dont care if she reads this. She's
annoying. She always tries to sound smart, and sure, she is smart sometimes, but she
takes it way too far. i can't really explain why she bugs me so much, but she does.
D:< Whenever I'm trying to hang out with like, Paul or something She just gets in the
way, and recently she's been acting like a waste of oxygen and human flesh.

Marissa... Dx I dont care if she reads this either, she probably wont. I probably
wouldnt mind or care if someone else did the same thing she did. Well, she didnt
really do anything. and that's the problem. She ignores me, and she doesnt even call
every day like she used to. Usually, if this happened, i would just shrug it off and
forget about it, since I have other friends. But the reason it bugs me is because we
promised each other that we would stay together and be friends all through school.
She made me promise not to switch schools so we could keep that promise. I'm not
switching schools. But its not because of my promise, its because of my grades. If I
could switch schools, I would. I would tell her all of this if she even listened or
talked to me. But she doesnt.

boo hoo. 

I'm sorry I've been so selfish by just going on and on about my problems. Dx
Don't worry about me, please. It'll make me feel even worrrse. Dx

Whaiii areyou still reading this? D: 
Well, if you did read all of that, thank you for wasting your time to really read and
possibly care about what I've written.

Claps for you. <3

‹Haileyplz› says:   5 February 2008   691556  
;___; Poor Clarie. I'm getting bad grades too! ;_____;
Missingno says:   7 February 2008   987893  
Don't worry about your grades. They usually go higher if you DON'T
worry about getting high scores.

At least, that's what happened with mine. -shrugs- Relax, think about
what you're trying to say, and tell it to the adults straight on. They
don't take hints. ;[

Sorry for making such a stupid and pointless comment, but I really
hope that your problems'll go smoother. .. er, however you phrase it.
NoodleSama says:   7 February 2008   369979  
Thank you. :] That shall help meh~ :D I'm really not that great at
solving problems... I can figure out how, but I never do because I'm
dumb. xD
Missingno says:   9 February 2008   519761  
Meeeeh, just do whatever you feel like doing. :3
NoodleSama says :   9 February 2008   542695  
:D Thanks. o3o

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