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The State of KupikaCategory: Rant...
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
02:52:39 AM (GMT)
This diary was inspired by blindwonder. :D

Alright. I have at hand a topic that affects each and every one of us.
How many of you are fucking sick and tired of this site running like a bitch?

Does anyone NOT slam their heads against the keyboard in anger when the site starts
taking five minutes to load a page?
It's sad. This happens whenever over 120 or so people come on, I'm noticing.

Come on. 120 people?! That's NOTHING! Even small sites can handle more traffic than
And who is sick of seeing people cybering left and right?
I cannot be the only one that dislikes seeing that fucking Tight_N_Tasty whore
spamming up the FT with disgusting, incestuous shit.
Can we please, please, have just a little bit of moderation?

I don't CARE if you're cybering, really, but I get sick of seeing the personal ad
space filled with NOTHING but "IM HORNY AND I WANT 2
CYBER!!!!1!1!!1one!11!1!!!1!11"... and I'm sure you probably do too.

Where the HELL is our admin? I make a shout out directly to you: If you don't feel
like taking care of this damn site anymore, take it the fuck down already.
My theory is that he got bored with taking care of the place, but doesn't remove it
entirely because he still makes a profit from it. But really... if you're going to
receive revenue, isn't it sort of expected that you upkeep the place? The man hasn't
logged in since... Jesus, I don't even know.

This place is falling the hell apart. Our moderation consists of "just ignore what
you don't like! :D :D" and nothing more.
Hell, I'll volunteer to mod this damn place if it would help cut back on the idiots
with fake pictures and fucking CYBERING WHORES. Can't you get some damn porn or

And anything, anything to make the site run even minimally faster. It functions
alright now... but nobody's on now. It's 1:00 AM. If I try to get on Saturday or
Sunday... haha, that's not happening.
We need a revolution.

blindwonder says:   30 January 2008   378173  
Well, mostly everything I would say here is what I said. xd
I still don't think he's the person to just abandon a site and just
keep it up because of the money though.
Wow. o.o This seems to bring up the darkside of this place.
Not much of a comment...sorry.
‹x-le-bon-Jude-x› says:   8 February 2008   691519  
o.o wow I can't believe it but the way you put it kinda...put it in
even more of a perspective. I have to agree....we need a new moderator
who won't leave & wont put up with that F------ s----( = P ) from
Fabby says:   8 February 2008   292193  
Ugh. This place is in such a state of disarray... it makes me cry.
neoeno says :   25 February 2008   243174  
120 people is quite a bit, depending on what they're doing, for a
site on this scale... and it's quite likely not hina's fault, but the
server being not quite up to the job. There's a limit to what he can
afford, and trust me, advertising does not bring in huge revenues, and
he's most certainly making a loss on kupika.

I have to say I like the culture how it is though. Utopia is boring.
If there isn't dysfunction we just get people talking about what went
on at school and there's nothing to unite the members of the site...
to help form social cohesion. The cyberers are as much a part of the
site as every other group, and the majority having tyranny over the
minority is not something I'd like to see. Same with the fakers.

There's a set of sociological theories called functionalism. Their
basic theory is that everything in a society has a function for its
participants, and they are dedicated to discovering this function.
What function have the fakers? Or the cyberers? Just an interesting

Anyway, I'll take this over boring site-topia anyday.

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